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How to Repurpose a Broken Notebook or Computers Hard Drive

How to Repurpose a Broken Notebook or Computers Hard Drive


Introduction: HDDJ: Turning an Old Hard Disk Drive Into a Rotary Input Device

If your enclosure has screws, there are typically two that hold the case together and–just like the hard drive cage in your computer–four screws to mount ...

Edit: This story was written to detail the options a user has when a hard drive with important data dies unexpectedly. Many of you have left comments ...

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How-To: Reclaim your Mac's old hard drive or build a new one with an external USB enclosure | 9to5Mac

hdd enclosure

Introduction: Reusing Old Hard Drive Magnets

... beware of the cables attached to the main board directly, as wrecking it would turn your monitor futile. This option is for those users, whose laptop ...

With this particular model we gain access to multiple components via the service panel. At the far lower right we find the primary hard drive bay (which ...

How To Make a Laptop Hard Drive Work in a Desktop PC

how to dispose of laptop safely

How to reuse the old LCD Screen of your broken Laptop

An old hard drive with some sand paper on

How to Wipe a Hard Drive


Hard Disk Drives - Recycle IT

Turn an Old Laptop Hard Drive into an External Hard Drive

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How To Remove a Laptop Hard Drive and Put It In a Desktop

crafts - enterprise crafts - safe Your hard drive ...

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HP Pavilion 15 P Series Hard Drive Replacement

How to Repurpose a Broken Notebook or Computers Hard Drive - General Discussion - TvStreamin

repurpose electronics, e-waste, e-recycling, e-waste recycling,

Introduction: How to Convert a Laptop LCD Into an External Monitor.

We've often sung the praises of having your own home server for quiet backup, torrenting, and other services. But, if you don't want to build a new computer ...

No DVD Drive on Your Tablet or Notebook? Use an Old Laptop Drive Instead!

Introduction: Harddrive Repurposing and Relocation Initiative

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Apple Time Capsule Model A1302 Hard Drive Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Reusing old hard drive magnets


reuse - as external

Remove Hard Drive From Laptop - and Install it in Desktop PC

How To Remove Photos and Files From a Broken Laptop Computer

Buy Computer Parts Devices Electronics from SoutheasternData.com online shop. Before businesses recycle old laptops ...

Introduction: Build a Home Theater PC From a Broken Laptop and a Tivo

Hard Drive Disassembly is Easy and Rewarding

Convert an Old Hard Drive into an External Unit

Apparently this clock is made of recycled computer hard drive parts. So basically I want

If you've got an old laptop around that's seen better days, you can do a lot to repurpose it—or you can just turn it into an all-in-one desktop like DIYer ...

Without any moving parts, SSDs operate more quietly, more efficiently and with fewer parts to break than old-fashioned spinning hard drives.



Unlike other computer components, such as an old, slow processor or an old RAM module, old hard drives are still useful. While they may not have as much ...

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Introduction: Old Laptop Screen Into Monitor

Image titled Recycle Old Computer Hard Drives Step 4

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Picture of Step 2 - Removing the Hard Drive

How to Recover Files From A Broken Laptop (Hard Drive Recover)

pata_hard_disk_drive_size.jpg, 80.86 KB

Remove MacBook Pro hard drive

Computer City. If you live with a geek like I do...and

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Image titled Reuse Your Old Computer Hard Drives Step 2

... dropped-hard-drive-clicking

There's no shortage of ways to repurpose an old PC, whether you're just trying to make it work again or turning it into something else entirely, ...

If you have a laptop, this will probably actually be easier. Most laptops that are a bit older have panels on the bottom. They look a bit like this:

Introduction: How to Remove a Hard Drive From a Laptop


Laptop size internal hard drive

PC repair

Image titled Reuse Your Old Computer Hard Drives Step 3

An old or broken computer or laptop can be a treasure trove of useful parts. Especially if you are hoping to expand what you currently have. Hard drives and ...

Picture of Take Out the Hard Drive

Picture of Install the Hard Drive Into the Enclosure

Instead ...

Hard drive

hard drive safe

Think you're going to repurpose that USB HDD? Think again

An Optical Bay HDD Caddy is an enclosure with interface/conversion board that will house your hard drive and enable you to replace your optical drive with a ...

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