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French camouflaged AMX1390 105mm weapons and wehicles

French camouflaged AMX1390 105mm weapons and wehicles


French camouflaged AMX-13/90

AMX 13 90

AMX-13 Light tank (1952-64)


AMX 90 Light Tanks - World of Tanks · World Of TanksArmored VehiclesMilitary VehiclesArmorsFree FrenchHistorical ...

In 1953, an Israeli delegation visited France to examine the new AMX 13 light tank

AMX 13/90 French light tank https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX-13 Armed with the very interesting oscillating turret (auto loading cannon) ...

French AMX 13 Tank Museum Bovington

rather nondescript AMX-13 with 75mm main weapon


Decommissioned Israeli AMX-13

And for an additional twist to balance, you could reduce the radio and view range but buff the acceleration. (They jettisoned some weight for that equipment ...

French light tank AMX-13 90

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The Awesome AMX 13 – France's Post-WWII Tank Design Features An Oscillating Turret And Is Still Used Today | Tanks | Pinterest | Tank design and History ...

AMX 13. Ww2 TanksBudgetArmored VehiclesHouseMilitary ...

French AMX-13 Light Recon Tank, armed with a 90mm gun in an oscillating · Armored VehiclesGunDutchHandgunDutch LanguageMilitary GunsRevolversGuns

This French SPAAG was based on the light tank chassis, fitted with a cast turret and twin Hispano Suiza 30 mm tubes guided by a doppler radar.

Peruvian AMX 13. con missiles



AMX 13 · Military VehiclesDiesel ...

AMX 56 Leclerc "Le terminateur" with 140mm gun

This AMX-13 has been modified to use the M24


AMX-13 light tank of the Ecuadorian Army [2000 x 1241] · Military PhotosMilitary VehiclesRolling ...


AMX-13/75 | MiG Jimenez

This shading on this set of vehicles is what I am shooting for on every one I paint. This model actually represents the later AMX-30B2.

Military Vehicles · Military Personnel · AMX 13 90

AMX-32. Export-only vehicle that was ultimately not adopted by anyone. The model is from Skytrex.

AMX-13/105 Modèle 58 - this version was armed in 105 mm gun M57

▻ AMX 13 105, Tier 10 French Light Tank - World of Tanks AMX 13 105 Gameplay

Canon Dassaut de 105mm , french Tank Destroyer with full set of emblems and "GENERIC" Camo !

French (Dutch) AMX 13 Light Tank @ The National Military Museum - The Netherlands

Free French Sherman Tank, Colmar


In in an attempt to improve the anti-tank performance of the vehicle, some French had their turrets replaced with those of the light tank

TANKS AMX-13. World Of TanksArmorsMilitary VehiclesSoldiersWeaponsTanksArmored ...

AMX-13/90. I believe this is a Navwar/H&R model

The AMX-13 90 is adorable : TankPorn

File:AMX 13 pantserrups infanterie (pri) pic1.JPG

Cuband Tank Markings page 1

AMX-13 PRA (105mm)

Riding A French AMX-13 Tank

AMX 50 Foch - Based on the M 4 chassis in 1950 a prototype was finished

CV90105 TML Turret

Konsole AMX 13 57

Automoteur d'Artillerie AU F1 155mm french Self powered Artillery System

Leopard 2A6M CAN Tank

Chieftain Tank

Monday, 16 January 2017

... AMX-13/90 Tank Paper Model Free Download - http://www.papercraftsquare.com/world-of-tanks-detailed-amx-1390-tank-paper-model-free-download.html#125, ...


Puma IFV SPz Level A Modular Armor Explained (image 2)

AMX-30B at the Bovington Tank Museum.

AMX 13 type 2A

AMX-10-RC - Arme blindée et cavalerie — Wikipédia

AMX Chaffee Remodel

amx 13

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This is the Scotia "updated" AMX-10RC (or perhaps "improved"). Not a good model at all.

132 best Amx images on Pinterest | Army vehicles, Military vehicles and Military men

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AMX-13 VCI APC Description pictures picture photo image french armoured armored personnel carrier |

132 best Amx images on Pinterest | Army vehicles, Military vehicles and Military men

AMX-13 Light tank (1952-64). VehiclesTrackWeaponsAfricaModernWeapons ...

Leopard 2A5DK Tank

AMX-13/105 · ArmourDutchWeaponsVehiclesMilitaryWeapons ...

132 best Amx images on Pinterest | Army vehicles, Military vehicles and Military men

This gave me a 'little' info, but obviously not, much. I wanted to know about the guns, so I did more hunting (also pay attention to the referenced austrian ...

Straight Outta Supertest: AMX-30B

AMX-13 Light Tank (France)

AMX-13 PRA (105mm). Military VehiclesWarhammer ...

ELC Even 90, Carbornium Edition

132 best Amx images on Pinterest | Army vehicles, Military vehicles and Military men

ERAC (Engin de Reconnaissance Amphibie de Combat) - french prototype of light…

AMX-13/90. I believe this is a Navwar/H&R model

ELC project

Experienced French tank AMX with the installation of 100 mm gun, January 1951

Panzer Iv

Posted Image


AMX-13 PRI (NL). ArmourTroopsDutchWeaponsVehiclesMilitaryWeapons ...

The French AMX-10RC and AMX-10RCR light reconnaissance armored car, armed with

42ZVE - lichting 78-6

France modern armoured fighting vehicles from the Leclerc main battle tank to the Nexter Scorpion.

Pictured above is an abandoned French Char bis heavy tank, (Number "Typhon" of BCC company, is inspected by passing German soldiers near Guise in Northern ...

Dutch Army AMX-13 with 105mm main weapon


AMX 13 90 front right view

Straight Outta Supertest: AMX-30 1st Prototype