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Horses in the Civil War Fort riley Civil wars and Kansas t

Horses in the Civil War Fort riley Civil wars and Kansas t


Civil War monument dedicated to all the horses lost -- Fort Riley, Kansas {

Monument to the Civil War cavalry horse commissioned by the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Virginia.

Bronze Army horse at Calvary museum at Fort Riley

CIVIL WAR: General Grant's Cincinnati

Civil War Historical Painting. See more. General U.S. Grant's horse, JEFF DAVIS. It was taken in 1865.

"Bridled Veterans" Horses and Mules Memorial Middleburg, Virginia Tessa Pullan civil war horse

Civil war horse...think of how many of these beautiful animals died during the war.

Sherman and Duke overlooking Atlanta, Autumn 1864 at Fort #7 "My aim,. American Civil WarAmerican ...

War Horses who served our Country on both sides of the war and every other time in our Nation's history. God bless them all. - Visit to grab an amazing ...

Local History

Military Horses and Mules

Cavalry Brigade, Fort Riley, KS, April Army had active horse cavalry units, little changed since the Indian Wars of the Century.

Interesting saddle…

A trooper of the 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry in Fort Scott during the Civil War ( Kansas

To The Finish, by Larry Selman, original at the US Cavalry Museum Ft.

Comanche was found two days after the battle, badly wounded. After being transported to Fort Lincoln, he was slowly nursed back to health.

The monument in front of the National Sporting Library and Museum depicts in heartbreaking fashion the

Little Sorrel after the Civil War

trans etching crop.jpg. Horses wanted!

Gen. Grant and Cincinnati

SLICKY was the steed of Alfred Pleasonton. Pleasonton was a United States Army officer and General of Union cavalry during the American Civil War.

A horse named Comanche survived the Battle of Little Bighorn despite being shot seven times

Military Horses and Mules

... and survived — as did Jackson's horse: First and Second Manassas, Front Royal, Winchester, Cross Keys, Port Republic, Harpers Ferry, Fredericksburg, ...

Cross Country with Jim Wofford: Horses for Courses

Mounted Military Policemen patrolled Camp Polk La. (Rickey Robertson Collection).

During World War II he served in the U.S. Army's Cavalry Replacement Training Center at Fort Riley, Kansas, ...

Fort Riley, Kansas 1920s

War is a controversial topic, especially these days, yet world history has been undeniably defined by conflicts between humans. Since the earliest recorded ...

General Ulysses Grant's favorite war horse was named Cincinnati. He was the son of. Lexington, one of the fastest racehorses of

OLD BALDY was the horse ridden by Union Major General George G. Meade at the Battle of Gettysburg and in many other important battles of the American Civil ...

Fort Riley is named in honor of Maj. Gen. Bennett C. Riley, who enjoyed a long and distinguished military career that stretched from the War of 1812 to the ...

Battle of Hickory Point, by Samuel J. Reader, emphasizing James H. Lane

frrier2 cp.jpg

The young soldier and his horse on duty at camp Cheyenne,

Comanches Präparation

... Civil War horses. In this discussion on Civil War Talk, I did find reference that Hero was an Irish Thoroughbred. Hero most likely looked very much like ...

George Armstrong Custer, Battle of Little Bighorn, American Civil War

I believe this painting truly captures the bond between Jackson and Sorrel, a bond that happened with many horses from the Civil War and their Generals.

Chief, with full cavalry equipment, standing in front of the Fort Riley Veterinarian Office. (Rickey Robertson Collection).

The Last Cavalry Horse (October 2014) | Archive - 2014 | Rickey Robertson | Local Writers' Columns | Center for Regional Heritage Research | SFASU

Custer House

Interesting face.


Original Civil War Infantryman's Brass Eagle Breast Plate ~ Dug Relic

Jim Wofford: USET, Call Me Maybe?

What an evocative photo this is: The past and the future captured in the same

KITTY was Edwin Forbe's mare that he rode from 1862-1865, during the American Civil War. Edwin Austin Forbes was an American landscape painter and etcher ...

Ducati 2001 ZIM

This ...

BROWN BEAUTY was ridden by Paul Revere during his famous midnight ride on April 18, 1775. Paul was employed by the Boston Committee of Correspondence and ...

A Barefoot Horse's Success Story

Comanche was found two days after the battle, badly wounded. After being transported to Fort Lincoln, he was slowly nursed back to health.

I had known Bob at Fort Riley during the train up for the Olympics and he was more ...

1862 Civil War Broadside - Charlestown Navy Yard - Labor Union Mechanics Meeting

View from the west showing the first permanent Fort Riley hospital, between 1865 and 1869

For centuries, horses have carried their riders through horrific conditions. Here, the horses

US Cavalry - Indian Wars

World War I[edit]

Other Famous Civil War Horses http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/01591/ horses.html

painting by Michael J. Deeb (1994)

Black Jack Riderless Horse JFK Funeral

Edwin Price Ramsey

(pictured: Specialist Lindsay Lange of the Ft. Riley Ks. Honor Guard-Battle at Shoal Creek 2002)

Sasha Kone, Equine Dentist

He ...


artl harness.jpg

Culture and Charisma

Main post dispensary 1889, left side and hospital ambulance 1900, right side

A horse named Comanche survived the Battle of Little Bighorn despite being shot seven times

Robert Custer Maintenance Facility, Bldg 8100 photo of horse jump sign

Converted artillery barracks, part of the 3,000-bed base hospital, 1918.

Photograph of Chief, the last cavalry horse in the US Army. (Rickey Robertson Collection).

121st cav

Staff Sergeant Reckless War Hero

Military Masks Animals in Chemical Warfare

longstreet_1. “

Standing over a memorial

Camp Whitside, World War II cantonment hospital, 1953.

The Aging Dressage Horse with Sabine Becker

Fort Riley

Yearbook 1922 – 86th Anniversary

HQ Troop, 2d Cavalry Regiment's 1936 Christmas Program at Fort Riley, Kansas. Troop roster included. 1936-HQ-Troop-2-Cavalry-Christmas-Program-Compressed- ...

Culture and Charisma

US Cavalry - Indian Wars

Cavalry trooper with his faithful mount during the Louisiana Maneuvers of 1941. (Rickey Robertson Collection).

The History of the U.S. Second Cavalry

Reckless American Marine Corps Korean War

Buffalo Soldiers

The Custer House at Fort Riley, Kansas