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How to save your Wii U and 3DS Miiverse posts before they are

How to save your Wii U and 3DS Miiverse posts before they are


Nintendo to Shut Down Miiverse, Its Social Network for Wii U and 3DS

The end of Miiverse

Modojo | When Does Miiverse Shut Down?

What happens when you go on Miiverse after discontinued date? Wii U/3DS

A year and a half ago, Hideko Konno hinted that Nintendo's Miiverse might eventually find its way to the 3DS. Now it finally has.

The Miiverse has had a major makeover and many fans are split over the changes

The Death of Miiverse, Uncensored

Nintendo has announced that Miiverse, its quirky social network launched alongside the Wii U, is shutting down this year. The Wii U's chat app and TVii ...

With the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo has for the first time attempted to provide a unified account experience for gamers online.

Miiverse, the Nintendo social network where we can post doodles, screens and general thoughts on all things Nintendo, has today been updated for both Wii U ...

WII U REVIEW: MiiVerse, eShop, Menu, Games, Web Browser, Mii (FULL REVIEW TOUR) - YouTube

Will Lipman. The Wii U ...

How to sort of get back on Miiverse (Nintendo 3DS/2DS only)

Miiverse and Other Wii U Features Being Shut Down in November. Nintendo Prime

Nintendo Reveals Most Popular Miiverse Searches Worldwide | Middle Of Nowhere Gaming

Le Miiverse Resource. Millions of drawings and hilarious posts collected over the years by users of Nintendo's Miiverse on the Wii U and 3DS are ...

Miiverse, for those who don't own a Wii U, is Nintendo's proprietary social network designed for discussing and sharing content around games on Nintendo ...

... Wii U still has Miiverse posts in the Wara Wara plaza!! (i.redd.it)

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Image titled Post on Miiverse Step 16

How to Save Your Miiverse Posts Before They're Gone for Good | Digital Trends

Screenshot 2013 11 15 at 16. 26. 24. The December arrival of Miiverse on the 3DS ...

Nintendo's giving its three year-old 3DS a new lease of life ahead of Christmas with an update that adds the Miiverse social app and links the 3DS' eShop to ...


Nintendo Killing Miiverse on Wii U & 3DS - #CUPodcast

Gallery: Miiverse for 3DS | 5 Photos

How Miiverse Ending Will Affect Your Wii U + 3DS Games & How to Download Your Post History

Creating a Nintendo Network ID. Image titled Post on Miiverse Step 1

Unified Nintendo IDs, Miiverse in next 3DS update... - Tiny Cartridge 3DS - Nintendo Switch, 3DS, DS, Wii U, and PS Vita News, Media, & Retro Junk

Image titled Post on Miiverse Step 3

How To Back Up Miiverse Posts. Nintendo has provided a ...

Nintendo's Miiverse is getting a redesign, 30 posts/comments per day limit

Miiverse on Wii U Before It Ended


Nintendo made Miiverse available to PC's through web browsers yesterday and folks are getting in on all the Miiverse fun. You can't make original posts ...

Wii U Miiverse Update Walkthrough - 3DS Integration Coming!

Uploading your favourite replays to YouTube is handy, as it means they can be watched on any device compatible with YouTube. Also, replays saved in-game ...

News Share Your Miiverse Memories On The "Everybody's Message Community"

Miiverse is Dead...as of November 8th on Wii U & 3DS

A few months back we reported on a fearless web developer intent on saving every last post submitted to our fallen hero, Miiverse. Amazingly, the project is ...

From left to right, dealing with the icons at the bottom, are the following:


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All Nintendo needs to do is but capcom and make mega man 10 (or whatever number we're on) and make it HD with live electric guitar orchestra for music.

Nintendo's online Miiverse service, which is in development for the Wii U (and eventually the Nintendo 3DS), has two goals. The first, as shared by Nintendo ...

Image titled Post on Miiverse Step 2

Nintendo Shutting Down Miiverse in November, Hundreds of Games Losing Features

save your miiverse posts

If you're a creative person or have always wanted to try pixel art, PixelMaker is definitely something you will want to look into.

Miiverse PrinceOfKoopas last post Pocket Card Jockey community www.KoopaTV.org Nintendo 3DS. I have ...

Nintendo. Miiverse ...

Last person to post (i.redd.it)

Image titled Post on Miiverse Step 17

HOW TO TAKE THE SCREENSHOT. Of course, the first step is making sure you have Miiverse on your 3DS.

Miiverse - Тгıςhα's post | Nintendo | Miiverse posts | Pinterest | Nintendo

Wario64 on Twitter: "Request to download your Miiverse post history before Miiverse shuts down in November https://t.co/Dm3jtdQ78B… "

Miiverse ended discontinued Wii U error code 115-5004 Nintendo. “

Welcome to the Miiverse, the online community launching today with the midnight release of Nintendo's Wii U, but before you can access it, you must read ...

Enlarge / An extremely small look at the hundreds of millions of Miiverse posts archived on Archiverse

Image titled Post on Miiverse Step 15

Nintendo will tarnish lots of older games with the closure of Miiverse • Eurogamer.net

On the Wii U. Image titled Post on Miiverse Step 4

Miiverse doesn't exist on Switch. However, that hasn't stopped Splatoon 2 players from coming up with some creative drawings. The game has its own built-in ...

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After this step you're given some more information — such as the fact that you can adjust and check Nintendo Network ID settings through a new menu in ...

As you can see in the screen below, we previously transferred our 3DS Mii to the Wii ...

Miiverse Nintendo Wii U Activity Log Play Time Times Played PrinceOfKoopas


Find this Pin and more on Miiverse by aracor3.

The book has spoken... #nintendo #3DS #Wii #WiiU #meme #kawaii #anime #animalcrossing #newleaf #animalcrosingnewleaf #friendcode #Isabelle #splatoon ...

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo has launched a web-based version of Miiverse. The Wii U social network is now available to view from PC and smartphones.

Wii U Menu screenshot.jpg

A brand new update was provided today for Miiverse on the Wii U. The update, which sees a the creation of a better community layout, provides a standard ...

Above: A post in the 3DS Miiverse community for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Miiverse offline mode on Wii U? (save screenshots; upload them later when you have access to Internet) : wiiu

Nintendo. Miiverse ...

You have been banned from writing messages and community posts for two weeks due to a

Save Miiverse

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's long-expected Wii U system update is now live. The 673MB download speeds up various elements of the Wii U's menu,

I'm one of those people that actually really likes Miiverse, I quite like the moderation there too, harsh as it may be at times.

Miiverse to be Discontinued!? - Wii U Update in 2017

Miiverse comes to a close


Launching in late 2012, Nintendo's Miiverse allowed Wii U and later 3DS owners to hang out and share stuff like hand-drawn pictures and screenshots.


Update: Miiverse can be used when playing Smash Bros. on a New 3DS unit. It won't work on regular 3DS models due to insufficient memory.

First available on the Wii U and then eventually the 3DS and a website, Miiverse was a dedicated social media platform for people to talk about Nintendo ...

... and here's a bad, boring one.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Miiverse Update Thread XVI | Page 90 | NeoGAF