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Henry has been known to be a rather stuffy aristocrat on occasion

Henry has been known to be a rather stuffy aristocrat on occasion


Mannequin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Dolls, Automata | Pinterest

Mannequin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Dolls, Automata | Pinterest

Peggy's former boyfriend, Paul Lockridge, a composer and pianist who is in love with her and seems to have a funny quip for every occasion, returns from ...

"His Accidency" was not elected, but came into the office when William Henry Harrison dropped dead. Tyler was a stiff, gaunt, meticulous Virginia aristocrat ...

teatimeatwinterpalace: ““Princess Beatrice, Prince Maurice of Battenberg, Prince Leopold of Battenberg and Prince Alexander of Battenberg on the occasion of ...

Thomas Carlyle


Francis Cotes (20 May 1726 – 19 July 1770)


Bette Davis and Henry Fonda in 1938's 'Jezebel'

William Henry Harrison

O. Henry, at the age of thirty. Impractical, lacking in desire for money and financial judgment. Creative, humorous, a lover of human nature, mild, rather ...

Eccentric Aristocrat ? ... or ... Outrageous Psychadelic "Pasha"?

Fr. Henry Garnet SJ: When Fr. Garnet was eventually executed on the Feast of the Cross in 1606, a bloodstained husk of straw was found, which was said to ...

Aristocracy ...

The close friends who made Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton a personal affair rather than

"Tweedland" The Gentlemen's club

Picture of Walt Whitman at thirty-five.

The close friends who made Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton a personal affair rather than a stuffy, state occasion can now be revealed.

A young lady, Miss Darrell, visits Sexton Blake and explains that Jack Arnely, her intended, vanished last Monday, as did £10,000 from the firm that ...

Brook Taverner

Convinced of America's sound republican virtues, the commander in chief looked fairly unflappable. Well, almost: At a cabinet meeting, Gen. Henry Knox ...


Harry may have looked nervous but his fiancee calmed him down (Image: Henry Nicholls / SWNS.com)

Trivia: It has been 'many moons' since the events of THE SLAVE MARKET and during that time Blake and Tinker have been back in England.

A new family portrait of the Swedish Royal Family has been taken in occasion of 2017 Nobel Prize Ceremony. According to Svenskdam, other official photos ...

A working-class Londoner operated the most exclusive gambling club the world has ever seen

O. Henry's short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization and clever twist endings. O. Henry had an inimitable hand for isolating ...

Meanwhile, the French had other ideas.

Forster's Margaret would have been aghast.

Jul 2013 - Dal Steampunk Eclipse Icarus - « Chasing the noise I heard.

Their private moment together after the announcement showed a sizzling romance (Image: Henry Nicholls / SWNS.com)

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Stipple engraving of Lord Dufferin as a young man, by Charles Holl, after Henry Tanworth Wells.

Marquess of Bath hands Longleat to his son. The flamboyant 7th Marquess of Bath is to hand down the firm that owns his Longleat safari park, to his son, ...

Jeline - Lady Brown by *Lelahel-Clothes on deviantART

... would have been nice to have had that experience. But I haven't. And it's too late now." So, there you are: Lord Bath is richer than us, and poorer too.

Whenever the character is unable to face up to himself, Hopkins hides his face with his hand. Henry, who has no forgiveness in his heart, holds the world to ...

A front page of The Rolling Stone

Henry and Lucretia's third son was his father's namesake, Henry Clay, Jr., and became the young man for whom Clay had the highest hopes.

On the first occasion, just before World War I, he was interested, but was dissuaded by the then prime minister, Herbert Asquith, ...

Henry Clay




Eccentric Aristocrat ? ... or ... Outrageous Psychadelic "Pasha"?

he's going to apply the sexual double standard that allocates one law to men and another to women (“Will you forgive her as you yourself have been forgiven?

He has long had an ambition to sing professionally, and has been studying with a teacher. He hopes one day to sing in musical comedy.

