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Haha lol ryan AJR t

Haha lol ryan AJR t


Haha lol ryan

Hahaha lol ryan

Ryan Met you adorable smexy stinker you. stop being so talented and attractive. seriously. you should have to share or something. ugh

Gosh he's beautiful

Ryan on national hat day

The many faces of Ryan Met.

Ryan Met (Ryan Metzger) (March American ukulele player, and singer, best known from the group Ajr.

Ryan and Jack

AJR - Ryan Met

Jack and ryan

The many faces of Ryan Met

More information

Brothers together

How does he do that with his chin lol

I like them , at first I didn't but then I really listened and they have kinda cool catchy songs :) so yes I like them now and a bit obsessed


I don't want the description to be blank, that bothers me. Have a smiley face.

Find this Pin and more on ajr by lillyarchangel.

Hahaha lol ryan. See more. A very rare photo of my mum and I she's the best #AppreciateYou #mother

HBD Ryan Met March 3rd 1994: age 22


I talk about Ryan and his ukulele a lot

Gotta catch them all !

Haha lol ryan

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If you can't tell Jacks my favorite

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AJR Brothers Fan

Ryan from AJR (Portland, 8/4/17)

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Is it just me or does Ryan's nose look red in

okay i can't wait so here it is, A RYAN MET STARTER PACK

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Sorry for the spam guys but I'm LIVING and I haven't posted

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Yellow is THE best color sorry i don't make the rules #ajr #

I can't remember who I stole this from but it was some AJR fan

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jack is literally me...that being @pikatsutran #ajrbrothers #ajr #

Good ol' Ryan the meme. @ajrbrothers @ryanajrbrothers #ajr #ajrbrothers #

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I'm a little kid, and so are you Don't you go

i get a lil bit nervous ~B • • • • @

I haven't posted a video in a while so I decided to bless y

i want to watch this video so bad but it's not available in my country *

The way jack says go in this, just sent SHIVERS down my spine. Oml

Ryan in the background😂👏 #ajrbrothers #ajr #ryanmet. a_girlwholoves_herbands

I saw ajr to that was fun #ajr #weak #livemusic

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Ryan is Kiana's dirty little secret... (Please get the reference lol)

@ajrbrothers @jackajrbrothers @ryanajrbrothers @adamajrbrothers My meet and greet photos from last nights AJR concert. I loved meeting them so much.

follow me (@ukulele.djs_ajr )for more AJR .

Lol omg does that even exist??? - Btw feel free to repost,

follow me (@ukulele.djs_ajr )for more AJR .

AJR on Twitter: "'I'M NOT FAMOUS' OFFICIAL VIDEO https://t.co/ph1NVlFpVy… "

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Adam Jack and Ryan ( @bud.like.you )

Hello yes I love Ryan Met that is all thank you for your time \ / \ •annoying hashtags• #ajr #ajrbrothers #ryanajrbrothers #adamajrbrothers #weak #soberup ...

I found this on a old inactive fan account a while ago and I can'

#theclick #Ajr #Ajrbrothers #alternative

I can't wait till we look back on our teenage years and think about

Hahaha mood when Im bored at any place in specific... Btw fetus Jack

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"let me get a uhhhhhh boneless ryan with a 2 litre of coke"pic.twitter.com/GKEHfWKKIs

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I'm not famous. “”””””””””

AJR Fan Account ( @imwiththeband.ajr )

i posted this on my clique account in february but i never posted it here,

Good morning guys , I have to babysit today so I'm sorry if I don't post as much \ / \ •annoying hashtags• #ajr #ajrbrothers #ryanajrbrothers ...

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AJR on Twitter: "Freaky Friday is the best song of the year so far. @lildickytweets"

Wow Jack 😂 Thank you to @ajr.padre.yankee for sending me this

Goofy boys -#ajr #theclick #click #ajrbrothers #adam #jack #

but everytime you turn out to be one step ahead of me ~

it's time to leave this old black and white town ~B •

#ajrmy Instagram - Photo and video on Instagram. '

lol this is awesome @picturesoftext #office #theoffice #ryan #ryanhoward #ryanbaileyhoward

we out here drippin in finesse ~B • • • • @

(the song lol) You can probably tell

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Jon Bellion Talks Human Condition & The Downside Of Social Media - YouTube

So this just happened 🤓 I'm crying now lol @ajrbrothers #ajr #

Good morning guys! Yesterday I cried a total of 4 times because of the boys