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Human Amethyst We Are the Crystal Gems t Steven

Human Amethyst We Are the Crystal Gems t Steven


That explains so much.. Steven Universe ...

Amethyst from Steven Universe

Gabriella, Amanda and Penny (Human version of the Crystal Gems)

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems go casual.

We are the crystal gems and you can't defeat us.jpg

Steven Universe - Fusions together by hyacinthess on DeviantArt

So I think @AfrOtaku you're watching this, am I correct? I · Steven Universe Cookie CatSteven Universe FunnyAmethyst ...

#1005568 - amethyst (steven universe), artist:delucat, crossover, crystal gems, debate in the comments, garnet (steven universe), grammar error, ...

Chests have the gem right over their heart,. Steven Universe TheoriesSteven Universe ...

Human Gems, by tumblr user Bevsi

Homeworld DOES look down on defects though. Holly Blue called all of the Famethyst "off color" and worthless

But seriously though: Blue Agate treats the Amethysts in the Human Zoo like garbage, · Steven Universe ...

Steven Universe: We're In Charge Now by MrSpartin ...

Pt. 2 Human versions of crystal gems! I'm guessing Amethyst was just

Guide to the Crystal Gems - Amethyst.jpg

also heres some crappy human gems i drew a while ago

Steven Universe: We Are The Crystal Gems - Music Video (Extended Intro) - YouTube

Human AU

Steven Universe - The Crystal Gems VS Homeworld Gems (Clip) The Answer - YouTube

Art via tumblr user doidles

Guide to the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe): Rebecca Sugar: 9780843183160: Amazon.com: Books

Steven Universe - The Amethyst Group (Clip) That Will Be All

Garnet & Amethyst Outfit Concepts.jpg

Crystal Gems evolution This makes me happy.

We Are the Crystal Gems

We Are The Crystal Gems. . . {Open and Accepting}

Steven Universe: Image Gallery

Rebecca Sugar on finding that 'Steven Universe feeling' and the future of the verse

Steven Universe - The Crystal Gems are Diamonds AU (Crystal Authority AU)

Steven Universe: The Crystal Cats

Guide to the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe): Rebecca Sugar: 9780843183160: Amazon.com: Books

human SU. Peridot And AmethystSteven Universe ...

Poor Amethyst!

sharksylph: My headcanon for what all four crystal gems look like fused, based off the temple. She has a giant sword and shield/ax combo thingy.


Piikeo tumblr- human amethyst and pearl from Steven Universe

IMG 20150410 113032

Peridot the Crystal Gem. Amethyst Steven UniverseSteven ...

Amethyst.(Steven.Universe).full.1906542 by Yoos2210

Night Of The Glowing Rods, Steven Universe, Peridot and Amythest

cazzart: I honestly should not have had time to do this fanart this weekend…

Steven Universe: A Novel Idea by Neodusk.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

stevenuniverse, garnet, opal

Jasper Steven Universe, Steven Universe Comic, Jasper Corruption, We Bare Bears Human, Amethyst Cosplay, Birth, Pixar, Cartoons, Gems

Description. Gem warrior

yaboybokuto: “obligatory ballet/hip-hop dancer AU for your dance AU needs 0 plot and backstory for now but they still can't stand each other and still find ...

We are the Crystal Gems! Join Crystal, Garnet, Amethyst and Steven on this juniors tee. - Officially licensed Cartoon Network T-shirt - Juniors are designed ...

Steven universe the crystal gems ultimate foe by neodusk-d94w8bg.jpg

Baby gems au: Jasper and Amethyst page 1

Sad amethyst in the human au , gems as humans , Steven universe human AU ,

The battle rages on. The two groups agreed to switch places with each other. Now Moonstone and Garnet are facing Dialga and Pearl, Amethyst, and Peridot are ...

Gem Reproduction

Another Amethyst?

We Are the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe Extended Theme)

Steven Universe - The Second Gem War I am the crystal gem The last to save the day And if you think I can't I hope I find a way That's why ...

Amethyst in the background tho

Steven Universe | Meet Amethyst! | Cartoon Network

This is a really interesting theory, though many gem and geologic theories have already been proven not to work, the Mohs' Scale for example.

Disney's Hercules styled Gems by Simply Splatter | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

We are the Crystal Gems

Steven and the crystal gems ruby and sapphire.jpg

Did We Really Witness a BDSM Storyline on Steven Universe

WE ARE THE CRYSTAL JAMIES. Steven Universe JamieAmethyst ...

I feel like it's Ruby's anger coming through · Steven Universe ...

The Recap: In order to keep the team of Rubies from finding Peridot, the Crystal Gems disguise themselves as humans and play a game of baseball to determine ...

colorful bright buttons pins pearl amethyst gemstone garnet steven universe Pinback Buttons crystal gems cookie cat geek studio new product!

We are the crystal gems! by SahneCreamKuchen -Steven Universe- A different kind of race, from outer space, who come to our world.

Amethyst! Pearl! Connie! Steven! Together We Are The... Crystal Gems! | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme


How 'Steven Universe' serves as metaphor for trans experience

Amanda and Penny


stevenuniverse, pearl, amethyst, garnet// oh god

Gem placement is important.

Little Chibi Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and pearl.

11 best Amatista | Steven Universe | Crystal Gems images on Pinterest | Amethysts, Cartoon network and Amethyst

Basically, Jenny is the human version of Amethyst because they are both fun and irresponsible to a certain extent. Visually, they are not very similar, ...

Amethyst of Steven universe

Steven Universe: Breaking gender stereotypes one episode at a time.

I drew a big ol' Steven Universe scramble, I really like how it turned out! If you come see me at Otakon I'm gonna be selling it as a print.

Skinny Jasper and Carnelian

"Steven Universe" is a pretty amusing cartoon. I loved this purple chubby, her long hair is gorgeous.

they let him go for ruby cha r a c ter d evel o p men t

Peridot, Amethyst, Sapphire, Lesbian, Plane, Pork Chop, Steven Universe, Pikachu, Garnet

Steven Universe Cartoons - Page 2 of 11 - Fun Lately

Homeworld: the Lost Empire (Steven Universe/Disney's Atlantis)

Steven Universe- "The Humans" vs the Rubies

i cant breathe, Steven Universe

This is literally the best thing I've ever fucking seen in my entire life, holy fucking god.

Steven wallpaper 02 1280x1024.jpg

Steven Universe. We know the understandable reasons why Amethyst craves attention and approval, and acts out when she can't get it.

What if the Crystal Gems were to become corrupted?

BLESS THIS POST · Bismuth Steven UniverseRose ...

Real Steven Universe

Steven Universe - Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Sugilite, Sardonyx, Opal, Ruby