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Goliath breaks out in Avengers 63 Otherwise known as Ant Man

Goliath breaks out in Avengers 63 Otherwise known as Ant Man


Goliath breaks out in Avengers #63. Otherwise known as Ant Man, Giant Man, Yellow Jacket, and Henry Pym.

Hank Pym debuts in his first Goliath costume in The Avengers #28 (May 1966). Cover art by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia.

Hank Pym debuts as Ant-Man: Tales To Astonish #35 (Sept.

The character's alter egos (front to back): Ant-Man, Hank Pym, Goliath, Yellowjacket and Giant-Man (not all to scale), with Ultron in the background.

The Hulk vs Giant Man.

antman comic - lang

Hank Pym debuts as Yellowjacket with an allegorical scene standing over himself in the second Goliath uniform on the cover of The Avengers #59 (Dec. 1968).

Tales to Astonish #49. The Living Eraser

Irredeemable Ant-Man Vol 1 5 Textless.jpg

The second Ant-Man[edit]

(Not the least of the secrets concerning the Vision, Wonder Man and Ultron, but the ones available to the Avengers at this time…).

The Avengers

Hank Pym as Giant-Man in Tales to Astonish #56 (June 1964). Cover art by Jack Kirby and Chic Stone.

Goliath vs Adaptoids by Will Rosado

Hank Pym, super-genius.

Henry Pym (Earth-616)/Expanded History | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

All about Hank Pym (also known as Ant-Man, Giant-Man,


Hank Pym


Ant-Man (Scott Lang).jpg

Hank Pym aka Giant-Man aka Goliath aka Ant-Man aka Yellowjacket by Tom Grummett…


The Best Stuff In Comics: 11-16-15


Yellowjacket I drew on a sketchcard in copic color. #Avengers #Marvel #sketchcard

Clint Barton as Goliath

...but still has to deal with old problems (like the Swordsman, Ultron and Kang) as well as new (like the alien gaming Grandmaster and his distinguished ...

Marvel Legends Ant-Man SDCC 2015 set review - sets of Goliath and Giant Man

Dragon Man (Earth-616)

Now earlier I pointed out that while Ultron took away Iron-Man's man handle, it was Pym who manhandled Ultron. While Stark was menstruating, ...

Miniature Marvel: Meet 'Ant-Man's' Fellow Size-Changing Superheroes

Ant-Man to Giant-Man

Henry Pym (Earth-616)/Expanded History | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Originally, Goliath was an alternate identity of original Ant-Man Hank Pym, but by 1969, it became the second super-heroic identity of another Avenger: ...

Avengers (Earth-616)/Expanded History

Powers and Abilities

... lesser known Avenger but a great robotic hero in her own right. So the legacy of Ant-Man and Hank Pym also stretches to the robotic beings he had a hand ...

Avengers (1963 1st Series) 71

Pym Particles

The Mighty Avengers #63 Goliath Rare Vintage F/VG April 1969 – Marvel Comics

Ant-Man's cannon

Rage of Ultron

New Big Man In Town

Avengers 064-02-03

Giant-Man - Image: Razmalhotra

Mentor of the Avengers Academy.

The Mighty Avengers #63 Goliath Rare Vintage F/VG April 1969 – Marvel Comics

ant man and the wasp

The debut of the original Avengers: The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963)

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#Avengers #Marvel #sketchcard #Copic | hombre hormiga- ant man/ giant man / yellow jacket | Pinterest | Ant…

Marvel Big Books For 2018 – Omnibuses, Venomnibus, Dakota North, And More

Avengers ant-man

AVENGERS # 69, (1st SERIES / Oct 1969 / FN- / 1st app

antman bathroom

Hank (as Ant-Man) with his fellow Avengers.

Helping Hank Pym: 10 times heroes were as bad as Marvel's 1st Ant-Man - Lyles Movie Files


Avengers (1963 1st Series) 95

Hank Pym / Ant-Man in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Captain America, Iron Man and Thor arrive at Avengers Mansion, wondering why it's trashed and there are no Avengers. The Vision enters the building and ...

But if you want to go full science, here's my take.

Visual effects

Publication history[edit]

Hank became Giant-Man not long after joining the Avengers.


captain america

No, not Corey Stoll's character from the movie, nor the original Hank Pym version of the character that appeared in the comic books (Strange but true; ...

(Tales to Astonish I#45/1) - At the flophouse, Egghead met up with two thugs, Ape and Twister, who'd recently been defeated by Ant-Man, and who informed ...

Wild, Wild West!

Avengers (1963 1st Series) 91

Events transpire in such a fashion that Pym has to employ only his Ant-Man identity. He never grows above normal size.


X-Men #9 (1965) Avengers vs the X-Men in a case of mistaken identity.

Captain America joins the modern world in Avengers #4. However, earlier, the character had a “tryout” in Strange Tales #114, though that was a villain in ...

Once again, an Avenger.

Clint Barton as Ronin on a variant cover of Dark Reign: The List - Avengers

Michael Douglas as Hank Pym in the 2015 film Ant-Man.

Avengers #1 CGC 2.0 (C-OW) (1963 Marvel Comics) *1016598002* | DA Card World

Giant Block of Cheese Ant-Man

When he leaves, Goliath regains control, Yellowjacket reverts to human form and the Avengers free Mar-Vell.

Wasp (comics) - Image: Talestoastonish

X-MEN VS. AVENGERS! (1964-1965) | The (Almost) Complete Avengers Reading Order