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Great AAR of a GORUCK Tough Challenge What39s a GORUCK

Great AAR of a GORUCK Tough Challenge What39s a GORUCK


Great AAR of a GORUCK Tough Challenge. “What's a GORUCK Challenge? A 13

GORUCK Challenge 732

Thankfully ...

It's always awesome to hear stories from GORUCK events that I haven't done as some of these customs are truly unique. Hopefully you enjoy this episode as ...

GORUCK Challenge Flag Carry

GORUCK Challenge 732 Class Photo

Maybe you're still not sure about GORUCK yet but you want to do something because everyone tells you how great the people are and that it's worth it.

GORUCK Tough 1999 - Chasing Donna

GORUCK Challenge Morning March


In ...

GORUCK Challenge

This AAR is written to help those aspiring to complete an HTL. Sorry in advance for its length. This is my way of paying it forward.

by GORUCK Challenge · What's your excuse again….? Now, go to sign up for the closest

Because, in one teammate's words, “What's more American than some chick standing over a dead king?”

GORUCK Challenge

GORUCK Tough 1999 - Donut Eating Team

Light AAR: Nick Wynja

GORUCK TOUGH CHALLENGE 1438 - Jacksonville, FL

GORUCK GR1 Packing Loadout AAR

Podcast: ...

goruck challenge

GORUCK Bridging the Gap

The GORUCK Challenge Explained


GORUCK Tough Challenge Class #1569

... etc., you get a medal, a t-shirt, or something like that. With GORUCK, it's all about the patch and "patching" is all that remained. A strong handshake ...

Nerves, War Stories and Free Beer

GORUCK Light AAR | 3.6.16 | Arnold, MD | St. Baldrick's

But ...

Heavy AAR: David Kim

With GORUCK, it's all about the patch and "patching" is all that remained. A strong handshake, the patch, and a hug wrapped it all up.

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Goruck Light packing list

Pushin' Concrete

GORUCK Tough Patch Explained

... again… … and ...

GORUCK Challenge Sprints


The big difference between Kokoro and the other GORUCK events is that there's a lot more running in Kokoro and it lasts much longer than most GORUCK events.

Behind the Scenes of GORUCK Selection, From the Cadre


HCL074 Pt 1 – GORUCK Heavy 143 – Adventures in a tolerable City – Adventures with Alex

The Challenge is mission based. This happened after about a year, an idea brought to it by Dan, a Green Beret who was fresh off a deployment leading ...

As a group, we went to the beach. It was overcast, 58 degrees, and crazy windy.

GORUCK Star Course Washington DC

GORUCK GR1 21L ruck sack - in new Coyote Brown color - looks great and is

GORUCK Navigator AAR | CORE | Lost Nation, Vermont | 11.19.16

#GoRuck Veterens Day Tough Challenge pic.twitter.com/fY7JASsXsP

GORUCK FAD Advanced Pistol AAR

Mike, myself, Dave, John and Josh staying cool. I think Josh is the example of RULE #1

And ...

GORUCK Challenge Class #335

GORUCK Tough 1999 - Team Speak

In Kokoro, the coaches can be as tough as the Selection cadre (especially during the grinder sessions), but their primary goal is not to make you quit.

What happens when people think 24 hours in the skook requires 10000kCals of food… or confuse what they're doing with an enemy occupation which requires ...

At this point, NO ONE had dropped and the Heavy events, per GORUCK, have about a 50% finishing rate. But what's missing from the Heavy?

Every Challenge begins awkwardly. A bunch of individuals standing around, wondering what's first. And what's after that. There are no frills and no start ...

When GORUCK first announced the Star Course back in February, I signed up for it right away and figured I'd sort out the whole “find a team” thing later.

After ...

Hello my name is Richard, and I'm GRT. What's GRT, you ask? …GORUCK Tough. I warn you that once you become a GRT you will be addicted.

How to finish the HTL, everything you need to know.

The HHH team in front of the USS Midway with Cadre Brett. Photo credit: Daniel Stokes

The men and women of the RRLanta at a Goruck Challenge in Atlanta. 

GORUCK Challenge Team Weight

Lots of casualties - it was a nasty war

... goruck Light

Goruck Challenge Windbreaker Goruck Challenge Windbreaker Goruck Challenge Windbreaker Goruck Challenge Windbreaker ...

Of course, the event was soul sucking and terrible but I didn't have any single bad point where I said “I hate GORUCK, screw this event, screw me and my ...

Another lesson that we had to learn was how important it is to pick a sustainable pace. We had a wide range of fitness abilities on our team, ...

GORUCK Challenge class 792

After Action Review - GORUCK Constellation

... was our first ruck as an official Ruck Club! 5 mile ruck, 13 PAX and 1 2.0 for 5 miles. @GORUCK @F3Memphis #RuckClub #GORUCK pic.twitter.com/DyMWUxzQKj

GoRuck 057 New York City – GoodLivin'

Tom Rowland: How many Goruck events have you done?

GRC Cadre Beaux Beaux is a GORUCK Challenge ...

GORUCK Joe Warner Fort Bragg Heavy AAR


Bricks, Water, Nalgene, Otterbox, Riggers Belt.

We rolled off the beach as a team and got to some railroad tracks about a quarter mile away. From there we had skills test on knots and grid plotting.

Guess I could've just quoted that and not written so much. azzenco · June 3, 2016 · challenge · dc · goruck · heavy · Tough

The grins on Cadres' faces spells bad news for this guy

The elephant walk was one of those exercises. Photo credit: Dana Nolan Flaherty

GORUCK Star Course 50 Miler – AAR

Rucking - with origins in the military , it's found a new place in the fitness

I am passionate about GORUCK because, again, as someone who has done the events, I can truly say that the experiences have contributed to changing my life.


Tom Rowland Podcast Episode #003 - Patrick St. Charles - GoRuck Selection, SealFit

Thanks so much for listening! If you missed any of our earlier episodes you can give them a listen right now. Hopefully you enjoyed the podcast and are ...

... Windbreaker Goruck Challenge Windbreaker