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Gazania is one of those water efficient groundcovers It can replace

Gazania is one of those water efficient groundcovers It can replace


Gazania is one of those water efficient groundcovers. It can replace that thirsty lawn in a snap, and you'll be saving water in no time.

Gazania is one of those water efficient groundcovers. It can replace that thirsty lawn in a snap, and you'll be saving water in no time.

Gazania 'New Day Rose Stripe'This stocky, drought-tolerant sun-lover

How To Grow Gazania Treasure Flowers: Care Of Gazania Flowers

White Gazania. One of the prettiest and unthirsty plants around. It is considered a


New Day® Strawberry Shortcake Mix Gazania Seeds - I think these will work for us

A beloved annual from South Africa, these hybrid Gazania bring pinwheels of vivid color to

Gazania, Daybreak Red Stripe, would be fun to quilt

Gazania 'Sunbathers Otomi' in my garden, as shown in my February Bloom Day post

Gazania is one of those water efficient groundcovers. It can replace that thirsty lawn in a snap, and you'll be saving water in no time.

Bulk Gazania Seeds Garden Leader Bronze

The Gazanias love the heat! Clockwise from the top: G. 'Sunbathers Otomi', G. 'Orange Flame', G. 'Gold Flame' and G. 'New Day Yellow'

Gaillardia in xeriscape garden

Gazania krebsiana - Image: Gazania krebsiana 03


Ground covers

Groundcovers | Alternative Lawns Ground Cover Plants | High Country Gardens


Succulent ground covers can tolerate long periods without water, and Sedums (commonly called stonecrops) are very cold tolerant as well. Sedum confusum, the ...

Forms of the shrub range from trees to a number of cultivars with low, spreading growth habit. The latter can be used as ground covers ...

196573312-data.jpg-1. Star jasmine vines make an excellent mounding groundcover that saves water ...

RICHARD SHIELL: Cut water use with these alternatives

Acacia redolens

Prairie & Plains States Getting Started Garden Guide: Grow the Best Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, Vines & Groundcovers (Garden Guides)

Gazania 'White Flame' continues to provide nearly year-round bloom in the front garden (where the squirrels are less likely to eat the flowers than in the ...

Gazania - Image: Gazania lichtensteinii

... gets an award for top performance of a flowering plant in my dry garden. And doesn't it complement Leucadendron 'Ebony' (on the right) beautifully?

Arctostaphylos Pacific Mist grows as a relatively flat ground cover with a gray tinge. Excellent

I maintain a small patch of our indigenous dymondia margaretae which are related to the gazanias, doing my bit to conserve them.

5 Easy Plants for Xeric Gardens

Adding a mulch cover of shredded leaves and grass from my yard and reduced rototilling has

dwarf crown of thorns (Euphorbia millii 'Splendens') in front of Marriott Hotel

Xeric garden with Ice Plant and Speedwell

If you're looking for something a little more organic, then hardy, evergreen groundcover such as gazania, aptenia (heartleaf), dymondia (carpet daisy), ...


Other blooms in the dry garden include, clockwise from the upper left, Grevillea lavandulacea 'Penola', Grevillea 'Scarlet Sprite', Lavandula 'Goodwin's ...

3 Osteospermum '4D Silver' in 6-inch pots came home with me

Gazania rigens - G. rigens with silver foliage

tidy Vinca minor groundcover

Needle Point Ivy

California Fan Palms is actually a low water palm tree…so have fun with it!

... frequent irrigation that turfgrass species. Most grow in clumps, so they aren't lawn substitutes. But they can make attractive informal groundcovers.

yellow in xeric garden

a lawn replacement can be medicinal, flowering or edible. Gazania

Groundcovers on sloping yard in La Jolla, CA

In this Senoma California garden, xeric plants and gravel mulch paths replace a traditional grass lawn. This zone 9 garden includes Gaura 'Trader Joe's', ...

xeric garden with hardscape and plants

... trailing and clumping types of gazanias. The clumpers have very showy flowers over a long period, but don't spread enough to considered ground covers.

Kurapia water wisegroundcoverdevelopedinJapan

groundcover between stones

Down on the back slope are, clockwise from the left, Ribes viburnifolium (Catalina perfume currant), a noID dwarf bearded Iris, trailing Lantana, ...

annual gazania

Mondo Grass

I grow Coleonema 'Sunset Gold' for its chartreuse foliage color but it does a great job in the bloom category too

Gazania splendens 'Pink' Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.za

Catmint (Nepeta) planted in multiples makes for easier gardening and a unified look. Also featured is Columbine (Aquilegia), Oriental Poppy (Papaver ...

The bloom I spied through the window

Gazania rigens - Image: Gazania rigens 2

Snow in Summer

Heart's Desire is not as showy as some of the other Ceanothus, but the deer

companion planting

This booklet contains up-to-dateinformation on techniques andpractices that help save water in ...

Gazania krebsiana Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.za

Silver Carpet Lamb's Ear Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet

Zahara® Sunburst Zinnia Seeds

Groundcover is a descriptive term applied to many plants that because of their particular growth habit are used to literally cover the ground.


Although the heat is once again proving that Violas are a poor investment here, they're hanging on like troupers (but I'll probably pull them in March ...

Gazania rigens var. uniflora Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.za

During the hot months, anything desirable or blooming gets a little hose water. All were lovingly “pruned” and savored and fertilized by the bunny who spent ...


The ingredients include: Coprosma repens 'Plum Hussey' (recycled from last week's vase), Gazania 'Sunbathers Otomi', and Ribes viburnifolium (aka Catalina ...

Vinca major - Image: Vinca major oxyloba 2


The current star of my dray garden is this Osteospermum 'Summertime Sweet Kardinal'

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Gazania krebsiana - Image: Gazania krebsiana 02

Gazania rigens 'White' Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.za

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Point Reyes' makes a small mounding ground cover that can

Gazania rigens Daybreak 'Yellow' Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.za

The same green Aeonium arboreum was used in both of the areas shown here but those on the left are planted on a dry slope in an area which currently has ...

'Copper King', Desert Demonstration Garden, Las Vegas

Giant hyssops, switchgrass, and goldenrod are some of the species growing in this rain

Rain Garden at Chatfield

Photo by Amelia Buchanan. CC.

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Gazania - Image: Gazania krebsiana

Gazania rigens var uniflora 'Variegated' Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.za

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Beach Strawberry or Sand Strawberry makes a great groundcover. - grid24_6

silver dollar plant


Blue Fringe Daisy