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Famous people with Siamese cats Cats and their famous owners

Famous people with Siamese cats Cats and their famous owners


Dorothy Provine promo still for the movie That Darn Cat

Peter Lorre & cats, via greggorysshocktheater.

June Havoc( Gypsy Rose Lee 's sister ). Find this Pin and more on Celebrity Siamese Cats ...

Andy Warhol with cat

Below: de Havilland and her Siamese friends (they've got Bette Davis eyes).

This picture was a publicity shot for "Bewitched," but Elizabeth Montgomery owned a Siamese in real life, too.

almost famous cats

Crasy minds think alike - Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd's inspiration!) with twin Siamese cats "Shine on your crazy diamond.

Vivian Leigh and her Siamese named "New" , 1946. Find this Pin and more on Cats and their Famous Owners ...

25 year old Welsh singer Tom Jones with his pet Siamese cat 'Elvis' in London. February 1965 - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Amazon.com: Artists and Their Cats (9781452133553): Alison Nastasi: Books

Michèle Morgan cat pics

Princess Michael of Kent and one of her Siameses. Cat PeopleSiamese ...

Famous Celebrity Owners of Siamese Cats from Music, TV and Film Industry

Famous Cat Lovers-Actors, Actresses, Movie Celebrities. Vivian Leigh and her Siamese ...

Marilyn Monroe with cat

Karl Lagerfeld Gave An Entire Interview About His Spoiled Siamese Cat, Choupette

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... having published several books on the royal families of Europe. She is shown here with her pet Siamese cat. Find this Pin and more on Famous people ...

Jean Cocteau with cat

Golden Hollywoods Famous Celebrity Siamese Cat Owners

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TV Host Ellen de Generes photographed cuddling with her feline friend. Find this Pin and more on Celebrity Siamese Cats ...

Elizabeth Taylor with cat

Although it is impossible to identify the person owning the first Siamese Cat in America and the name of that first Siamese, we do have records of the ...

Olivia DeHavilland and her Siamese

... regularly gives gratuitous tweet time to his gorgeous cat Ollie, a striking Siamese who loves being in front of the camera as much as her famous owner.

ddk1, tyscotty1, Kitten, tyscotty1

James Dean was a dude, obviously, but Elizabeth Taylor gave him this pretty kitty, so I'll let him in.

Elizabeth Taylor loved animals. I can see why she'd be partial to cats with uniquely-colored eyes.

all these siamese cats with their famous owners found here

They are generally very dedicated and loyal to their owners and love to talk. Many cat owners say their Siamese will always tell them what is on their minds ...

Dog and cat staring outside of a car, with lilac sky visible

Grace Kelly showed foreshadowed her ascent to royalty by posing with a regal Meezer.

Claudia Cardinale with cat

all these siamese cats with their famous owners found here

... California, was the greatest pioneer of Siamese in the far west. In the Golden Era between 1910 and 1916 Dr. Hindley became famous for his Siamese.

Monica Vitti with cat

all these siamese cats with their famous owners found here

Siamese cat. Siam lilacpoint.jpg


My Siamese Kitten , Louis

Thanks to their distinctive looks and unique personality, Siamese cats have long been a fixture in popular culture. Since today is National Siamese Cat Day, ...

Siamese Cats And Kittens Pictures

errol flynn and his siamese

Celebrity Cat Owners

DC Above here are some other famous Siamese Cat Owners and their cats

Blue Eyed Kitty. Short Hair. o Siamese kittens ...

The Siamese cat breed is one of the most well-known in the world. They are easy to distinguish as a result of their telltale physical features as well as ...

Pudge the cat posted up on one of her favorite spots, the arm rest of

Marlon Brando

Siamese Cats And Kittens Pictures

All About The Siamese Cat Breed. Learn the history, colors, personality traits,

The Personality Of The Siamese Cat

200 Best Siamese Cat Names

Siamese Cats And Kittens Pictures

Siamese Cats And Kittens Pictures

Siamese Cat

Helga Sandburg with cat

burmese vs siamese

Siamese Cats And Kittens Pictures

This adorable cross-eyed Siamese cat is famous and it's all because of its sparkling - and rather goofy eyes

Scarlett – If you've read Gone With The Wind, you may be thinking of the great Diva that Scarlett was (Diva by the way, is a purrfect name for your Siamese, ...

Jean Simmons cat

Siamese cat posing

john lennon and his siamese kitten

Do you put much thought into naming your cat? What if you have a Siamese cat, which has a very distinct look and a very intelligent appearance?

Sophia Loren love to cuddle her Siamese. She was tickled by Siamese crossed eyes so common too early examples of the breed.

Siamese are easily trained because they are highly intelligent.


Pet owners often make certain mistakes when trying to train their pets. Siamese cats can be ...

The Siamese Cat is one of the most recognisable distinctly unique breeds in the world. Originating from South East Asia and native to Thailand this is now a ...

Q: Funniest moment you've ever had with one of your Siamese cat?

Susan Ford with her cat

200 Best Siamese Cat Names

Siamese Cats And Kittens Pictures

Siamese Cat

Best Cat Food for Siamese

Of the cat breeds, the Siamese cat is famous for its active and vocal personality, as well as its intelligence. Siamese cats demand a lot of their owners' ...

Siamese Cat

Meet Famous Artists And Their Cats (Cuteness Overload) - DailyArtMagazine.com - Art History Stories

cats with famous owners

Fairytale Felines

Sir Compton MacKenzie, the English-born, Scottish author and raconteur, was the owner of Siamese cats and the compassionate President of the Siamese Cat ...

Celebrities & Famous Persons With Siamese Cats

Siamese cats: everyone knows their ...

Abraham Lincoln's cat. "

General Siamese Cat Breed Questions

It ...

astaire and his siamese

Cuddling is also a form of Communicating. Cat-tips ...