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Here39s another littleknown bat fact Orphaned baby bats are often

Here39s another littleknown bat fact Orphaned baby bats are often


Baby bat in blue snuggly wrap with pacifier and direct soft eye gaze


Look at that face


Orphan Flying Fox, Australia Oh God Fruit Bats.

Spectacled Flying-Fox Orphans Receive Special Care – ZooBorns

Omg it's Daxy!

Another long-term research project focuses on Old World Fruit Bats (Family Pteropodidae = Megachiroptera). Description from research.amnh.org.

OMG, that face <3

abandoned-baby-bat-pup-tolga-bat-hospital in Atherton Australia

Der Fledermaus

Baby bat aaaaawwwwwww <3


#cute #baby #bat


#cute #baby #bat

Flying Fox pup - a beautiful little fruit bat with a really puppy-like face. I'd love to have a flying fox.

Baby Bats and Buddies of Australia


Look at him.....fuckin look ^^

Cute bat hanging upside down

Orphaned Baby Bats At This Australian Bat Hospital Are Too Adorable | Bored Panda

Baby flying fox bat in rehab

Grey-headed flying fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) | Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre

Photos by ©Baby Bats and Buddies of Bats QLD and ©Tolga Bat Hospital

Bat face! Soooooooooo cute. T- remember our fruit bat friend who was happy to see us? Love bats ever since

These tiny, orphaned, bat babies are nursing formula from a makeup sponge! The Conservancy of Southwest Florida are taking care of 150 babies, ...

Baby Bats Are Adorable | Click the link to view full image and description : )



A rare white fruit bat with serious sunburn will stay in captivity after being rescued by volunteers in south-east Queensland.

This Little Fruit Bat Says: "Happy Halloween"

Baby Bat with stuffed toy

Fruit Bat with watermelon. So, maybe bats aren't so scary? Because this one is pretty adorable!

Flying Fox Bat babies in Australia.

There's a bat hospital in Australia that takes in abandoned baby bats, and it's the

Bat, Hanging Lyle's flying fox with bokeh green background, Pteropus lylei

Flying Fox - Bali Indonesia [OC][2304x3072] | Bats, bat, vampire, fruit, flying Fox, Gremlin, bulldog bat | Pinterest | Bali indonesia, Indonesia and Foxes

Bat with stuffed animal

60 Adorable Bats That'll Make Your Day


Bats feel and love like any other creature.

A baby bat so cute

The bat burritos are being nursed back to help by the Tolga Bat Hospital volunteers.

Fruit bat


Time for a “Bat Fact!” There's ALWAYS something new to learn about bats! Learn how the Rodrigues Flying Fox is different from other bats of the world!

Buba Ganoush, baby Grey-headed Megabat, Flying-fox, Fruit bat,

Rodrigues fruit bats are only found on the Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean and are critically endangered. This is a great photo of a bat with pup!

Grey - headed flying fox likes the fruit from the palm trees.


Flying Fox baby bat in rehab Yawning or looking for dinner or the dummy.

Baby bat direct soft eye gaze and a smile

Fruit Bat by onkel_wart (thomas lieser)

Cutest rescue bat named Pixie · Baby BatsWild ...

nectar and fruit eating

The Occasional Bat Smallest bat in the world the bumblebee bat from Thailand

Orphaned Baby Bats Will Brighten Your Day Exponentially

Little red flying fox -This species of flying fox hangs in a different way from other mainland species. The larger species tend to hang an arm's length ...

Australia's government is allowing this grey headed flying fox to be killed, shot, pinned in nets, hung on barb wire and other atrocities.

=P Fruit Bat - Bat Facts and Information

Baby bat (flying fox) YAWN -- photo by Battie Blue

The hairless bat (Cheiromeles torquatus), also called the naked bulldog bat and greater naked bat, is a species of bat in the family Molossidae found in ...

Never seen these bats before-Honduran Ghost Bat.

'fruit bats are just puppies with wings!-we had pet fruit bats when I was a child.' "that is super sweet. i want a flying puppy" :) shane

Sooooooo big

Rehab | Megabat babies Spectacled in care Flying-fox fruit bat

A bat eating.

OOAK BABY BUMBLEBEE BAT - Megabats (Flying-Fox, Fruit bat) and Microbats

Bats can be kawaii/cute too! Sadly, these poor little baby bats were

Adorable Little Bats

A new study shows vampire bats spend a good deal of time - up to of their waking hours - grooming each other, bolstering other evidence that they have ...

That Dracula bats are cool

Little bat face

Bats out of hell: The super-cute little orphans that have survived on a wing and a prayer. Cute BatBaby ...

baby bats in blankets and bennys | 819702-bats-in-blankets.jpg

Baby bat...this reminds me of my dog, so much...lol.

baby bats - Google Search

Fruit bat! Look at how CUTE this little guy is!

cute bats - Google Search

Cute lil' baby bat

This could be used in a painting.... from: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lysx2rii5p1qf8dmzo1_500.jpg

Peekaboo « Bat rescue, bat rehabilitation bat conservation and sanctuary for bats. A non

"Gimme Some Sugar , Baby!"

Fruit Bat (flying fox) So cute!

Baby bat and his surogate mom

Baby Bat's Bedtime - Licensed for garments, cross stitch, guitar skins, electronic device

Bats Photo: This Photo was uploaded by ostbye. Find other Bats pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and video hosting serv.

Jackie Sparrow the Little Red Flying Fox bat baby.

baby fruit bat ...........click here to find out more googydog.com

I love drawing bats, I love their wings and their little furry faces. And I wish I had a bat costume like this one^ Or a unicorn costume.

cracked: Bonus fact: baby vampire bats are ADOWABLE. 25 Real Facts That Make Common Fears Way Less Scary

I saved a baby bat today. It was so adorable https://ift

Bed Time For Batty Shirt

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Facts about animals, intersting animals information WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

bats, mom and baby hanging from branch. photo by Ofer Levy

Bats...so cute!

Bat * One of my favorite animals ever!

Foster parents needed for orphaned baby bats — Bats_Rule!