Couture Girl Power Super Hero Tutu dress Halloween Costume

Instead, Lillian Wald of the Henry Street Settlement was elected chairwoman and lawyer Crystal Eastman (a rather tall woman who had graduated in 1907) ...

Longleat House and the Marquess of Bath

... more often, rather than less and that you take away from these 'virtual tête-à-têtes' something far more richer and enhancing to your esoteric knowledge ...

During the roaring twenties, people thought it was funny to have a president who'd rather be napping.

Barbara Everett reviews 'Henry James Letters. Vol. III' edited by Leon Edel, 'Culture and Conduct in the Novels of Henry James' by Alwyn Berland and ' ...

Henry and Lucretia's third son was his father's namesake, Henry Clay, Jr., and became the young man for whom Clay had the highest hopes.

Strengthened by his 1152 marriage to Eleanor, Henry Plantagenet wasted no time going back after Stephen. Henry's mother Matilda was still seething over her ...

The Best Books on Great Letter Writers | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Mary Tudor has always been known as 'Bloody Mary', the name given to her by later Protestant chroniclers who vilified her for attempting to re-impose Roman ...

Satanic No Heart Plato has been the founder of many of the totalitarian doctrines that have plagued the twentieth century. Rather, the only reason he has ...

Henry Watterson (about 1908) [Frontispiece Image]

Of the portrait itself, I fear I can say but little. It is very similar to others which I have seen, but at the same time is not exactly alike to any.


Antoine-François Callet - Louis XVI, roi de France et de Navarre (1754

Dr. Henry Marshall Tory, U of A founding president

... how to dress for the occasion. His personality was equally stiff: Founding Fathers used to dare each other to go slap him on the back and say hello.

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S00017, Franz von Papen crop.jpg

In an effort to expose The Esoteric Curiosa to a broader audience, it can now be found on Facebook, I would appreciate you befriending us there.

Artistic circles

Vimalakirti Sutra - Inconceivable Skill in Enlightenment Liberative Technique

The Mrs. Wilcoxes are themselves considered commodities by the imperialist interests Henry represents. He looks upon them as possessions, bought and paid ...

Henry Ford, 1919

Gathering at the home of their grandfather to wish him a belated 'Happy birthday,

Ceawlin Thynn, heir to the 7th Marquess of Bath, has just taken over running the estate.

Danny Knight,

Henry with wife Virginia and daughter Silvia in 1969Henry with wife Virginia and daughter Silvia in

... from other researchers who are exploring some of these same questions through their work, as would the other panelists, so let us know what you think.

A right royal occasion. Sir Frank is pictured on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral

The wedding day of Princess Beatrice to Henry of Battenberg.

On the way back to Warsaw, it was working about 40% of the journey (good at the beginning and end, rather rubbish in the middle).


Amerigo, an impoverished (impoverished in an aristocratic way rather than a not-having-enough-to-eat way) Italian prince, is betrothed to the American ...

'Wooed her across the counter with a king cophetua ...

I inscribe this book of adventure to my son ARTHUR JOHN RIDER HAGGARD in the hope that in days to come he, and many other boys whom I shall never know, may, ...

Carl Jung

... 3. research ...

Cartoon by O. Henry


Henri Scott.

Rossland was then rising into notice as a mining camp, and Irwin, who had been missionary at Golden, and afterwards chaplain to ...

AG Jeff Sessions (above) said that internal DOJ and FBI investigations into McCabe's conduct

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

The gaze here has been decidedly transferred to Elizabeth and, given that the statue faces away from the viewer, there is no question whatsoever that any of ...

Cartoon fron The Rolling Stone

In 1922 she spent time with an aristocratic friend, Phillis Boyd, who was just about to marry Henri de Janze. She admitted in a letter to ...

The final free display (since I'm not counting those lame photographs of the building) is a pop-up called “New Old,” which is only there until 19 February.