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Good parenting LOL wow wft t

Good parenting LOL wow wft t


Who says dads aren't nurturing?

good parenting lies somewhere between 'don't do that' and 'ah, what the hell'.

Is Attachment Parenting Ruining Your LIfe?

Strict parents - WTF fun facts

Omg really how funny

I wasn't a baby, but a teenager, but I imagine your face

Modern Family

Why the face? - Funny Modern Family quotes with Phil Dunphy: "I'm hip, I text. LOL - Laugh out loud. OMG - Oh my god. WFT - Why the face?"

sad sad sad. Parenting ...


WoW, I would never call my daughter a slut or whore. LoL But it is still kinda funny the daughter did that.

Page 16 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Did you know that keeping a child away from the other parents because you don't want them to be in a relationship with anyone other than you is a form of ...

Photo Credit: http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-parent-texting-fails/

Check out Best Of Wrong Number Texts! We think #4 is hilarious!


The Hangover II

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Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED.haha sorry Mom but thats ur move lol

WFT -Dani


How to raise happy children by being a happy parent

Teen Mom Amber Goes Jersey

Love things like thi

Please study the following photo yourself and remember you paid a "stylist" to "style" a mother who needed "help" and this was what you came up with?

That's a great son.

#funnytext - Twitter Search

The dolly movie… Good ParentingParenting ...

Dump A Day Proof That Common Sense Isn't Common Anymore - 40 Pics

wtf: Sarah, shut the fuck up.

Show us a good father full of love and wisdom who always does the right thing and never makes a mistake and we'll show you a guy who's hiding something.

i feel nothing even when i'm not sleeping... wft is wrong with me? i'm not sad, not happy, not mad.. I just sit there really empty and feel totally nothing

Bahahaha this one was a good one!!! making me laugh harder than i

Strong stuff here.

If she cant afford a full shirt you know she definitely cant afford the inhaler her child will need.....WOW

bad parents, worst parents ever, parenting fails, boy on motorcycle, boy with plastic bag on head

Hannah Montana with a hint of Phil. PRICELESS.

No she didn't go out as the Joker for Halloween... she

NO WAY!!!! How did she even think this was attractive!

Bad parents part 2

25 People Who Haven't Quite Figured Out Parenting Yet

Awkward Photo: This genius dad doesn't know how dumb his kids ...

That's good parenting skills!

People say I act like I don't care. It's not an act.

fuck that

LOL Texts | Lol Text Memes - 4160 results

Parenting Fail! I cant believe this shizzz

WTF #truemeaning

People Are Like Slinkies // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Funny memes

Of the wall funny lol White Parents vs. Black Parents Part 1


Wtf sex fact

I fell in a hole

Is swatch a real word???¿ what does it mean?? -

Fun fact 4919

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America lol

And this mother.

Literally me lol I'm dying. The struggle is real. Why can't I just win the lottery and live on my own island

7 Horrifying Times Parents Fail At Disciplining Their Child


funny hate it when someone takes glasses and say you really can't see

Dad pimps daughters ride

What Could Go Wrong? Bath Time with My Pet Snake. Unsafe Parenting Fail: This kid needs is about the perfect size for this snake.

Lol parents are clueless funny yahoo answers

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One day this will be me.


Obama lost it when he saw a baby pope. Good pun: "All 30 sheep are ready, farmer.

This mum who is already thinking of career options.

Great Responses To A Wrong Number Text: http://best-likes.co/great -responses-to-a-wrong-number-text

10 Parenting Memes That Will Make Even Exhausted Parents Laugh Out Loud

Oh wow! awesome way to teach all these little 12yr old hoochies running around that

He loves purple

The Mountain from Game of Thrones height - WTF fun facts- Could he stop that please? Im still over here like chill bro

Neuroscientist finds out that he's a psychopath - WTF fun facts

Awful Parenting Bad Parenting Examples

25 Funniest iPhone Autocorrects Of 2012

MORE OF FUNNIEST-FACTS are coming here funny, interesting & weird facts only http

Moms, please don't stop doing things for your teens. They can still grow into responsible adults...promise.

Liam Neeson talks about ”Taken 3” - WTF fun facts - made funnier by

This Soviet man had a beautiful voice! - Almost Good Enough to Stop a War- German troops stop firing just to hear -WTF interesting & fun facts!

WTF?! Walmart Moms are Crazy!

Coolest baby stroller EVER!

Funny Things To Do In Public funny quotes quote jokes lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor omg public wtf


Funny Wrong Number Texts | Funniest Messages Sent To The Wrong People

Icelandic parents leave their babies to nap outside…- WTF Fun Fact

There's no such thing as a perfect parent." A great parenting quote to remind yourself of when you've had a trying day with the kiddos to remind yourself to ...

parenting FAIL OMG

Baby Sleep Training - Transform Your Fears

serious parent fail.

Wtf / lol omg no he didn't lol

Lost kid finds his family after being lost for 25 years - WTF fun facts

When a parent can't win in court, they turn the kids into weapons against the other parent. Feeding them lies about the other parent and step parent in ...

Public libraries add video games to get more teens to read - WTF fun facts