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HyunA shares some of her beauty tips in 39Cosmopolitan39 t

HyunA shares some of her beauty tips in 39Cosmopolitan39 t


HyunA shares some of her beauty tips in 'Cosmopolitan'

HyunA shares some of her beauty tips in 'Cosmopolitan'

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HyunA doesn't want to talk about 4Minute

MakeUp ...

member HyunA in Beauty+ Magazine

HyunA hypnotizes fans with her beauty in 'Vogue'

Hyuna is absolutely beautiful ❤❤❤

In the video and in her performances, she wore her signature thick eyeline with a star drawn just above her cheekbone.

Beauty tips

I really like chokers but I haven't any single one T-T

HyunA shared the pictures from her recent photo shoot and showed off her striking beauty. On September the female star posted eight pictures of herself

Kim Hyuna


kim hyuna crotch shot

Kpop 2017 | HyunA Pose for Cosmopolitan's May Issue, Shares A Bit of Her.

Trying to achieve that Korea skin but you don't have enough budget? These well-known Korean actresses will help you as they share their beauty tips.

Your daily "get ready for Hyuna's comeback" post

Photo Credit:(right) Instagram

SeoHyun Of SNSD Shares Her Beauty Tips For A Healthy And Balanced Life

Hyuna's backup dancer is gaining attention for her amazing visuals

【TVPP】Hyuna(4MINUTE) - The Way To Have Hyuna's Beautiful Leg, 현아(포미닛) - 몸매 종결자 현아 @ Section TV - YouTube

HyunA Talks About “Babe” Choreography, No Makeup, And Years To Come

HyunA announces her official fandom name at 10th-anniversary fan meeting!

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Check out her promotional photos below.

That HyunA's a style icon is a fact so well known that it feels redundant to write it down. She can rock a Blondie t-shirt one day… A post shared by Hyun ...

She explained how that was the advice she wants to give to the contestants of "The Unit," to learn as much as they can from the experience while still ...

(Even if you don't wanna smoke out your eyeshadow — don't smoke cigarettes. That's the ult beauty tip from me. DON'T DO IT.)

Hyuna! Aka Gangnam style girl. She's so pretty. I always like her better with dark hair.

HyunA(현아) - '어때? (How's this?)' MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Tracks By HyunA, Fei, Heize, And Beenzino Banned By KBS

Hyuna, 4Minute – “Puppy eyes are a *thing * in K-pop, and no one does it better than Hyun-A from 4Minute, who is often credited with its rise in popularity.

kpop, korean and korean girl image on We Heart It

She's got basically everything except perfect hair, her songs are kinda meh, and she can't dance. So for these reasons she can't be as hot as Hyuna.

Unit Triple H, with HyunA and PENTAGON's E'Dawn and Hui, has been featured on the cover of Ceci Magazine along with an interview about their upcoming "debu

She didn't upload any captions with the selcas, but it also looks like she's wearing minimal makeup, showing off her natural beauty instead!

When HyunA tried a natural-themed, makeup-free photoshoot for her album “Babe”, fans became completely enchanted. These black-and-white photos truly capture ...


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HyunA talks about her new album, dieting year-round, and more in 'Allure'…

After researching for quite some time, I am finally ready to share this post with everyone. Today, I will be sharing my research on what makeup SM ...

HyunA shows off her toned abs in sexy causal look for 'CLRIDE.n' | allkpop.com

Check out the preview for next week's 'Knowing Brothers' featuring HyunA, NU'EST's JR, and Park Sung Kwang


HyunA shows off her short blonde hairstyle for upcoming comeback as Trouble Maker

20130618 4MINUTE Mini Photo

Hyuna 150914 002

HyunA looks sexy while enjoying a drink in the middle of the day | allkpop.com

What do you think?

Han Ye-seul from Birth of a Beauty. I really liked her character in

The Dot Eyeliner Trend: Here's Exactly How to Pull It Off

Kpop Diet

Hyuna shows off her curve for Clriden


Girls' Generation's Yuri shares who the funniest members are in the group

4minute Hyuna plastic surgery kpop

Triple H Talks About First Impressions And Why Hyuna Went With Triple H Over Troublemaker

What makes her stand out even more is that she's incredibly supportive of other female artists, which we see in her friendship with Somin from KARD.

Kim Hyuna rhinoplasty nose surgery before and after

Nine Muses Hyuna

Check out the preview cuts below!

PSY Gangnam Style Hyuna M/V Makeup ~ 싸이 강남스타일 현아 메이크업 - YouTube


EXID Hani is known for her beautiful face and body that everyone can't deny. But what is her secret on always looking great in photos?

HyunA and the other members of 4Minute recently went to Malaysia for the “27th Golden Disk Awards.”

Kpopmap's K-Beauty Tip Tuesday: EXID's HaNi shares her secret daily makeup routine!

While many idols (unfortunately) usually cover their marks with makeup, HyunA instead emphasizes the mark under her eye and makes it a part of her look.

Goo Hara, HyunA and Hyorin to Replace Lee Hyori as Soju Models



Song Ji Hyo shares marriage plans + the chances of her dating Kim Jong Kook

Her hair's a simple cut like Yuju's but with straight-across bangs that run longer at the edges to curve around her face.

kim hyuna shared by su on We Heart It


Hyuna's slim and voluptuous body always draws attention from her fans. She never sits or lies down right after eating to keep herself skinny.

On the show, she explained in detail how she would be paid more at her part-time job because she was pretty, and how her beauty drew customers to a ...

4minute's HyunA Confesses Three of Her Insecurities

Doesn't she look gorgeous?

and her childhood photo

... HyunA Shares Story About Meeting KARD's Somin In Person After Talking On Social Media ...

How 10 Top YouTube Channels Make Over $1 Million a Year

Watch: JOO Performs On “The Unit” In Front Of Former Labelmates HyunA And San E

HyunA Shares Comeback Teaser Pictures for 'A Talk' Mini-Album

Kim Hyun-a, better known as Hyuna, is previously a member of the K-pop girl group 4Minute, and was one of the first five original members of Wonder Girls.