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God bless you all YPJ RojavaKurdistan Freedom Fighters YPJ

God bless you all YPJ RojavaKurdistan Freedom Fighters YPJ


God bless you all ❤ -YPJ Rojava-Kurdistan- Freedom Fighters | Girls with Guns, Awesome | Pinterest

Kurdish lioness-YPJ fighter-Rojava-Kurdistan-Ocalan

The Kurdish Lion-YPJ-Rojava-Kurdistan-freedom fighter

Kurdish YPJ fighter in Rojava,Kurdistan

YPJ fighters participating for Raqqa-YPG-QSD-freedom fighters-kurdish

YPJ-Rojava-Kurdistan-Freedom Fighter and smile

Kurdish fighters-YPJ-Rojava-Kurdistan-PKK-Ocalan

YPJ.Kurdish women

#YPG #YPJ #SDF fighter

God bless you all ❤ -YPJ Rojava-Kurdistan- Freedom Fighters. See more. YPJ ROJAVA (@DefenseUnitsYPJ) | Twitter

YPJ ❤️

Freedom Fighters, Kurdistan

KurdBe TV on

These are not just an ordinary fighters but our extraordinary warriors. #Kurdistan #ISIS #YPG #YPJ #TwitterKurds

Two beautiful Turkuman girls joined YPJ to fight for freedom against Isis/Daesh because they

YPJ ROJAVA (@DefenseUnitsYPJ) | Twitter

Dr Partizan on Twitter: "#Manbij Funeral today of Kurdish YPJ fighter martyred in clashes against ISIS. Şehîd Namirin. https://t.co/CyDmrsPAVH"

YPJ-Women Freedom Fighters in Rojava-Kurdistan-Kurdish-Syria

Kurdish freedom fighter-YPJ- Rojava-Kurdistan

Christian fighter Ormia loads her weapon during training exercises

Kurdish Freedom Fighter-Rojava-YPJ-Kurdistan

Meet the The Women's Protection Unit (YPJ) who are holding off Islamic State (Isis) forces in Syria and Northern Iraq. Arin Mirkan carried out a suicide ...

YPJ fighters in Rojava-Kurdistan

YPJ fighter-Rojava-Syria-Kurdistan-Ocalan-PKK

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YPJ fighters

Meet the YPJ - the all-female, all-voluntary Kurdish military faction that


This is an honor for us to fight for our country,” one guerrilla fighter says, explaining that while the concept of female fighters may seem “weird” to some ...

YPG/YPJ Father and daughter fighting ISIS in Rojava ✌

Freedom Fighters · Gözleri Devrimdi„bakışları Sürgün Güzelliği özgürlüktü Elleri bir direniş O; dili yasak bir Kürt

Huge respect to you..Allah bless you.

“She volunteered to defend Kobani against the Islamic State and risk her life,” Drott writes. “It's an affront to her that some people think that's not ...

YPJ Fighters - Unidades de Proteção das Mulheres – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

YPJ: Women's Protection Units

Three women of the so called "YPJ" (Womens Protection Union, the all female Kurdish militia in Syria), south of the Acity of l-Ma'bada, where they have been ...

Female Soldier, Perfect Woman, Soldiers, Perfect Wife, Military Female

Kurdish soldiers. Kicking ass, somewhere in Iraq.

YPJ fighters load a weapon in Syria.

The official statement was made by YPJ spokeswoman Nisrin Abdullah at Al-Naim Squar…

YPJ fighter-Rojava-Syria-Kurdistan-Ocalan-PKK

... from http://www.joeyl.com/uploads/onset/Sorxwin-Tel-Hamis-Syria-YPJ -Womens-Protection-Units-Guerrilla_Fighters_of_Kurdistan_Joey_L_Photographer_035.jpg.

The Rojava Revolution has gained attention for the prominent role female fighters of the YPJ have played.

