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Fife Male Orca WDC Wildlife Conservation t

Fife Male Orca WDC Wildlife Conservation t


A60 Fife. He is the younger brother of captive orca Corky. Nick Templeman photo

Fife A60 Aboriginal Journeys Wildlife-

Great photograph by Garry Henkel. Wow... Fife A60 Aboriginal Journeys Wildlife-

Morgan, held in captivity at Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain.

Orcas ...

Adopt an orca

Adopt an orca

Adopt an orca

Daddy orca in the back with the dorsal fin that goes straight up, and the momma and calf in the front. So sweet | All Creatures Great & Small | Pinterest ...

Fife A60 Aboriginal Journeys Wildlife-AdventureTours — bij Johnstone Strait. Facebook Killer Whale of

Fife - Male Orca - WDC | Wildlife Conservation | Pinterest | Conservation and Wildlife conservation

The Fate of Captive Orcas

Orcas in Russia are still being captured for marine parks


So, what do we know about Icelandic orcas?

J-27 Blackberry

J-49 T'ilem I'nges

J-31 Tsuchi

Kasatka's passing comes just three weeks after the death of 3 month old orca calf Kyara at SeaWorld Antonio (Kasatka's granddaughter and San Diego born ...

K-12 Sequim

Corky the captive orca

L-22 Spirit

A60 vessel strike scarring

alaskan-orca: “Sometimes the magnificent breaches you see in the wild aren't always signs of a happy and playful whale. Sometimes, these breaches can be a ...

J-45 Se-Yi'-Chn

Fife - Male Orca - WDC | Wildlife Conservation | Pinterest | Conservation and Wildlife conservation

First things first, don't go to SeaWorld. By paying your money and thinking that you are supporting the animals that are performing for you is ...

Corky jumps in a show at SeaWorld in San Diego on Aug. 13, 2010. (Photo: Bryce Bradford/Flickr)

Heart for Whales

http://us.whales.org/wdc-in-action/o...n-marine-parks - orcas held captive in Canadian Marine Exhibits

SeaWorld Orca Too 'Depressed' to Nurse Her Calf + 7 Other Reasons Killer Whales Should Not Be Captive - EcoWatch

China's Marine Park Boom Is Driving the Capture of Whales and Dolphins

Photos by Free Corky

SeaWorld Orca Too 'Depressed' to Nurse Her Calf + 7 Other Reasons Killer Whales Should Not Be Captive - EcoWatch

So, about six months ago, I came across a documentary on YouTube about SeaWorld and I recently decided to watch the documentary 'Blackfish'. I wouldn't ...

Orcas in captivity infographic

Obviously, I haven't done this for all the 'stuff' but I thought I would show you so that you can see what you get when you donate / adopt at WDC too!



Editor's note: Let's not forget Morgan, the wild killer whale "rescued" then kept for breeding and listed as Seaworld's "asset" on their legal documents ...


She was a Northern resident (fish-eating) Killer Whale who was the grand dame of the A12 matriline.


Sunburned dolphin Spirtle and young dolphin

False Killer whale – notice how you can the ribs of this whale from malnourishment



The shed in Iceland where Tilikum was after his capture

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Read about Morgan's case here and here and use #FreeMorgan in social media and follow Voice Of The Orcas,

Yes, it's very easy to close your eyes away from this happening and think that it doesn't really effect you or how you live your life, but think about those ...

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Here is Fife my orca I adopted today from WDC (whale and dolphin conservation)

I didn't want you to think that you should donate / adopt so that you get all this stuff, but I do think that it is important ...



Aberdeen dolphin artwork auction raises £531,000 for two charities - BBC News

A sequence of images taken of Spirtle near Fort George on the Moray Firth

IMG_0457 IMG_0690 IMG_40982

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The New Captivity: Wild but Not Free

As you might know if you read my blog regularly, I recently adopted an orca whale (Read the full blog here). It was for a mixture of reasons – I watched ...

Coral - Male Humpback Whale

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A long standing prohibition on the operation of factory ships north of 40°S, put in place to prevent hunting of rorqual whale's at their lower latitude ...

Our grandchild Alex in amazing union with Amstaff Orca.

Coastal Wolves of Vancouver Island | Oceans and Wildlife | Scoop.it

Summary of the known history of the A23 matriline. Click to enlarge.

White whale Migaloo spotted off Australia's Gold Coast – video | Oceans and Wildlife | Scoop

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Sperm whale adult males grow to be about 50-60 feet long, weighing about 40-50 tons, whereas females are smaller about 33-40 feet long, weighing 14-18 tons.

Incredible footage of WA shark feeding frenzy | Oceans and Wildlife | Scoop.it

... be a grown-up orca. She lived with her family in the waters off British Columbia. One minute she was swimming next to her mother—and the next, ...

Please read Caption Killer whales, more properly known as orcas, have been kept in

The study male (a) capturing a weaned pup, (b

Bottlenose Dolphins

She has endured the longest captivity of any wild-captured orca. Trapped in a pool in San Diego's SeaWorld Penitentiary.

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Off the Map Travel is working with WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) to bring you the most exciting whale watching experiences that are both responsible ...

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April proved a record month for sightings of harbour porpoise off the Norfolk coast – according to Carl Chapman, Regional Co-ordinator for the marine ...

Fig. 2. Dorsal profiles of two of the distinctively marked bottlenose dolphins recaptured in

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Here are the 10 Most Endangered Whales in the World

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Finally adopted an orca today 🐳🐋😍 absolutely made up. #wdc #whaleanddolphinconservation

Favourite female orca mep (one part left)