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I like this one better than I do French knots it39s much more forgiving

I like this one better than I do French knots it39s much more forgiving


HometoCottage.com french knot keep pulling

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow bring embroidery floss up to start knot. I want ...

HometoCottage.com french knot wreath pillow

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow step 2 of knot. I then ...

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow step 4

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow finished

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow step 5

French knot vs. colonial knot

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow knots all done

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow signature

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow up close 1

Here's a nice "Sheath" stitch for tying a quilt. It's basically three parallel lines cinched in the middle and tied with a square knot.

Surgeon's Knot in red yarn on a quilt - tied quilt

French knot vs. colonial knot

I l-o-v-e the French knot. It was one of the hardest stitches for me to figure out at first, but I hope that won't be the case for you after watching my ...

French knot vs. colonial knot. Which is which?

HometoCottage.com french knot wreath pillow trim detail

See more. How to tie a quilt. My favorite is a surgeon's know, which is a


I've absolutely loved every moment of stitching this piece and I think this is the piece where I really stopped fearing French knots at all.

Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

... traced to book page, pattern pre-perforated along with the text, then stitched with mostly straight stitches and a few french knots.

making a French knot

It's a big piece for me and shortly after I took this photo, something else became more pressing and it lapsed. As the huge french knot piece is currently ...

Stitching these cuffs is easy and fun, and you can complete one in an hour or two. Check out this video for more cute wrist cuff ideas.

Detail 1 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

Line stitches also work great for stems and tendrils that make their appearance in crewel pieces.

Detail 4 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

If you love embroidery, you won't miss this DIY embroidery technique, the flowers are a creative extension of french knot that looks pretty whether you use ...

Gratitude is not only uplifting; it also invites more blessings & inspires more thankfulness. It's choosing to be grateful, even for the challenges.

HometoCottage.com french knot red berry wreath pillow back

Detail 2 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie

Deail 3 of Floral Garden stitched by Sue Scorgie. This is ...

(satin stitches, back stitches, french knots, maybe some buttonhole stitches; it's cute and graphically it's a lot of fun, but as embroidery it is not ...

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Book Cover Image (jpg): Things to Do When It's Raining

We also did French knots, which are useful, but finicky. The class was years ago, though — I had no idea where my embroidery hoop even was.

That's minor, though — a bigger issue is the flare at the bottom. It's more dramatic than I realized, almost like a peplum. If I could do it again, ...

stem stitch,french knot

Cross Stitching Thread Vs Spool Thread in crafting.

Lord's Prayer WIP ...

23 things you don't know about the French language until you live in France

We can be thankful that life is more forgiving than sailing, and sailing is more forgiving than knot-tying. Also, that it's never too late to get better at ...

The 'end' was the sample piece I stitched during my stitch play workshop in December. It was nearly finished, just needing the blanket and trellis stitch on ...

The article also described how the name of the knot was derived.

Called SpeakEmoji, the app (pictured) is available for free on iOS and Android

One more Monday saw Ruth and others teaching me how to make the round cord used for tying the kamiik on. Youtube tutorials were not cutting it for me, ...

Also, a spool of tatting thread is incredibly inexpensive (about three-and-a-half bucks), and lasts, basically, forever. Anyone who's purchased the quantity ...

Here's a nice "Sheath" stitch for tying a quilt. It's basically three parallel lines cinched in the middle and tied with a square knot.

I usually don't pin my own stuff but when I do it's because I

There are so many different stitch options when it comes to hand embroidery and the French knot is a stunning, yet easy one to master.

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It's a wall knot with an extra tuck. You can use the Handbook of Seaman's Ropework by Sam Svensson, who describes this as a Mathew Walker Knot (appearing in ...

I feel like the best advice I got was to have a direction when going to grad school for a science. Investigate and get involved, then ...

You will never have to wonder or question. You are always completely loved and adored! Always!

The center of green ray stitches is then accented by white french knots (I used 4 strands for these).

Researchers have now listed six elements that are sure to make your apology more meaningful,

It's fun! It's like painting a picture with an unlikely tool that a needle is! It allows for a lot of whimsy and is much more forgiving than ...

I think the pics do a lot of explaining ~ for example, you can see that there are three flowers made completely of french knots clustered tightly together ...

Felt is a wonderfully forgiving material, if need be, stretch it to make sure the stitches used to close the top of the strawberry are not exposed.

Line stitches

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This is ornamentation ...

I love your site and over the years have referenced it often. This piece was created with back stitch, french knots, seed stitch, and satin stitch.

Reader Question: I Caught My Husband Texting Another Woman

The 'middle' is more of the bluework, thanks to a couple of meetings.

S-Twisted Embroidery Thread vs. Z-Twisted Embroidery Thread. This is ...

Those lines that look like hand-stitching? They ARE!!!! Deborah said she used the thread as "a paint stroke"...stroke is the right word, as I about had one ...

{ image is from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing 1946 }

It's high time I get back to my machine quilting 101 series and finish it up! I have a few more topics to cover. Today's topic is batting.

Top tips for working with Wool Felt

How to store Thread Bobbins.

And I finally figured out the french knot, after watching Maggie do like twenty of them. I've seriously always wanted to know how to do a french knot !

omg it's a constant battle.

“When you think you've said it too much, you're probably saying it just enough."

Use these prayers as examples, and submit your own public prayer request at the bottom of this page.

In the photo above, Turkey work is used for the bunny's fluffy tail.

"My Husband is Texting Another Woman". When you catch your husband betraying you

More practice is needed. Anyway, I settled for the next best thing.

13; 14. But the the other more imp. meaning is ...

The result should look like dimple on both sides of the strawberry. Knot and detach.

... is in its mouth. 14; 15. snake ...

When I created this blog over a year ago, I identified with being a plant-based vegan. As the months wore on and I learned more about health, ...

In my next blog, I will illustrate more embroidery stitches that different Bucilla kits use (like the chain stitch and a French knot).

Crewel threads

GARBAGE - One of, if not the worst at its tier. This is a pronounced weakness.

Level 7 concerns the need to forgive those who betray us. This is an extremely difficult thing to do, especially if we cannot be sure the person will not ...

Heart knot - maybe tie together instead of doing a unity candle or sand

i also played with bright and cheery after seing sabin's. after taking the photos, i decided this one needed more french knots. this one started to go more ...

Renee S2 –stem stitch –lazy daisy & straight stitches –herringbone –crown stitch with french knots

20; 21.

And a slightly different label..added French knots to this one… More improve scrappy hearts … love ...

25; 26. A person for whom courage is his father, forgiveness (

...mçáÞçálç DçO³çç³ç 4 12; 13. Just like ...

Charlotte Wood: We're told female anger is finding its moment. But I can't trust it | Books | The Guardian

Lord's Prayer is coming along... I got some extra time on it at the end of March, in my "bonus" rotation. I'd say it's about half done now.