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Five Seats to Save Your Penis From Your Bike t

Five Seats to Save Your Penis From Your Bike t


Your bike is destroying your penis. Unless you are a woman. In which case it's destroying your vagina. There is a solution. But nobody wants to use it ...

It's time to kill the surprisingly prevalent myth that cycling causes sexual dysfunction

What it is: Basically, it's a bench that rides atop your seatpost. Who it's for: Commuters and recreational riders who use their bikes as transportation, ...

Man sitting on a bike saddle

Genital and perineal pain and numbness in bicyclists, which is also called, “Cyclists Syndrome” or pudendal neuralgia, is caused by compression of the ...


Dutch Bicycle

Women: Don't make yourself look like you have a penis by having a brown bicycle seat! Haha

The size of a bike seat is extremely small. A huge amount of your body weight is supported by this small area.

women cycling Recent studies have discovered that lady cyclists are also putting themselves at risk of genital injuries.

The Best Bicycle Seat to Protect the Prostate

More reason to forgo the bike, and just get a Catrike, or other recumbent reverse-trike with forward wheels.

Bike Seat Cuts Off the Nose to Save the Penis

no nose bicycle seat photo

an assortent of bicycle saddles and seats. If your ...

No such problem on a recumbent

women on stationary bikes

bike seat pressure stability

An inefficient method of protecting your genitals while cycling.

Don't Let Your Bike Seat Ruin Your Sex Life - Ergonomic Bike Seats And

What it is: A full suspension saddle that sways back and forth with your pelvis as you ride. Wheeeeeeee! Who it's for: People who don't care about the ...

Who it's for: Gadget and tech-savvy riders who want a crazy-looking conversation seat backed by ...

Cycling Health Benefits. Cycling is a ...

Understand consent, keep your penis safe, get it on while pregnant, and more.

There are some significant barriers to entry in a triathlon. Physical fitness is one thing. What about all that gear?

I've been promising this post for a while now, so it's about time. From a bike fitting perspective, I'm a fan of SMP seats. As a brand they are my most ...

Male cyclists can suffer from soreness and irritation around the groin area. Bike riding can also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

currently has riser bars fitted so i don't fell like such a penis on my commute to work:

Cycling is a great low-impact exercise, which is ideal for many older men. But can putting in miles in the saddle cause temporary erectile difficulties?

What to do if you hit a pothole while cycling | Environment | The Guardian

Bicycling is a terrific way to get from one place to another. It's also an excellent form of exercise, providing the same health benefits as walking, ...

I wanted to remind everyone of the importance of protecting you noggin. Whether it's a

With the recent explosion in cycling popularity, the United States is experiencing record growth in the sport of cycling. This is a particularly encouraging ...

no nose bicycle saddle photo

Along the Fietspad in Amsterdam, safe from traffic.

currently has riser bars fitted so i don't fell like such a penis on my commute to work:

Numb Testicles When Biking. A man is pedalling a bike ...

Compared to burpees and squats, this should be a cinch. Not only that, but maybe if I do this three times per week as directed, I can achieve all the ...

A black-and-white picture of a man on an old bicycle. Another

Bicycle Seats For Men

The 'miracle pill': how cycling could save the NHS

What's the world coming to when you can get your $1.45 million bulletproof SUV with gold trim, a ridiculously expensive Vertu cellphone and three bottles of ...

Example of a bicycle seat with a cut-away middle.

What it is: A noseless split saddle with foam cushions that's width adjustable to fit your sit bones. Who it's for: Mountain bikers and the cyclocross set ...

Dutch Bicycle

Always strip after cycling-especially if you look like this.

optimal protruding node length

If you've ever ridden a bike, which we suspect you have, the chances are you've experienced a bit of a tingle downstairs, and a few numb moments.

Saddle sores have only one goal in life. To make your time on the bike a misery — we wouldn't wish one on our worst enemy! They're uncomfortable, painful, ...

Many men who ride bikes regularly will complain at some point of some form of pain or irritation in their groin or perineum area.

1 ...

sex and cycling, cyclists do it better, cycling weekly

I got a Velo Sport seat, cheap and beats the hell outta most seats I have used. the key is ass placement, just gotta sit in the seat and not straddle it.

Credit Viktor Koen

The Avant is SMP's vision of a high quality, large well padded comfort seat for large, well padded men and women. For the right rider, this is a great seat ...

When you see it

A Mexico City Metro rider looks on with shock at the anatomically correct 'penis seat

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Studies have shown that men who cycle regularly suffer from a lower sperm count and reduced sperm quality than the average male.

Couple laying in bed

male fertility how to protect sperm

"Why take a risk with that part of the anatomy?"

When it comes to the almighty penis vs. vagina square off (don't lie, you know you've been drawn into that argument before), men have quite a few trump ...

Dutch Bicycle

Remaining healthy in other aspects of your life, like your diet and regular exercise regimen, will help you stay healthy while cycling.

7 Daily Behaviors That Boost Your Erection | Men's Health

Dutch Bicycle

Or you could get the Adamo Peak with the same overall design for $149.95

The HeWee Go Active is being billed as the ideal solution for any man who needs. +5

A man with sports clothes and a white helmet on a bicycle on a road.

Q. What does it feel like to ride a motorcycle?

Bicycle stands outside the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Many students at the university opt to travel by bicycle.

The carbon shelled models have steel or carbon rails that are bonded to the upper and so this isn't possible.(see pic)

Sign below the 'penis seat' reads 'It's uncomfortable to sit here but it

Sign above the 'penis seat' reads 'exclusive ...

Dutch Bicycle

Don't pee on the seat. Put your penis in the bowl. And then maybe see a doctor because you're pissing sand.

Toilet terror as python bites man's penis while he sits on the loo before bloody battle ensues - Mirror Online

After sitting without looking, a male rider jumps up after being surprised by the unusual

We don't know about the rest of you, but for us, our love of all things motorized started way before we knew how any of them worked.

Male riders on the Mexico City Metro studiously avoided sitting on the life-like '

I thought it was a personal preference. I do like it where the chamois is larger and overlaps to reduce chafing. As you can tell by the famous pic below, ...

How to Add Compound Exercises to Your Workout Routine

Dutch Bicycle

The thirtieth-anniversary edition of “E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial ” is in theatres tonight and out on Blu-ray next Tuesday, and Steven Spielberg's ...

Feeling flushed?

sex and cycling, cyclists do it better, cycling weekly

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