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Hetalia Snowrabbit lt3 Russia x Prussia t Hetalia

Hetalia Snowrabbit lt3 Russia x Prussia t Hetalia


Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Male!Belarus, Fem!Russia, & Male!

Germany and Prussia. Germany And PrussiaHetalia ...

Prussia x Fem Russia - done by @ pixiv >>>this is kinda cute. even tho I don't ship them

Oh, Russia... Hetalia MangaPrussia ...

Prussia and Russia as friends teaming up to defeat a game. I like this art style!

Oh Alfred < < < yup england didn't see that coming. Find this Pin and more on Hetalia ...

Axis Powers Hetalia | Хеталия и страны Оси

Prussia (genderbend version), and Lithuania, Hetalia

Romania, Hungary, and Prussia- "Alright, alright. split up." HungaryHetalia ...

Oh dear, Prussia won't stand up for a long time.

No larger size available. Find this Pin and more on Russia and Prussia ...

Prussia, Russia, Germany, America Dark Hetalia

Prussia and Russia hetalia

Hetalia - Prussia / Hungary ----- Hungary doesn't look to happy

Russia and Prussia.

[APH] Russia x Prussia | Россия x Пруссия · Prussia HetaliaAnime ...

Woah Canada you need to calm the frick down. Don't mess with Canada during a hockey game. < <

APH Russia x Prussia - Ivan x Gilbert - by MissGoldenweekArt ...

I find it cute that Prussia was trying to kiss Hungary ~Hetalia

Hetalia- Germany,Prussia,Japan, and Italy!

Tags: Fanart, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Prussia, Russia, North Italy,

„I think this artist who i sadly forgot who, is a new hetalian and new rusprus fan and honestly i can't wait for them to make more roight?

Hetalia Text Posts APH Prussia

APH Russia x Prussia - Ivan x Gilbert - by MissGoldenweekArt ...

BAHAHAHA omfg this is hilarious cuz I ship them...along with USUK and

Hetalia X Harry Potter

1939 hetalia Poland, Russia and Germany

[APH] Russia x Prussia | Россия x Пруссия. PrussiaAxis PowersHetalia OtpFanartBunnyFandomsRabbitHare

I just read this strip and am now in love with RusPru. Hetalia ...

a yaoi fanart turned crack comic XD RussiaxPrussia. my 2 fave characters and also my Hetalia OTP (i really dont know who's the seme/uke of the two.

Hetalia: Prussia and Russia

Hetalia Bunny!Prussia. SO.CUTE.

[APH] Russia x Prussia | Россия x Пруссия

The Berlin Wall (Germany and Prussia - Hetalia) Ich liebe dich, bruder - I love you, brother

Germany, Holy Roman Empire, and Prussia but I'm still don't get it. Is Holy Roman Empire Germany or not>>> Yes. Read a history book, dear.

yay my otp ^J^. Prussia HetaliaHetalia ...

Hetalia: Belarus and Russia. See more. Okay I don't ship this but I mean... Come on.

XD At this time, Prussia is still a nation so he didn't die. Find this Pin and more on 2p Hetalia ...

Hetalia - Russia / I haven't even seen all of Hetalia, but wow

Hetalia Snowrabbit

Aww China c'mere you. Find this Pin and more on Hetalia ...

They make such adorable school children. XD Russia drawing on America's face. And poor little Germany is all depressed because he can't draw.

Prussia and Russia pirouette

Oh Prussia. Germany And PrussiaHetalia ...

it's funny and sad at the same time. I mainly pinned this for Prussias face · Hetalia ...

Tags: Axis Powers: Hetalia, Nyotalia, Prussia (Female), Russia (Female), Pixiv Id 3423557

Nekotalia~ :D Hetalia featuring Germany Italy Japan America England France china Russia Prussia and Gilbird

Prussia - Hetalia- I laughed at every one of these. Russia didn't

Dear Diary-America by. Find this Pin and more on Hetalia ...

2p hetalia I know one is Italy but not sure on the second one. Prussia

To add to this if holy Rome was dead then he should be able to do this and visit italy to keep his promise somehow though he hasn't which means he's ...

