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For the love of bees the end of winter as we know it and another

For the love of bees the end of winter as we know it and another


Have You Ever Wondered... What do bees do in winter?

Wonder Contributors. We'd like to ...

Wonder Contributors. We'd like to ...

Wonder Contributors. We'd like to ...

Queen Bee

Bee hives overfull of honey or pollen indicate a bee colony that's outgrown its hive. Use this advice to prevent a swarm and keep the honey flowing.

Have You Ever Wondered.


Colonies quickly go downhill on this diet–note the spotty brood pattern. Don't let this beebread fool you! If we see this ...


2013-12-13 14.18.10. Allowing the bees to ...

Under the spell of the honey bee. Pixabay photo.

Bearding below a Langstroth hive in July. © Rusty Burlew.


Honey ...

AFB produces a distinctive, “salt and pepper” brood pattern, with some cells having sunken, perforated cappings. It generally has a strong distinctive ...

Biologist Thomas Seeley says animals other than bees use swarm intelligence—including, sometimes, people. (Peter Essick / Aurora Photos)

Bees, numbered for a study, dance, beep and butt heads to swap information. (Thomas Seeley)

The best indicator of protein status is how much jelly the nurse bees are feeding to the young larvae. Larvae fed generously with jelly are called “wet ...

Common Eastern Bumblebee

Natural Wasp Spray without chemcials

Beverly Bees A dead out.

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See more. Kind words are a honeycomb. Sweet to the soul and healing for the body.

I LOVE SWARMS: The Complete Guide to Attracting Honeybees

bee swarm

Free Printable~ Bee Tag- cute for momos love of bees!

2015-04-06 12.37.34

Spring Is Swarm Season, When Beekeepers Are On The Hunt For New Hives : The Salt : NPR


What is Propolis & How Do Honey Bees Use ...




2015-05-06 15.46.28-1

... I've been visiting the hive often -- sometimes daily -- weather permitting. It's been my very own live nature show. I am in love with, and in awe of, ...

Honeybees (pictured) and wasps will only sting when they feel threatened. They are

Below is an image of a wasp pollinating our raspberries. You can read more about wasp pollination here.

The more I learn about bees, the more I want to know. My first "bee" blog was on February 19, 2011. I'd discovered a wild beehive with honey bees.

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What is the difference between Italian and Carniolan Honey Bees?

Small Brain, Big Smarts

Honey bees find water where they can. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)

Why Do Bees Buzz?

Prevent propolis from building up between the end bars–this will maintain proper bee space between the combs. Always squeeze center the frames tightly ...

Bible jpurnaling

With a good swirl, you'll get 100% mite recovery by 45 seconds. At that point, lift the upper cup, along with the mesh, free of the lower cup.

Our Bees Made The Winter We Were So Excited!


How Your Bee-Friendly Garden May Actually Be Killing Bees

Our Hives Right Before Harvest Summer 2016


Andrena ...

9) Bumble bees stay close to home

How can we differentiate 100% pure honey and adulterated honey?

How to Deal with Carpenter Bees

When to harvest honey - Tips & tricks

Marked queen bee

Original artwork created from vintage bookplates, etchings & papers. Printed in the USA on handcrafted paper

Illustration by Robert Neubecker.

Best Plants For Bees

What we only experience when love arises in our hearts is to be found, as it were, in the whole bee-hive as substance. The whole hive is in reality ...

bee printables by marietta

Bumble bees hibernate, honey bees do not

Although noisy, the bees flying off are not in any way inclined to sting–we do dozens of these shakes a day, and never have a bee attempt to sting us.

The best things in life are free. Bees are no exception

Wonder Contributors. We'd like to ...

When it snows, you'll find us at Rikert Nordic Center. This is one of the gems in our Addison County home, never more alive than on Saturday mornings when ...

honey bee facts image

Nectar dearth and summer stress



Best 20 Vintage Bee Ideas On Pinterest Bee Images, Bee - 736x1087 - jpeg

Read about the beautiful

This queen cup has been "acknowledged" and is in the process of being developing into a future queen, a sign of potential swarming.

At last - a book devoted to solitary bees... and it's brilliant!

Bee pollination on white flowers

Everything You Need to Know Before Keeping Mason Bees

Honey bee drinking water. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)


Learn to recognize “white wax.” It is only when bees are producing white wax that they will build comb and draw foundation. It is a sign to the beekeeper ...


Keep in mind it does not end with Reichenbach. Holmes will eventually revive and retire

Bee Swarm

Download/view the Bird Kiosk

Drenched bee fished out of a swimming pool. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)