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Firing Tanks at Civilians Ukrainian Forces Fired 50 Times at

Firing Tanks at Civilians Ukrainian Forces Fired 50 Times at


Ukrainian soldiers walk near a memorial to a destroyed tank at the front line positions near Troitske on July 29.

Ukraine: Cease-fire upheld by government troops, pro-Russian separatists


The movements come a day after reports of Ukraine troops clashing with separatists and claims up

Photo from UNIAN

"The Mariupol sector remains the center of fire confrontation. The enemy used 122mm artillery systems, 120mm mortars, infantry fighting vehicles and heavy ...

A fighter who uses the name Uncle Vova, a member of the pro-Ukrainian

Ukrainian troops retreat from the eastern city of Debaltseve, which has fallen to pro-

Ukrainian T-64 near Donetsk Airport

167710_original 167985_original. At that time, Ukrainian ...

Ordinary Ukrainians Are Using Facebook to Arm Their Soldiers

Ukrainian soldiers drive on an combat vehicle near Kramatorsk, a town which had been held

A Ukrainian marine, nicknamed “Nightingale,” walks amid heavy snowfall in Pavlopil,

US To Provide 210 Anti-Tank Missiles, 35 Launchers To Ukraine – Report

Ready to fight: Pro-Russian rebels drive a tank along a street in the


Photo from UNIAN

Russian Defense Ministry

Ukrainian tanks deployed between civilian homes and apartments in Avdeevka

Ukraine ceasefire breached in Donetsk and Mariupol | World news | The Guardian

In garages and warehouses around Kiev, an army of gadgeteers takes on the Russian war machine.

The talent of the great designer Alexander Alexandrovich Morozov tanks were created many different samples of armored. But the most famous of them are: ...

Pro-Russian separatists soldiers withdraw their tanks from position near town of Novoazovsk in Donetsk

Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine crisis talks: Diplomats urge end to violence, security for all - CNN

A member of the Chinese military photographs a U.S. Army M1A2 Abrams tank following a live-fire exercise that closed the Kabile 2015 tactical exercise at ...

Kiev's grip on eastern Ukraine weakens as pro-Russians seize army vehicles | World news | The Guardian

Armed men wearing military fatigues gather by APCs as they stand guard in Slavyansk, Ukraine

A Ukrainian tank opens fire during a battle with pro-Russian separatist fighters in Slovyansk

The Army Can Now Stop Enemy Tanks In Their Tracks Without Firing A Shot

afp two years since peace deal war simmers in ukraine A Ukrainian Forces tank ...


Ukraine Independence Parade 2014


The shark-mouthed separatist BMD-2. Photo via 'One Paratrooper'

During February 2015 there was a huge batlle going between pro Ukraine forces and "Rebel" DPR/LPR forces. In this time I was doing my report to document the ...

Pro-Russian rebels fire artillery Tuesday, October 14, at Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International

JFO: Militants fired on positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces 17 times

Grad systems open fire / verytinywars.blogspot.com

Dozens of Ukrainian troops surrender APCs in Slavyansk, refuse to 'shoot at own people

It ...

In the last fortnight, missiles fired by Syria's Russian-made air defense systems twice missed hitting Israeli air force planes – the first time on Oct. 16, ...

... What We Learned About Russia from Ukraine

A tank from the Ukrainian Forces is stationed outside a building in the flashpoint eastern town

25th Airborne Brigade troops mounted on a BMD-1 with cage armor stuffed with insulation for added protection. Photo via 'One Paratrooper'

An Israeli tank fires towards Gaza, near the Israel and Gaza border on the morning

Six Ukrainian soldiers were wounded as a result of the attacks, the ATO Headquarters reports. In the Mariupol direction, the invaders fired 122mm artillery ...

Dozens injured, fatalities on both sides in ongoing military op in Slavyansk (VIDEO) — RT World News

... Ready to go: A soldier driving an APC takes position on the Israeli side of

"On 12 February, while observing a camouflaged tank (type unknown) in "DPR"-controlled Pikuzy , the SMM heard 15-20 shots of small-arms fire 50-100m from ...

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Tank crews from the 3rd Infantry Division?s 3rd Combined Arms Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, out of Fort Stewart, Ga., prepare their two M1A2 Abrams ...

A Ukrainian serviceman walks past reconditioned armoured personnel carriers (APCs) during a ceremony to

Invisible army: the Russian soldier sent to fight in Ukraine | World news | The Guardian

Lieutenant Colonel Ty Shepard

A Ukrainian serviceman climbs out of a tank at a checkpoint near Horlivka, Ukraine,

These vehicles were specifically designed to fire both a low velocity 152mm Shillelagh missile, with some HE and HEAT shells available as a backup.

Assessing Russia's Reorganized and Rearmed Military - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

n the Mariupol sector, the Russian occupation forces actively opened fire from banned weapons. The Ukrainian positions near the villages of Shyrokyne and ...

Ukraine: Jets shot down near MH17 site

An Increase In Nazi Ukraine Attacks Over The Past Week, Civilian Areas Of Sister Republic Lugansk Was Hit With 775 Rounds Of Heavy Weapons Fire !

Russian-hybrid forces kill four civilians in Donbas amid Eurovision grand final

The tanks fired on the Ukrainian column from there, when the column was driving up to the village. On August 29, the damaged and captured T-72B3 was located ...

The Geneva agreement on defusing the crisis in Ukraine is dead, according to the Kremlin. Ukraine has already accused Russia of undermining the ...

Members of the Ukrainian Emergency Ministry carry a body near the wreckage at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, near the settlement of ...


July 8, 2015 - Ukrainian Convoy nearby in Kramatorsk

https://www.unian.info/war/1953254-ukraine -reports-2-wias-amid-35-enemy-attacks-in-last-day.html

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18:47 ...

Soldiers of Ukrainian Army hand over the firing pins from their assault rifles to the pro

The Russian occupation forces opened fire on Ukrainian positions in the Mariupol sector 18 times. Having engaged heavy artillery systems against Ukrainian ...

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A Russian soldier's 'Ukraine selfies' are not evidence, they're war art | Jonathan Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Slovyansk this summer, anticipating an attack by Russian separatists

https://www.unian.info/war/2281789-russian-proxies-attack-ukraine-24-times- in-last-day.html 06 December 2017

While in te same time DPR and LPR authorities under Russian pressure, allowed for armed OSCE police (mostly Germans) to monitor ceasefire amid huge protest ...

Ukrainian soldiers are transported away from Debaltseve, in eastern Ukraine, after retreating from the

Yavoriv Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: Kiev launches 'anti-terror operation' in east – live updates | World news | The Guardian

A member of the Chinese military photographs a U.S. Army M1A2 Abrams tank following a live-fire exercise that closed the Kabile 2015 tactical exercise at ...

The Battle For Eastern Ukraine


Ukrainian soldier keeps watch over enemy lines at a combat post near the Luhansk Oblast town

Eastern Ukraine crisis. Military ...