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I never learned so yay me Laugh Out Loud t Funny shit

I never learned so yay me Laugh Out Loud t Funny shit


Funny pictures about If a kid asks you why the sky is blue. Oh, and cool pics about If a kid asks you why the sky is blue.

My life is like a romantic comedy, except there's no romance and it's just me laughing at my own jokes.

Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud - 14

We can't fix stupid, but we can give it a court date.

10 Lessons I've Learned from my Middle-Age Body - Laugh Lines .

The Human Body Is Weirdly Awesome

Funny pictures about I wish I was a bird. Oh, and cool pics about I wish I was a bird. Also, I wish I was a bird.

You know it was a great joke when the teacher laughs

Teenager Post - That awkward moment when you over-hear a joke in someone else's conversation and accidentally laugh out loud. :) ALL THE TIME

funny never tie your shoelaces in paris girlfriend thinks its proposal. Find this Pin and more on Laugh Out Loud ...

Clowns terrorizing the streets, a real life billionaire villain running for president, we need you Batman. I try to laugh, but this is too close to the ...

Hey, remember that person you thought you couldn't live without? Well, look at you, living and shit.

These 20 Comebacks Will Shut Them Up (For GOOD!) | YourTango

Jokes That Are So Dumb, They Are Actually Funny (There are 20, you just have to go to the page to see them)

1942 best Laugh Out Loud images on Pinterest | Funny stuff, Ha ha and Funny things

An alternative to What Would Jesus do | Christian Funny Pictures - A time to laugh

No I don't need anger management you need to stop pissing me off !

And say it out loud about 20 times !

13 Funny Spongebob Jokes And Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. So FunnyFunny StuffFunny ...

A hedgehog // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Funny Archives - Page 85 of 1118 - Funny pictures and Awesome photos

Poor you . How pathetic it is to play victim to the shit you created.. Now you wanna cry about it ! You may as well put on your fat girl panties ...

Being a bird would be fun...... As in shitting on people

shoplifting signs - This Is Your Butt Hole.

"Keep your friends close, but not so close that they expect you to go out with them on the weekends. The first whisper reads, "Introvert Problems: Spen…"

Okay, this made me laugh! :D

10 Hilarious Quotes From Books By Women That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

I don't know who makes these posts, but I want to say thank. Funny FactsSo ...

24 Tweets That Will Make Every Nurse Laugh Out Loud

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one.

Great insults of our time…

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life

Wish Cloud at School ~ I wish I could turn my sister into poop ~ 34 funny kids are weird pics. Find this Pin and more on Things that Make Me Laugh Out Loud ...

48 Really Funny Pictures That Make You Laugh Out Loud

18 Very Short, But Funny Jokes. I'll Never Forget Some Of These

When you have your mugshot taken, do it in style. Why not sport a very fashionable "Forehead Mustache", because one mustache simply isn't enough!

Here, let me wash the stupid right off of you. Wait, wait it's not coming off.

Funny pictures about Dad Joke Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Dad Joke Dog. Also, Dad Joke Dog photos. Find this Pin and more on Laugh Out Loud ...

HAHAHAHAHA I am really mature and tried it and can't stop laughing XP

You just get to a point of no return.

16 Funny Things I Learned from my Colonoscopy

polar bear waving hey craig animal play it cool funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

Funny pictures about Being human is hard. Oh, and cool pics about Being human is hard. Also, Being human is hard. Find this Pin and more on Laugh Out Loud ...

LoL I'm sorry but so funny. And true. Yes my son adores her and I can't stand her to the point it's physically painful. But I guess it's still better than ...

humor,laugh,jokes,funny lines,message >> -_-'

This couldn't be more true. I am by far the funniest person I know .stole from haley, i am the funniest person you know, bitch!

Funny World's Funniest Insults

15 Memes That Are So "Me at College" It Hurts | Her Campus

I wrote a ...

This reminds me of my aerobics teacher when I collapse at the end of class . And her favourite phrase comes out "nobody died !life goes on

poke it with a stick"

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I know its stupid, but it made me laugh on and off for about 5 minutes

I just laughed out loud, reading THIS made me poop.

mxcleod: “ wronglynamedbonnie: “ mixedcreativecurls: “ gabbygumsss: “ detective-phoenix-flames: “ They knew ” Simpsons always know ” im scared guys.

Go home Snail memes meme lol hilarious laughter humor laughs lmao funny memes funny images snail jokes

Puzzle Comic Son, here is a riddle: what has four legs but isn't alive? Nice try, Dad! It's a chair! Not this time, son.

I love a low down dirty good time (30 Photos)

"Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they are upset, like a temper tantrum. On a crappy day this made me laugh out loud. I think I might throw ...

i knew there was a reason why i was so short! yay me!

So true. OMG when I saw this post I literally laughed out loud. Every time I use hand sanitizer I always find a cut.

Funny Confession Ecard: She thinks she's hot shit on a silver platter but she's just a cold turd on a paper plate. Ain't that the truth!

I never knew heads down thumbs up was just an Aussie thing to do

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "Reasons to be a mermaid: *no periods *no pants *perfect hair *you get to lure men to their death *free clam bra"

They Said These in Legal Court #LOL http://www.butterbin.

15 Really Funny Short Stories

I agree completely. Vote out the do nothing republican congress and the Tea party, who shuts down the government and then blames the president.

Do Not read this if you're supposed to be quiet. You will laugh out loud! Funniest story I have read in a long time!

My balls bigger than yours

Christmas laughs. Funny WorkFunny StuffRandom ...

How to avoid pick up lines XD

Haha this made me laugh! Finally a pick up line I haven't heard before!

Sorry if this offends anyone...it made me laugh out loud! =

Shared via Shutterfly for iPad.

Funny pictures about Alcohol doesn't solve problems. Oh, and cool pics about Alcohol doesn't solve problems. Also, Alcohol doesn't solve problems.

Mom Suspects Her Son Of Sleeping With His Roommate. Then She Does This.

Just some Epic condoms.


Laughter makes the world a happier place. This collection of funny memes and images will have you laughing out loud. Give the gift of laughter and happiness ...

Just helping you guys out with more info

Surprisingly funny short clean jokes

Shaved legs... Real TalkLaughingFunnyBestiesSadWomanTired FunnySo FunnyHilarious

34 Funny Quotes And Sayings

why did i laugh so hard at this?

"I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times, just to be sure. You don't learn by not doing anything, so mistake your way to success.

25 Things I Want To Say To So-Called “Aspiring” Writers



Good morning to you too.

Twenty Things You Should Never Say to Teachers. This is totally sarcastic and pretty darned · Spanish TeacherMakes Me LaughFun StuffDecember

This collection of funny memes and images will have you laughing out loud.

The Fart Chart an Illustrated Guide to Some Different Types of Farts

People in their who think life sucks, life hasn't even begun to fuck you yet. Buckle up, assholes.

Say it out loud. I dare you. Remember when you were a kid and tried to get your friends to say funny stuff like this? (Ice Bank Mice Elf = "I spank myself")

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: You really can't fix stupid. You sure as hell can laugh at it, though. Some people will never learn

I hate these so much they never come true but I keep doing them

A first grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom with the first half of a well-known proverb and ...

Even Grumpy Cat likes Ryan Gosling.look at the grumpy cats smile! this actually made me laugh out loud :)

7 pennies < < < < I hope that your manager learned their lesson there. You really need to let people explain themselves before you over react to stuff《XD so ...

50 Short Funny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud funny jokes story lol funny