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Here Comes the Grump Raised by TV t Nostalgia

Here Comes the Grump Raised by TV t Nostalgia


Here comes the grump/ahi viene cascarrabias

Here Comes the Grump - Ep. 2 - The Great Grump Crunch

Here Comes the Grump

O Vale dos Dinossauros

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What does Abraham do when not here?

Rei Arthur

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Zelda's Adventure: This Can't Be Real - PART 1 - Game Grumps : gamegrumps

Gigantor · Here Comes the Grump

Roger Ramjet

That an HIV-positive character called Kami sparked outrage in 2002? How about the 'adult only' episodes from back in the 1970s? And don't get us started on ...

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here comes the grump

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Heckel and Jeckel

Nostalgiaviews - Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

Here Comes The Grump

I still draw you in Grump art, ...

Supernatural is like my all-time-favourite-of-ever-first-TV-fandom-utter-obsession show. I'M NOT EVEN ASHAMED I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Nothing beats Supernatural ...

... too, yet didn't. They wonder if the majority of people are really that weak and easily led. Have you read your history kids? Yes. The answer is yes.

Catherine & Vincent

Jack: Drummer Ken Kirby's popularity is on the wane until he steals "The Doomsday Drum" from a Native American, ignoring the warning that it will haunt him.

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The Dick Van Dyke Show

Since the 1980s, Sesame Street has featured a few greedy, grouchy characters who have

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Never Speak Ill of the Dead

superman 234 0026

Ah, Pokémon. The game of my childhood. I grew up with playing Pokémon Blue on my Gameboy and watching the anime. When I was a young NekoJonez, ...

Halloween at Hogwarts – The Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

Care Bears Nutcracker – Nostalgia Critic

There is always a danger when you meet your heroes that they turn out to have feet of clay. As a viewer, I always regarded the Gogglebox families and ...

The Wonder Years Book

With that in mind, I have to admit that I didn't really like Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Not because I have any particular nostalgia for the original cartoons ...

Halloween Is Grinch Night

The plot is much too intricate to describe here. So here it is in a nutshell: Models show up with chaperone Jo Galloway (Bethel Leslie).

Rocky and Bullwinkle intro.jpg


At the candidate's rallies, a new understanding of America emerges.

Underdog (TV series) - Underdog in opening credits


"The Strengthening of Angels" is a damn good Route 66 episode. It is often considered to be a favorite of fans (author James Rosin lists it as one of his 25 ...

Is this it? It's gotta be, please be it. (Starts playing Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' as the Penis hair enters the frame) OH MY GOD!

Of course, being the heavily nostalgic person that I am I just want to find this mystic island with all of these hidden cartoons!

The ...

It curdles my insides to say it, but I think this is the first year for some time where my name didn't appear in the credits for something on TV (or at ...

Kathy Slevin To Develop In Maddie's Shoes for Television

(From left to right) Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Captain Peter "Wrongway"

Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Care Bear Movies

... place long enough to watch a movie is proving more and more difficult, to our frustration. So the MRGN is slowing down for the nonce. But never fear!

KATE: I also don't understand why the rats all dress like they're in a production of King ...

Nostalgia? I quit smoking cigarettes some 2,813 days ago. I have thought of them

I caught myself out on some typical critic bullshit, basically: identify ...

Jack: Hiram is rich, old, and evil, and when he is on his deathbed he makes a bargain with a gentleman who works for Mr. Grimm to extend his life for an ...

It's been too long since I did a Chris Monroe post, so here is her Violet Days strip from last week, in honor of Thanksgiving.

Only some of the prose here is what these folks should be remembered for; The New Yorker in its early years and The Smart Set and a few others have a ...

This is a magazine I've been looking for copies of (in a casual way) for about 35 years, maybe a little more. I've written about it a little previously in ...


One feed for ALL Litopia's shows!

But Lucia drifts into his life and he slowly develops a fatherly soft spot for her. Very slowly. Before that happens, Hobbs makes her feel like sh!t and is ...

Why they weren't published on the same day like the hardback(s) is a mystery to me. But evidently, they weren't.

Ex 6 no 4

He's really a big softie, a sucker for nostalgic past times, notably weight lifting, even though he doesn't have to, ...

Mobile Strike — Schwarzenegger

Gravity Falls: The Complete Series

And here is Eileen, and I zoomed in, her eyes are definitely red like Gajeels. But its still likely that his mom is someone else.

Courtesy of Fox TSDGEAL EC006

The art here is by John Cayea. I've arguably cheated somewhat by putting both editions under the same ranking, but since the art is substantively the same, ...

This is not about Inception. I'm just back from Inside Out and these two movies seem to collide a lot within my mind. Pixar's InsideOut has a lot of ...

And here, the scenes are just different enough to cause a chasm, but so close at heart. The little's pumpkin costume mirrors the poofy couch of the older.

The best TV this week: Preacher returns to its comic roots

And we are now fortunate to have been let in on it. Here is definitely a studio with something special about it!

I don't care if you think “cartoons” is for kids. I don't even care if East Asian culture seems confusing and impenetrable to you.

"Layout at Glen Canyon" is done in by its convoluted and implausible plot. The acting isn't bad, but - like its immediate predecessor episode, ...

I can't possibly think of a greater and more humbling calling on my life than to be a momma to my little loves. And, today, we celebrate my youngest ...

Los Angeles ...

I hit randomize around 30 times to find a young, male player. There were options for 70 year old people, but I figured I need to be prepared to live ...

"Bayou Witch"

... radio – and the hype that surrounds it – terrestrial radio is still in decent health. And radio is likely to remain healthy for some time to come.

One feed for ALL Litopia's shows!

Saved By The Max opened its funky eggplant door on Wednesday to a mass of self-identifying Bayside Tigers hungry for a bit of nostalgia and they weren't ...