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Fenris Dragon Age 2 My bed is right here Fenris D Let39s go save

Fenris Dragon Age 2 My bed is right here Fenris D Let39s go save


lingering-nomad: akarians:which person in your otp sticks their cold hands on any of their partner's exposed skin? probably Fenris, 'cause Hawke's a big, ...

Dragon Age - Fenris x Hawke - FenHawke

Fenris and Hawke

Hawke and Fenris fanart) Yes. I ship this couple in No shame.

Dragon Age characters. I'd love to credit the author/artist! Any

Another one based on a scene from Dragon Aage FanFic Magic's Touch written by TaraF.

Hawke and Fenris. Garrett HawkeDragon Age ...

Fenris is jelly! | Hawke meets Zevran and fenris becomes the definition of a cockblock · Dragon Age ...

My Hawke the whole way through DA2. Dragon Age ...

Fenris by go-ma on DeviantArt · Dragon Age 2Dragon ...

Yo Dragon Age by canius.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"I'm not as think as you drunk I am, Hawke..." "Fenris, no." (Dragon Age 2. Fenris. Wine. Companions. Dragon Age Fanart)

Dragon Age Fenris and Hawke ahhhh the feels.

Dragon Age : Magic : Fenris x Hawke part 1

Yaoi - (Fenris x Hawke) Dragon Age

Dragon Age - Fenris x Hawke - FenHawke

Fenris and Garrett. Dragon Age ...

Fenris x Hawke Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age, Awesome, Fan Art, Fanart

Fenris Dragon Age 2 by on

Dragon Age - Fenris x Hawke - FenHawke

Underwear guessing game from Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age - Fenris x Hawke - FenHawke

|Hawke and Fenris

I think it's safe to say for the sake of the stability of Thedas do not sacrifice Hawke if you romanced Fenris. So yeah Dragon Age: Inquisition ca.

dragonagestuff: “ “ attempte d to draw a human fenris ” can't describe how much i love this.

Dragon Age - Fenris x Hawke - FenHawke

ajgiel: Fenris tarot card because why not. Inspired by death tarot card and inquisition tarot cards. *not sure if this should go in Dragon Age or Hottness*

Rockstar Fenris by Y-n-Y on… Find this Pin and more on Dragon Age II ...

the banter o(-

remington-zero: “i wish you'd never taught me how to read. ” so gorgeous and sad… :( last part sort of reminded me of that Fenris drabble I wrote awhile ...

I was thinking about Fenris with horrible bed hair (Hawke's heart nipples omg)

Papa Fenris · Dragon Age GamesDragon Age 2Dragon ...

I love the look on Fenris's face. Like Hawke. Dragon Age 2Dragon ...

Dragon Age - Hawke x Fenris - FenHawke

Dragon Age 2 - I always hate picking that option. I'd probably yell at Hawke too!

Fenris and Anders. Dragon Age: II

Dragon Age - Hawke x Fenris - FenHawke

Yep, pretty much.

Googley Eyes · Dragon Age ...

Dragon Age - Fenris x Hawke - FenHawke

Dragon Age II Meme by WendyDoodles on deviantART ****Favorite panel: Fenris and Anders naked and Hawke says "Now rassle" LMAO

Dragon Age : Fenris & Hawke feet, this is masterfully done

Fenris Dragon Age 2 My bed is right here Fenris ;D

Dragon Age - Hawke x Fenris - FenHawke

Dragon Age - Fenris x Hawke - FenHawke

gay fam goes grocery shoppin in matching sweatshirts · Dragon Age ...

My new favorite fenris and anders colab💕

#Fenris #fenhawke

Fenris. Dragon Age ...

Fenris and Hawke - danji-doodle

Fenris & Hawke oml this is cute!

More information. More information. Merrill & Fenris ...

danji-doodle: “ Fenris has made enough progress to start reading advanced level tragedies. but he's not enjoying it. Find this Pin and more on Dragon age II ...

(Beards are itchy though)

That is a girlish thing to want to do, yes? : Photo · Dragon Age ...

Find this Pin and more on Fenris by ahekija.

Fenris & Anders - Dragon Age {{If you squint really hard you can see someone who looks like Hawke in the background in the water}}

This is Fenris and Hawke from Dragon Age II>>> maybe it is but I like to think that it's Rowan and Aelin

Funny Alternative Pairings in Dragon Age 2 - I'm sorry but I kinda like Isabela and Fenris together, I might be biased because Anders is my favorite romance ...

He could be such a disappoint sometimes in Dragon Age II, but I always will have a soft spot for the Grey Warden mage who loved cats and saved the world.

Alistair and Fenris. Dragon Age: Long Lost Sisters by *Nightlyre on deviantART.

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My art concept art digital art dragon age redesign fenris serpentsshipmate

Fenris. Dragon Age. See more. "I don't know what to say, but I am here."

“Fenris: I have seen powerful mages, spirits, and abominations. Flemeth: Such a curious lad. Fenris: You see a great deal.

I almost always want to help the mages so I literally do the same thing. Kick Fenris out and bring Anders in! Then bring Fenris back! Because why would the ...

Pati Cmak — systlin: paticmak: ok ok… have a fix it comic…

The Agarthan Guide

... and i relate to anders soo much. him constantly struggling with justice/vengeance and trying to keep them under control is just like me w/ my alters. ...

I used Stealth about 4 times in the entire game. That's never been much for my playing style in Origins, either, but when I needed it, was it useful!


I have a lot of fun ripping on Dragon Age II. BioWare's 2011 follow-up to their epic and beloved Dragon Age: Origins disappointed and frustrated me in many, ...

These are not only unique to Fenris but really seemed to help him. He was fast and doled out a lot of damage, making himself a worthy “meat shield” with ...

Dragon Age II + text posts – Fenris I'll stop making these when they stop being so fun. More DA text post memes:

I took these late in the game, but he needed to get his stamina back occasionally so it was at least semi useful

Just saying!

Dragon Age 2 - Xbox 360

I used these the most. I kept Lacerate going full time to help inflict the most damage possible then went through the attacks as they were available from ...

... more mannish ...

stirped: “this is gettING OUT OF HAND REAL QUICK YO ”

Fenris (Friend)

I used the middle talent on here the most. When one of my party members started getting hacked up, I'd get their back in an instant.


Dragon Age 2: The Order Dictates [Archive] - Page 6 - Giant in the Playground Forums

I usually discover the best stories about games over a quiet drink with a friend. This week I am residing in the Isle of Wight, working with the artist ...

She gives the elf girl a job and then lets him kill Hadriana. He yells at her for caring, comes back later and apologizes, one thing leads to another and ...

Please have some Fenris, courtesy of me replaying DA2 and being a sucker for grumps.

Scarf Of Asskicking: A bit more hipster ...

Solas: [gently tracing Lavellan's cheek as ethereal music plays] Ma vhenan, if you would please just ignore the giant beasts that are encircling us, ...

I found him in the ice caves and he looks very similar to toothless but his name is fenris. could this be a clue to the third movie?

words spoken between Hawke and Fenris


Confession: I went into Dragon Age II blind, and meeting Anders I was excited because I adored him in Awakening.As I started the romance between him and my ...

His concept art makes it more obvious.

Signature weapon

WinterFre Prompt #56: Clothes Sharing