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Hate Me Now BTS Kpop and Idol t

Hate Me Now BTS Kpop and Idol t


One thing to note here: this face for J-Hope (I don't know his real name so we can use his stage name) is not a ...

Vocal Range

Meanwhile, members of BTS are serving as inspiration for a growing number of make-up tutorials and tips. That is, for women, not men.

Others defended the group, claiming that all seven members were surgery-free. That seems difficult to believe, though possible. But there's no debating the ...

Now before I begin, I don't know these idols and I don't know what their real personalities are like. These 5 idols who I have on the list of idols who seem ...

“I don't think this guy has had any procedures. Frankly I don't think he needs it.”

“I can't say much about this one beside pigmentation. He's obviously a lot darker in the previous photo. But that's hard for me to assess because lighting ...

Now, the question is whether American audiences will truly warm to the Bangtan Boys, or if they prefer a more authentic look. Indeed, surging demand for ...

'Before and after' shots of BTS frontman Rap Monster.

K-Pop boy groups are rising pretty fast, but there is one group that shiningly steals the spotlight. Bangtan Boys, Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy ...

This video shows him arguing with BTS and criticizing them wrongly.

[Winners] Which idol (pairing) do you want to see on 'We Got Married' next?

It had me thinking, what about BTS appeals to me so much more than other groups? What is it about newer groups that grabs our attention so easily?

5 Male K-Pop Idols Netizens Don't Want Getting Blepharoplasty

BTS' Jungkook is trending No.1 worldwide | SBS PopAsia

“This guy actually had a pretty fantastic face to start out with. I'm really only seeing possible work on the eyelids (maybe corner-cutting) for creating a ...

Some idol are hated the most in their groups just because they are too perfect?

Don't worry I talk about him everyday. I think my friends hate me. Oh well Yoongi ♥ ♥ ♥

My mom told me not to use a kpop quote for my senior quote, so I did it anyways < < < < YAAAASSSSS

Not everyone can take being hated on that much. They could fall into a deep depression and so on.

I hate math

Kim Nam-joon, aka 'Rap Monster' of Kpop group BTS accused of

But don't let that get to you. Keep supporting, because no matter what, haters gonna hate. But we can always count on 'savage Suga' to help us out:

Kpop Group BTS' "Not Today" Didn't Break Any YouTube Records,

K-pop Fans Sent Xiaxue Death Threats After She Insulted Their Idols - CLEO Singapore

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Just How Much Does YeRi Hate BTS?

[Op-Ed] Why BTS doesn't deserve all the hate they're getting

[BTS NEWS] Netizens Shocked After RM Saying “It affects me when Netizens Say 'I Hate Namjoon'”


13-year-old rookie rapper ACHILLO under fire for calling BTS' RM a 'Rap Retard'

I'm failing to comprehend why people hate them, or any hardworking kpop idol

Roasting Kpop Idol Names (BTS is at 10:26 so it's technically not clickbait lol)

Netizens stir up dating rumors between BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi

How has K-pop changed your perception on body image and ideal sizes? | SBS PopAsia

BTS ON WHY I LEFT KPOP | StoryTime | Why I stopped being a KPOP IDOL

Jin: I figured we can start oldest and work our way down, starting with the eomma. This tall handsome beast is the one in BTS I think would be the best ...

Super Junior's Heechul recently uploaded a group photo of him and the boys of BTS via Instagram and admitted that he is now a fan after researching on them ...


If you are a big K-Pop fan, you will surely agree that the K-Pop world is filled with handsome, talented, and unique idols who are incredibly awesome.


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K-Pop Group BTS Dish On Who's Most Romantic, Korea Vs. USA & More Confessions | People NOW | People

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9 Korean celebrities who married their fans

Fluff. They are so cute. Literally. Can you look at these pictures and tell it to their faces that their music suck?

Kpop Idol (Bts X Idol!!Male!Reader)

Can BTS popularise K-pop music in the United States?

Netizens debate about photo of Rachel Platten sitting on BTS' RM's lap at AMAs

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11 K-Pop Idols Who Overcame Initial Parental Opposition To Their Career Choice

Some of the Worst K-pop group names

this is what happens when you do the bts jimin diet | after effects | I answer your questions

[MVP OP:ED] Why do some people perceive male K-pop idols as being Gay?

Hyung Eun under fire for her comments about BTS' V + rumored to be leaving BULLDOK

"Kpop idols (Part 8)" by cmarnoldrr ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring bts

I saw a blog on the featured page about EXO getting hate and I personally loved the blog and idea so I decided to write this blog.

jimin Bangtan Boys kpop

Don't even need to switch hair colors. Have you seen his aura change between Spring Day and Not Today? < < he is my bias but he isn't appreciated enough ...

BTS' Label Accused of 'Illegal Marketing' In Dirty Blackmailing Episode

I am sure many of you will agree with me. Both of them know English very we'll and both are the brains of kpop.

K-Pop idols are popular for their handsome faces, incredible talent, and charm, but they are all still totally different from each other.

BTS on how much money a Kpop idol makes (truth from an actual KPOP idol) | STORYTIME

1. SHINee Jonghyun

leave me bE

People she has been hating are Taeyeon from GG, Seungkwan from Seventeen, Jimin from bts, and Umiji from Gfriend. Guys go on twitter and report her so she ...

After many years together, RM is still surprised by one BTS member | SBS PopAsia

Life Of A K-pop Idol - BTS & EXO

Top 10 K-Pop Music Videos

I was contemplating on whether or not to write this blog considering a lot of negativity comes with it however someone on KPOP Amino sparked my interest ...

K-Pop's world-wide rise in popularity has grown pretty quickly. From the time of their debut to now, there are new girl groups that have already achieved ...




The pictures look exactly the same!

Idols you may not have known who suffered from extreme depression and anxiety

To be honest i don't completely understand what Suga means with this Sentence and i'm probably completely wrong. That would think he could mean is that he ...

ARMY receives criticism for rude behaviour at BTS fan meeting | SBS PopAsia

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Hoooobi don't be so scared! Jimin can hide it better.but fear is just written on your face! < < I'm Hobi XD

BTS Jungkook Hates It When Fans Say This To Him

Rap Monster in Sexy Brain-Problematic Men

Hip Hop and its Complications in BTS' 'American Hustle Life'

Suran reveals BTS member SUGA was beside her when she was feeling depressed