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Goree Island in Dakar Senegal is known as 39The house of slaves

Goree Island in Dakar Senegal is known as 39The house of slaves



... The house of slaves, Gorée Island, Senegal | by antonioVi (Antonio Vidigal)

Dakar, Senegal. 22nd Aug, 2014. Tourists visit the House of Slave on

Slave House Goree Dakar Senegal

House of Slaves Goree island Dakar Senegal Africa

The house of Slaves, Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal Stock Photo - 49228237

Ironically, arriving on ferry from Dakar, Senegal to the small island two kilometers from the mainland, you first notice how strikingly beautiful the island ...

Preserving Senegal's 'House of the Slaves'

House of Slaves

House of Slaves-Maison des Esclaves. Goree island-Dakar-Senegal. 1852

Goree Island Dakar Senegal Freedom from Slavery Monument with Maison des Esclaves or House of Slaves in background

house of slaves, goree island, dakar, senegal, atlantic slave trade, atlantic

Pope_Maison_Des_Esclaves_932431887. Dakar and the slave trade port of Goree Island ...

One of the colonial streets on Goree Island off the coast of Dakar. I traveled there because of the island's history including slave houses that symbolize ...


House of Slaves Goree island Dakar Senegal Africa

Maison des Esclaves or House of Slaves Gorée Island Dakar Senegal - Stock Image

Goree Island: The Gateway to Hell

A statue celebrating the liberation of slaves near the House of Slaves, Goree island,

The door of no return, The Slave House on Ile de Gorée, Dakar Senegal

The freedom statue on Goree Island, The House of Slaves and its Door of No Return is a museum and memorial to the Atlantic slave trade on Gorée Island, ...

Gate of No Return Slavery Museum Goree Island UNESCO site off Dakar Senegal - the slaves departed to around the world

... Exterior view to the Slave House at Goree island, Dakar, Senegal - Stock Photo

Sénégal Ile de Gorée Maison aux esclaves / Senegal Goree island House of slaves

Senegal - Goree Island - The House of Slaves

Visit to Gorée Island, the island of Slaves

President Barack Obama looks out of the "door of no return" during a tour

Ile de Goree, Senegal, The House of Slaves part.1 - DOCUMENTARY

what to do in ile de goree dakar senegal

Slave trade _ House of Slaves, Gorée Island, Dakar, Senegal (1780)

On the ferry to Goree Island, off the coast of Senegal.

Goree Island Slave House colonial garrison off Dakar, Senegal. Slaves held for slave trade

The "door of no return" in the Slave House, Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal, West Africa.

Ile de Goree Goree Island Senegal

Sengalese couple visiting the House of Slaves, Goree island, Dakar, Senegal.

House Of Slaves - Goree, Dakar

Breaking the chains, Goree Island

Visitors ' House Slaves' ( 18TH century ) GOREE ISLAND Dakar Region. SENEGAL .


Slave quarters in one of the slave houses on Goree Island in the Atlantic Ocean outside

The Slave Trade Museum on Goree Island

Unesco-listed Goree Island is located just off the coast of Dakar

Goree Island is the main home to Senegal history within the trans-atlantic slave trade. This is embodied in the islands Goree Slave House 'Maison des ...

The Door of No Return, House of Slave, Gorée Island

View of mainland Senegal from the island.

A view of Gorée Island, an island just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal

House of Slaves, Goree Island, Dakar, Best of Senegal

Goree Island Senegal ...

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama stand together at the 'Door of No Return,' at the slave house on Goree Island, in Dakar, Senegal, ...

For Senegal island's residents, famed slavery heritage site incurs a cost - CSMonitor.com

Echoes from the past on Gorée Island. The boat leaves Dakar in Senegal ...

... Senegal, Dakar. Slave House (La Maison de les Escalaves), Goree Island

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visits the House of Slaves (Maison des Esclaves), a museum and memorial to the Atlantic slave trade on Goree ...

Island of Goree - Senegal

Other tourist attractions to visit

The KONVWA POU REPARASYON, Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal

Conditions were so horrid for the people forced to live here, an epidemic broke out

Island of Goree, former slave holding island off the coast of Senegal near Dakar West

President Obama, left, talks with Slave House curator Eloi Coly as they look out

Outstanding Universal Value

African Renaissance Monument

House of slaves | Goree Island

The AfroFusion Spot: Travel Diaries: Exploring Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal, art, island, views, architecture, goree, dakar, senagal, travel, ...



... Senegal Ile de Goree Slave House | by bernard_in_va

Obama visits Goree Island, a slavery site with disputed importance

Stairs of house of slaves in the island of Goree, Dakar, Senegal, Africa

Senegal: House of Slaves on Goree Island


House of the Slaves, Gorée Island, Senegal

U.S. President Barack Obama, family members, and staff arrive by boat to Goree Island, off the coast of Dakar, Senegal, Thursday, June 27, 2013.

Traditional painter sells art on Gorée Island former slave trading post near Dakar Senegal - Stock

President Obama, on Thursday on Senegal's Gorée Island, stood in the “door of no return,” where Africans were led as slaves onto ships bound for America.

Goree Island, off of Dakar Senegal. Amazing place

Goree Island 6V1A

At the end of the visit, we took some times to speak with Gaskie. I asked him if he has been to Goree Island once in his life.

Facade ' House Slaves ' ( 18TH century ) GOREE ISLAND Dakar Region. SENEGAL.

A man is silhouetted in the "Door of No Return" at the House of Slaves on Goree Island near Senegal's capital Dakar, March 16, 2007.

Catherine Porter and her daughter, Lyla Burt, 7, stand on the stairs of

A man at the door of his house ,Gorée Island ,Dakar, Sénégal

Also visited Goree Island which is the location of the House of Slaves–a former trading post for slave trade. It is now used as a tourist destination to ...

Maisons des Esclaves, House of Slaves, Ground Level. Goree Island, Senegal

House of Slaves Goree island Dakar Senegal Africa - Stock Photo

Slave yard at Gorée

Gallery image of this property

UNESCO House of Slaves, Senegal – On the Boards

Dakar is surrounded by three beautiful islands; to the west of the city is the Îles des Madeleines nature reserve, to the north lies Ngor, a go-to spot for ...

... Senegal Closeup of Door of No Return, Maison des Esclave, Ile de Goree, Dakar

Ile de Goree, Senegal

A Journey to the Slave House on Goree Island, Senegal

Greetings from Goree Island Dakar Senegal at the ancient slave fortress outside the door of no return playing my flute for the spirit of my ancestors we are ...

Slave House in Maison Des Esclaves on Gorée Island Barack Obama Tour

Fort d'Estrées, slave island, Île de Gorée, Dakar, Senegal -

The island of Goree as seen on approach by

The House of Slaves at Goree Island at Goree Island