YPJ fighter-Rojava-Syria-Kurdistan-Ocalan-PKK

YPJ. See more. Kurdish freedom fighters. They are so strongest girls. Despite this I do not advocate

YPJ fighters ✌🏻️

Viyan Qamışlo martyred in battle against Daesh (ISIS) in September, 2016. The people of Kurdistan are proud of you. Şehîdên Kurdistanê namirin!

Female Soldier, Military Women, Warrior Girl, Live Rock, Freedom Fighters, Bad Girls, People, Kurdistan, Iran Today

Kurdish heroes YPJ


Kurdistan, Soldiers, Israel, Freedom, Guns, Beautiful Women, Liberty, Weapons Guns, Good Looking Women

Kurdish freedom fighter of Kurdistan and Middle East-Rojava-Ocalan-

Combattante du YPJ

The brave and beautifull young women who have just joined up to fight I.S.I.S scum.#YPJ#KurdishSupportUk#WeOweThem

ypj - Google. Freedom FightersKurdistanRevolutionRevolutions

YPG & YPJ at ceremonies ❤️

kovan direj on Twitter: ""Our will is stronger than the greatest power in

Good Night #YPG #YPJ #PKK #Kobane #Rojava And whole Kurdistan

Samantha Jay (Heval Viyan) //Kurdistán

Disney digital painting and drawing from imagination Kurdish female fighter YPJ #drawing #YPJ #

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Find this Pin and more on YPJ by Ludo Haenen.

Find this Pin and more on YPJ by Ludo Haenen.

YPJ. KurdistanFreedom FightersLionsLion

8 best YPJ images on Pinterest | Kurdistan, Warrior women and Female warriors

Look that eyes you can see heaven , Kurdish female fighter #YPJ #Aryan #Medes #Hittites #Hurrian #Mitanni Kurdish lioness

Kurdish freedom fighters from eastern Kurdistan

A YPG carrying a injured #YPJ fighter in #rojava 13/10/2015

YPJ · Freedom FightersConversationJoin

From Kobani kurdish women Fighter (YPJ)

Kurdish militia member Akina Akin

https://flic.kr/p/PegsRf | Kurdish YPG Fighters |

8 best YPJ images on Pinterest | Kurdistan, Warrior women and Female warriors

Sherene a 21 years old first year university student & member of the Kurdish woman's protection unit fighting ISIS in Kobani.

Find this Pin and more on Kurdistan Women by My Info.

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Canadian former model Hanna Tiger Böhman joined the Kurdish all-female military units, the YPJ, to fight so-called Islamic State in northern Syria.

Freedom Fighters · Kurdistan · YPJ!

YPJ ROJAVA (@DefenseUnitsYPJ) | Twitter

Assyrian Mother and Daughter fighting against Isis. YPJ, (Women's Protection Units)

The Kurds are making the ultimate sacrifice in the war against ISIS. #Kobane #

16796604326_65c15da508_b.jpg (1024×896)

Nesrin, circled, pictured at a ceremony in July when she joined the YPJ fighters to defend.

Kurdish singer, Kani Halabjayi, is dressed as Peshmarga

Joey L. - NYC-based Photographer and Director

ISIS fighters are 'afraid of girls' because they believe being killed by a woman

Brother & sister fighting shoulder to shoulder against Isis & Turkish thugs in Rojava

Kurdish Women Fighting ISIL Send Solidarity to Black Lives Matter. "You are among the

YPJ fighters. See more. Hanna Bohman, from Vancouver, spent five months fighting ISIS with the Kurdish women's defence

Female fighters from #YPJ take a break on the front line in northeastern Syrian city.

Ceylan Ozlap died fighting against Isis.


Brave YPJ warriors on the frontlines

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YPJ Female fighters in the city of Hasakah

yazidi fighters

Find this Pin and more on YPJ by Ludo Haenen.

Find this Pin and more on The Heroic Women of the YPJ in the Fight for Kurdish Independence by Numberfortyseven.

Kurdish YPG Fighter by Kurdishstruggle http://flic.kr/p/AAgxNh