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Hinata n Raura SG t

Hinata n Raura SG t


Nene Hinata Ayami Raura Sakura Gakuin Twinklestars

Sato Hinata


Satou Hinata, Iida Raura, Sugisaki Nene, Horiuchi Marina NHMR

Twinkle Stars(at 2010) are Hinata Sato, Nene Sugisaki, Marina Horiuchi, Ayami Muto, Raura Iida, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi

Matsui Airi Sato Hinata Mizuno Yui Sakura Gakuin

Left to right: Hinata, Marina, Raura, Nene

Sugisaki Nene Horiuchi Marina Iida Raura Sato Hinata Sakura Gakuin

So the other day as you all know Hinata ...

Sato Hinata Taguchi Hana Sakura Gakuin

Find this Pin and more on sakura gakuin/babymetal 2 by blues clues.

(via 芸能界引退のさくら学院・杉崎寧々、髪をバッサリ「将来は看護師に」(デイリースポーツ) - Y!ニュース)

Hinata-metal, Marina-metal, Ayami-metal, Ayaka-metal,

Marina Raura Hinata

Sakura Gakuin Horiuchi Marina, Iida Raura, Sugisaki Nene, Sato Hinata 2014 3gatsu Sotsugyo


hinata sato

Hinata n Raura

Raura n moa

17f141002mono.jpg (1475×1975)

Hinata n seniors


Sato Hinata + Mizuno Yui

Horiuchi Marina and Sato Hinata will be in an upcoming animation "Kutsudaru." along with fellow Amuse actresses Miki Kanai and Yuika Shima.

Sugisaki Nene Iida Raura Huriuchi Marina Sakura Gakuin

倉島颯良 佐藤日向 kurashima sara sato hinata

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Mutou Ayami, Sugimoto Mariri, Nakamoto Suzuka, Matsui Airi, Miyoshi Ayaka, Horiuchi

Iida Raura, Sugisaki Nene & Sato Hinata (Sakura Gakuin Class of 2013 .

Moa raura ayaka hinata suzaka

Nene, Raura, and Hinata x ice cream

Ayami rinon marina hinata

2012: Miyoshi Ayaka, Muto Ayami, Matsui Airi | 2013: Nakamoto Suzuka "SuMETAL" | 2014: Iida Raura, Sugisaki Nene, Horiuchi Marina, Sato Hinata | 2015: ...

Explore Hinata and more!

Suzuka n Ayami

Sato Hinata -

Fokus to Moa Kikuchi 😘

Sato Hinata Tano Asami

Hinata n Ayami

and i thought this was a random one :O of course Raura but who is on her left :O awesome.

Look at Mr. Mori's expression after being surprised by Raura in a LoGirl show :''D

Raura Suzuka Yui Sakura Gakuin

Q: What do you two think of the current 4 Jr. High 3rd graders of SG?

Yui n Raura

大賀咲希 磯野莉音 白井沙樹 飯田來麗 ooga saki isono rinon shirai saki iida raura

Isono Rinon Iida Raura Ooga Saki Sakura Gakuin

Iida Raura Shima Yuika

Raura Iida (飯田來麗) Cute and Funny Moments Part 2

SG - YUI & MOA holding hands.

ImagesNew ...

In the corner for Sakura Gakuin, we have (in order of the picture) Sugisaki Nene, Notsu Yunano, Horiuchi Marina, Iida Raura, Taguchi Hana, Ooga Saki, ...

Happy birthday Raura

Iida Raura Mutou Ayami Nakamoto Suzuka Miyoshi Ayaka BOTTOM ROW Sato Hinata Kikuchi Moa Mizuno Yui Horiguchi Marina

Sato Hinata Confesión por navidad

Aren't they adorable?! I've been meaning to blog about SG again, gathering pictures and any info I could find the last few days, so here we go!

Hinata eats the powder and runs around for a few minutes freaking out and even ends up crying, but also can't stop laughing about it, ending up with this ...

Twinkle Stars(at 2010) are Hinata Sato, Nene Sugisaki, Marina Horiuchi, Ayami Muto, Raura Iida, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi | Jpop | Pinterest | Chiba

Su n hinata

Hinata added her photo next to her friends

Sakura Gakuin

Nene n hinata


Horiuchi Marina scanned by Smaui Plop

CyuZxvzVIAAn2PO.jpg:large (1170×1581)

Sato Hinata Nakamoto Suzuka

Why is Hinata fussed that it's Nene Hinata Marina Raura and no other order?

倉島颯良 黒澤美澪奈 佐藤日向 kurashima sara kurosawa mirena sato hinata

Yui n Su

Aiko n Megumi

Iida-san looking pretty :)

Happy birthday

Sugisaki Nene


Nene n marina


Sugisaki Nene


岡崎百々子 麻生真彩 新谷ゆづみ 森萌々穂 山出愛子 堀内

no title


More information

Vote here: (Because I don't want you to get shot by Ayaka

And Maboroshi Love with Marina, Hinata and Miki Kanai

Evolution of Sato Hinata


C1nS1wGUcAEDXrN.jpg 391×540 ピクセル

Yui fail 😂. #Funny #Yuisday #YuiMizuno #Yuimetal #SakuraGakuin #Music

Two days ago, it was Sato Hinata's birthday! Happy belated birthday and we wish you the best ;)! (Sorry, i forgot X3)

岡崎百々子 麻生真彩 新谷ゆづみ 森萌々穂 山出愛子 堀内

Naturally, one of the first Moa sightings is her photobombing Yui

Sakura Gakuin

Find this Pin and more on 02.Sakura Gakuin Daisuki by Krisna Eizy.

Moa n Yui

Hinata's painting