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I don39t know how I feel about the paint but sick car Cars n shit

I don39t know how I feel about the paint but sick car Cars n shit


Nothing Beats an Old, Crappy Car

One Hot 49 Ford sick flames. Find this Pin and more on Custom Paint Jobs by Advance Auto ...

For those who don't know, a "donk" is basically a shitty older car that has gigantic chrome rims, an outrageous paint job, and some other stupid ...

Watford/Mirrorpix/Getty Images. “

The heat from the exhaust dumping right next to the transmission melted a couple of sensors, and required some replacement. After that, I put the exhaust ...

That's some detail work right there. Find this Pin and ...

A Lotus Elite racing into Tatt's Corner in the Aintree 200 race, England 30 April

our random crap. Find this Pin and ...

See more. Did someone say fire ?? Not sure what i think about this one. Vehicle ...

Matte Black Mini S- don't really care for mini's but this one is sick!

FRANCE - CIRCA 1960: A view of a Dauphine Renault, in 1960. (

candy paint chevy cars | 1991 CAPRICE CLASSIC CUSTOM CANDY PINK PAINT JOB, US $7,900.00

Aaron Miller/Thrillist

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No car is perfect. Most are designed to be marketable to large numbers of people, so are never tailored to you in particular. This means that you're going ...

stay-you-babe: “ ∞ ” god damn that shit is too clean

Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images

Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images

I get sent a lot of Craigslist ads for weird and/or shitty cars by readers. I regard this as one of the biggest perks of my job, right after Jalopnik's very ...

YBN Nahmir - Rubbin Off The Paint (Bass Boosted)

Watford/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

If you know cars, you'll probably vaguely recognize some of the parts and get an eerie feeling that they don't belong together.

I will admit that, once upon a time, I gushed over nice looking, expensive cars. In high school, when I saw some impeccably maintained BMW M-series or ...

Some birds are larger than others.

The ultimate longterm review of one man's beloved C5 'Vette ends in a fond farewell.

I had white on white on my 33, the colors looked well but the rims i had looked shithouse. Now i have black rims and it has completely changed the look.

Picture of Mount Them and Admire

The C5 was light out the door, with a curb weight just under 3,200 lbs. It was spacious, as Corvettes had always been designed for American drivers, and it ...

This is one of Danny 'The Count' Koker's personal cars. Painted by his more than talented painters Ryan and Horny Mike. You can see the car and much more of ...

In light of that, I have absolutely no explanation for the "Toyota Racing Development" windshield decal. Do all our cars look alike too? Racist.

McLaren- I don't care for the wheels, but I love the paint


A cool, fun, fast car can become a headache alarmingly fast, especially when something like my Fox Body Mustang comes along; the sum total of the car I ...

1998 Cadillac DeVille — Holy Crap Racing. Speaking of unpredictable crapcans, few engines have proved more maddening than the Cadillac Northstar V8.

Kustom Kulture- I Live For This Shit. Custom Painted CarsCustom ...


But all the fastest race cars have wings, you might think. I see them on Formula-1-type cars all the time!

Source: Newspress

I want these 18" bbs rims on my red 3rd gen camaro. That would look sick with black windows

How to deal with douchebags…

Captain Al Williams, noted speed flyer and driver, and Marvin McIntyre, Secretary to

You put a lot of effort into looking good, so it's no surprise that you want your ride to look good, too. The best way to do this is a good, ...

Dick's Auto Body - 11 Photos & 25 Reviews - Auto Repair - 3319 8th St NE, Brookland, Washington, DC - Phone Number - Yelp

Sam Smith

... and electric cars virtually free of excuses. Sam Smith


Chrysler Sebring Questions - is the sebring a good all around dependable and long lasting vehicle? - CarGurus

Photo of Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting - Seattle, WA, United States

Wheelies only look cool when you do them on purpose.

bmw x5 m review

Pontiac Aztek (2001)

Photo of Dick's Auto Body - Washington, DC, United States. After 01/

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I thought of adding some eyelashes to the car and it will look quite cute!

It was never a first car; never a daily driver. It stayed behind in my parents' garage when I went off to college and ...

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Photo of Dick's Auto Body - Washington, DC, United States

I love em, cheap, affordable, smoking hot to look at, fun, handles like a race car with its 4 wheel independent, stereo rocks, easy to work on, ...

Picture of Paint!

If you know cars, you'll probably vaguely recognize some of the parts and get an eerie feeling that they don't belong together.

I hope the paint doesn't sink too bad,because I really don't feel like buffing it and I like it how it is {I guess time will tell}

CAR SHIT. - Non-Ski Gabber - Newschoolers.com

My auto enthusiast friends have oil paintings of F1 cars ...

Source: Shutterstock/Sergeev Aleksei

I'm everywhere and nowhere. And I own nothing and everything.

Don't want to be an annoying girlfriend? Here's a list of the top things that piss all boyfriends off. Avoid these habits and your man will feel a lot ...

The research, conducted by online retailer Halfords, revealed red vehicles made up 18 percent of cars marked ...

Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis/Getty Images

We think that decommissioned police cruisers make great used cars, but could driving one be illegal? One Jalopnik reader found out from a run-in with the ...

Source: Max Earey

Saskatchen icey slide

Ordered some DBA T2 rotors all round and Bendix pads front and rear for the car, I also refurbished the calipers and painted them red.

A white colored car. In my experience, red colored cars get ticketed more and are involved in more accidents.



The Plymouth Prowler is on display 07 January at t

Here I'm using a paint-safe insect sponge and ...

Photo of Dick's Auto Body - Washington, DC, United States. The car before ...

Roll Cage

Instruction manual.

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting - 49 Photos & 224 Reviews - Auto Repair - 739 9th Ave N, South Lake Union, Seattle, WA - Phone Number - Yelp

Apparently a great deal of people don't actually know what "Type R" means outside of "goes fast." So they put it on their, like, van or something:

10 Cheapest Vehicles To Maintain And RepairMotor1.com

The Amarillo - more than enough for 90% of truck users. “I live my life to the fullest and ...

During the day of the event, showgoers were treated to a deep ominous sky, and deep sinhy paint jobs on cars like these Mercury lead sleds. While I don't ...

As you can see, I'm still comfortably behind the pack in terms of completely ricing out my car, which means I still have some dignity to spend.

Granted, not everyone can be expected to know what a Type R is. But this next person has no excuse. The side decal down on the metal fairing there says " ...