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How the British Library Will Save Fragile Sound Recordings of WWI

How the British Library Will Save Fragile Sound Recordings of WWI


An image of a set of six wax cylinders circa 1910 in a holder used to


Listen timeline_blog. Artefacts. The British Library ...

How to make a recording

How the British Library Will Save Fragile Sound Recordings of WWI and Extinct Birds

Help us build the Directory of UK Sound Collections

Andrew Booth & Rowan Campbell

What would you find? Gallery_blog

The voice of Florence Nightingale recorded 30 July 1890 on wax cylinder. Save our Sounds is a new programme the British Library has created to ...

¼” reel-to-reel tapes recorded in ...

British Library VOC/1923/GILBERT

BLCK-SOUND21 Digitisation of a 1960s magnetic wire recording. The British Library is home to the national sound ...

From phonographs to mobile phones: the British Library's Season of Sound explores 140 years of recorded audio

An image of a black and white advert showing a soldier meeting royalty

If you are in a British Library reading at one of our computer, choose your subject through Explore, pick Online: Reading Room only under Access Options, ...

Flyer protesting Arthur Schuster's presidency of the British Association. Henry Roscoe Papers (additional), ROS/5.


Source: http://www.popularmechanics.com/culture/music/a13755/british-library -saving-sounds-of-history/

Mystery tracks 1blog

An updated SOUNDS website is to be developed as part of the HLF-funded Unlocking our Sound Heritage project.'

British Library joins collections from seven countries for Europeana World War I project | Culture24

A pilot project undertaken in 2015 with a major project about to begin.

Boy Wireless sound installation by Aleks Kolkowski

You can be forgotten by Google, but not the British Library

Edison Concert Cylinder, containing aboriginal language recording made in Stevenson Creek, South Australia,

The Lesley Larkum collection of Ethiopian field recordings can be consulted at the British Library.

Courtesy of the British Library

Every Fit Woman Can Release a Fit Man

Extract from the Essex Agricultural Executive Committee in September 1917, where applications for transfer to the army reserve or for leave and for petrol ...

Rebecca from Derbyshire Archives was kind enough to come and visit us. She brought in

Fighting Chlorine Gas with Cotton and Gauze, August 1915. "English Soldiers Well Protected against Asphyxiating Gases and Prepared to Take Their Tu…

The American Expeditionary Forces ID card of surgeon Joel T. Boone.

... 6. Causes of WWI ...


The end of WWI as recorded by sound ranging of artillery activity on the front near the River Moselle. November 11 1918 x


Britain's Day Dec. 7th 1918

An image of a programme for a classical music concert in 1918

Sound recording and reproduction

Fighting Chlorine Gas with Cotton and Gauze, August 1915. "English Soldiers Well Protected against Asphyxiating Gases and Prepared to Take Their Tu…

Take 'A Journey Through a History of Magic' With Harry Potter and the British Library

Photos and letters will be digitised and made available to the public for the first time [SWNS]

For New Zealanders April 25th is the day we remember those from our nation who left our shores to fight in wars. For many of us it's the day we wear a ...

YMCA Women's Overseas Service General Information pamphlet belonging to Ethel Ash which describes the qualities sought after in a volunteer, duties and gear ...

... Off the record interview with Barry White, 1987-04-03

Now, the British Library holds so many historic wonders that they have a permanent exhibit called Treasures of the British Library. So following the program ...

... Visitors and staff at WWI Roadshow, Museum of History of Science, Oxford

Prize-winning NAIDOC poster with images depicting First Nations soldiers on overseas conflicts with a reflection below representing frontier worriers.

... I experienced the scary ...

A voyage to the unknown at the British Library

“America's Concentration Camps” by Allan R. Bosworth. “

Gwendoline Layton Blunt (nee Edwards) British Red Cross Society record cards (Courtesy:

Between Empire and Continent

An FAQ-inspired note about the war memorial – the asterisk and 'Mesopotamia' at the bottom has nothing to do with the creation of the board, ...

From piles of material to patchwork: How do we embed the production of usable collections

To mark the centenary of the armistice that ended fighting during the First World War, throughout 2018, we are tweeting a historical newspaper front page ...

The images raised debate among the staff here as to their authenticity. Although they appear to be contemporary with the events taking place there also ...

... a thirst for news, a sense of stoic necessity, amongst many others. There was, however, one distinctive feature of Irish responses: war abroad ...

Officers attached to the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Samoa. Tattersall, Alfred James, 1866-1951 :Photographs of Samoa. Ref: PAColl-3062-3-18.

Every donation is another step closer to ensuring that the sacrifices of this war are not forgotten.

Andrew Jackson's apology © British Library


AWM4 1/43/5 April 1915

Chekhov's Band – Eastern European Klezmer Music from the EMI Archives,1908-1913

Useful Notes / World War I

World War I History Program 7pm, April 5th, 2018

University of Wollongong reflects on the Great War

Join To-Day

Chinese entertain British troops in France. Dragons ready for the Dragon fight. Photo:

http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02725/WW1-Charts_2725701a.jpg ...

... 2000-2100 UK time, BBC Radio 4 has a programme called 'Archive on 4 - Walls of Sound' which visits the British Library's Sound Conservation Centre.

Gwendloine Layton Blunt Dates of service British Red Cross Society ambulance service (Courtesy BRCS archive

Volunteers exploring the British Library.

Bodleian Library entrance, Oxford.jpg

The Caproni CA Bomber

War objectors' graffiti must be saved, says English Heritage | Art and design | The Guardian

Field of broken dreams: Andy Bell visits Passchendaele

Figure 5 First page of a manuscript version of Wilfred Owen, 'Dulce Et Decorum Est'.Courtesy of the Wilfred Owen Estate and the British Library, ...


Thirdspace: Journeys to Los Angeles and Other Real-and-Imagined Places by Edward W. Soja | Postmodernism | Modernism

1902 British All Red Line map, from Johnson's The All Red Line - The Annals

... British Library features a central column of books encased in glass, a very cool visual element to the space. However, we did not have long to linger as ...

The Manchester ...

Thousands of First World War photos will be made available to the public

The new book2net scanner functionality is demonstrated by Teri Sierra, Assistant Chief of the Serial

I found a few missing vital records for our family tree in the US microfilm collection and was able to look at some interesting maps and books on the areas ...

But it prompts the contemporary reader to consider not only how our relationship with money has changed over a century, but also our attitudes towards ...

HISTORY CORNER: Did the British luxury liner Lusitania drag the U.S. into World War I

1000 books.JPG

Amazon.com: Germany's Covert War in the Middle East: Espionage, Propaganda and Diplomacy in World War I (International Library of Twentieth Century History) ...

world War One 3 ...

Title page © British Library

close up black and white photograph of man with his hand in front of his face