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Germany Mauser UnassignedWeaponInspirations t

Germany Mauser UnassignedWeaponInspirations t


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WW2 US M1 Garand German Mauser. Note the M1 was a semi-automatic rifle firing a 8-round clip, while the bolt action Mauser only had a 5-round stripper clip.

Mauser K98 Classic German bolt-action rifle.

Mauser K98 BYF 45 - 1500$

Deactivated K98 Mauser Sniper Rifle

German Mauser model Argentino 1909 30-06 $329.95

Mauser K98 sniper rifle WW2 German Sniper - 7.65 German Mauser bolt action rifle

Low-profile Mauser K98 NDT (No Drill-Tap) Scope Mount Kar98k, K98K

Mauser C-96



Deactivated K98 Mauser Sniper Rifle

American Springfield M1903-A3 British Lee-Enfield Rifle No.4 (T) German Mauser 98k Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30

For all you historical weapon buffs out there, here's a little bit of 1930s and 40s German vintage for your weapon collection. This mod reskins and models ...

During World War I, the Imperial German Army contracted with Mauser for 150,000 C96 pistols

Geweer M. 95 - Image: Dutch Mannlicher M1895 carbine

Błyskawica submachine gun

Geweer M. 95 - Image: Dutch Trenchgun

16th Antique, Gun, Jewelry, Coin & Collectible Auction

MP 18 - Theodor Bergmann trade mark

Type 100 submachine gun



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Jin's TFA Guns: PP BIZON

Michael O'keefe, Stars, Daniel O'connell, Truths, Glock 42, Armors, 9mm Pistol, Springfield Armory, Weapons

Legend of Bruto Love - weapons

Follow @omahaoutdoors if you haven't done so already

XD Mod.2® 3" sub-compact .40SW handgun from Springfield Armory.

AK47 63D Underfolder Milled Receiver 7.62x39

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There are few more powerful and stylish handguns than a Desert Eagle. Unfortunately, Fallout 4 isn't packing any of these iconic hand cannons.

Sometimes the big that matters isn't actually the biggest gun on the field. Sometimes it can take the form of side piece that packs the wallop of a charging ...

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Geweer M. 95 - Image: Opengewerkte tekening magazijn beaumontgeweer

Brigadiere slide for beretta 92 pistol

My final thought is that the generation Beretta Pico Pistol in feels like a first generation gun, with a few quirks.

There are plenty of cool weapons in Fallout 4 and its a universe in which there's no lack of inspiration for a wealth of interesting ideas, so it's a little ...

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River Witham Sword


Battlefield 1 models: Mondragón M1908 self-loading rifle PROPs

Ronin Katana Dojo-Pro Wakizashi Model 2

Chateauneuf-De-Randon Bastard Sword- Closeout

The American GI in Europe in World War II. The Battle in France - PDF Free Download

unmarked banana bolo issued to Army SF

Blowback (firearms)

Submachine gun competition

List of police firearms in the United Kingdom

Uniform and weapons, which is belongs to Regular soldier of Serbian Uprising Army from 1809/10.

Do you ever look at all those amazing legendary stats on your collected weapons and wish you could take that legendary perk and apply it to another more ...

The German 10th SS Panzer Division from the Eastern Front to Normandy - PDF Free Download

Osprey, Men-at-Arms #437 The Spanish-American War and Philippine

M-8 bayonet with scabbard

German; 2nd Jäger zu Pferde Regiment. Lieutenant's 1910 pattern Field Grey Waffenrock. Home

Heckler und Koch MP7A1 - 4.6x30mm Find our speedloader now! http://

Lanchester submachine gun

16th Antique, Gun, Jewelry, Coin & Collectible Auction

German soldiers during a lull in the attack towards Stalingrad in the southern sector of the

Men At Arms 448 - Irish-American Units in the Civil War

Magazine plate for a Mauser Bolt Action Rifle

BL 6-inch 30 cwt howitzer - In South Africa, Second Boer War

Afterworld Bulletin

4315: Ulanka eines Wachtmeisters : Lot 4315

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Neurotanks Artillery Cold war pack

Lieutenant COLONEL tankman officer uniform Soviet Parade by kupr_zoi

[tsp] WWII Weapons v2.2

Men At Arms 074 - The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 [Osprey Maa 074

SRVV Tactubes AK100-MAG on SLR-106CR? - The AK Files Forums

XD® Service Model .45ACP | Best Competitive Shooting Handguns

Imperial German officer's WWI pickelhaube helmet and uniform tunic, bearing decorations that include the Pour

The German 10th SS Panzer Division from the Eastern Front to Normandy - PDF Free Download


An example of the L34A1 suppressed variant

Revolvy User

Revolvy User

Columbine School Colorado shooting massacre Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold caught on the high school's security

Eisenbahn-Regt. (Berlin) Garde-Korps Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Waffenrock.

Men At Arms 432 - Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces. Uniforms And Equipment 1932-

Rare et exceptionnelle vareuse modèle 1907/10 d'un officier pilote.


Submachine gun

BL 6-inch 30 cwt howitzer - On siege mounting

16th Antique, Gun, Jewelry, Coin & Collectible Auction

German; 1st Guard Dragoon Regiment Königin Viktoria von Großbritanien und Irland, 4th Squadron,