ReaderA cold and silent heartSPECIAL by MinniBellSnow on DeviantArt

Tags: Axis Powers: Hetalia, Prussia, Russia, North Italy, Germany,

Russia x China by Zamarazula.deviantart.com · Hetalia ...

Hetalia- Prussia and Hungary. XD

How to Hold Your Baby, sponsored by America and Russia. Oblivious America know how to hold a baby?

Snowrabbit <3 · Gilbert BeilschmidtPrussiaHetaliaOtp

my stuff hetalia *edit APH Prussia PruHun APH Hungary Elizabeta Héderváry Prusia x Hungría Gilbert Weillschmidt I think isn't bad.i post the source.


Rules of Hetalia: Rule 74 - Wattpad

hetalia | Hetalia - Hetalia Photo (28906196) - Fanpop fanclubs

this was fully inspired by my best friend [link] go check out her stuff!and yes, this is about Nazi's and Prussia blaming himself.

Belarus X Russia by hetaliasse on deviantART · Hetalia ...

West and prussia! If Germany is west shouldn't prussia be east?

Hetalia Prussia, Germany, and Sweden

historical prussia, canon prussia, and fanon prussia?

Prussia and his think they'd get along fine owo Pretty sure he won't be mute though, maybe Canada like. But more of a stoic and melancholy like persona ...

Hetalia- England Pirate >>> England who told you to be so sexy

4k Ultra Hetalia Russia 4K Ultra HD Wallpapers

Hetalia Snowrabbit

Amazing Russia and Prussia.

(Prussia trains America for his war against England) - Art by ArkhamInsanity on Deviantart

Hetalia at the end of this he almost died because he thought the snow was deep enough. Only Russia X'D

[UNIFIED GERMAN SCREAMING] this is exactly what they looked like in the FIFA 2014 final>>>>> I don't know what your talking about all I see is these two ...

APH: Winter Bunny Part 2 by xiaoyugaara on DeviantArt - Hmm…maybe Prussia actually sort of liked Russia back then when they were both just young children(?

[R1 DVD] Hetalia - The Beautiful World: Season 5 Collection

Prussia and Russia · Hetalia FunnySnow BunniesBunnyHetalia ...

Hetalia Halloween by ろあ…- Hetalia - Prussia / Japan / Italy / Germany

SnK AoT x Hetalia - England (Arthur Kirkland) as.. err... Levi?

PruCan Kiss by MoostarGazer on DeviantArt

(I don't ship but c'mon.... this is. Hetalia ...

Hetalia Headcannons

2p Germania, Germany, and Prussia.

PruCan - Prussia is the nervous one :D. Prussia HetaliaArt ...

hetalia prussia death in church - Hledat Googlem

America and Canada snap chatting? < < < I don't think it's America, cause he is sleeping off to the side. It may be Prussia.

Hetalia challenge day two: least favorite character I'm sorry Liechestian

Russia and Russia-cat! Russia-cat looks like one of those fluffy, Russian hats, when he is on top of Russia's head!

Hetalia russia Headcanons | Hetalia Headcanons

Humorously Hetalia

Hetalia Russia, Become one with Him favourites by on DeviantArt

APH: What's your mood today? by =xiaoyugaara on deviantART // Hetalia // Germany // Prussia // Russia // Ludwig // Gilbert Beilschmidt // Ivan Braginsky ...

i haven't submitted anything recently, the exams and my parent are killing mee orz APH : Germany - Prussia

Tags: Axis Powers: Hetalia, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Hungary,

2p!hetalia England, France, Canada and America I love 2p!Canada, he can kick 2p!America's butt XD though don't get me wrong, I love America as well ^_^

I can't imagine Germany being all okay with the fuss about the Aryan race in his country>>>>the feeels. Find this Pin and more on Hetalia ...

Soviet Russia x Reader x Nazis Germany Part 1 by xXxRose-QuartzxXx on DeviantArt

Poland is one of my favorite Hetalia characters.

Hetalia - Prussia, Spain, and France : Bad Touch Trio