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I39m a mess Quoteswise sayins t Otaku issues Noragami

I39m a mess Quoteswise sayins t Otaku issues Noragami


noragami :U

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never gonna happen btw i just failed my last math test

Yato/Yato-God ~ Anime: Noragami poor yato, we've all had that feeling.

Sad yato dont worry u got me - Sahibz im not normal im otaku!

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Anime: Noragami

Or maybe she was good for your ego. Or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life. Because you don't destroy people you love!

Anime quote

"You can't cross that line!

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"Sometime the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the loneliest person"-- It seems I'm just here for people's company. And yet I am so lonely.

I DO NOT OWN TOKYO GHOUL Also, I figured I might do something different since everything else is Hetalia. This takes place after the huge fight between ...


#noragamigoesglobal is on instagram



Noragami || Kofuku || Yep, she's a cutie and a dangerous one at

That's the main problem with this ship.....can't figure

Wouldn't you agree? However much you grant humans' their wishes, their feelings are always fickle and erratic"


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I'm a mess

It feels like I'm drowning


I can't even find ONE SINGLE POST explaining how I feel right now.

984 Likes, 6 Comments - Just a simple otaku (@fairy.otaku.

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Karma Akabane || Assassination Classroom || Anime Quote

voltronsbody: “Shiro wanted to go after them at first but the fact that Keith ripped off his god damn galra tech made him think that maybe they need to sort ...

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Then i remembered Black Sky.


I have friends And I'm not lonely They are true friends Yet I feel empty I really don't know why but that is how I am rn

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Nope, my bro watches anime and reads manga! I'm one of the lucky ones

Omg, so true · Otaku IssuesOtaku ...

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Hi Friends

Now you know why Raku is dense. Anime: Nisekoi | Anime Quotes | Pinterest | Anime, Otaku and Noragami

Like me becoming a trillionare are rn

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga - I found out what Seme and Uke meant before I was a diehard yaoi fangirl.it was a bit awkward. XD -----I knew what Seme and Uke ...


Je suis une bonne personne mais ne me donne pas une raison de te montrer mon côté sombre./Noragami Anime quotes | Quotes | Pinterest | Noragami anime, ...

There is a side to me people don't recognize. I'm cold

That is sad as hell when you watched the anime or read the manga, or the novel, or saw the songs

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Preach it.

Exactly. #anime #animemusic #amv. Otaku ProblemsOtaku ...

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You show her Kaneki that no one mess with Hide if you have something to say

"I want to protect you. No matter what it takes. . .no

Bleach | "il faut un monstre pour détruire un monstre" http://amzn.to/2kU7l48

This goes to a certain person that I've been talking to. And she's

#Noragami #Yato

Otaku issues - I feel like this shouldn't bug me, but for some reason it really does.

All my friend at like "I wish I we like you. I wish I had noooo problems and was always happy!" If only they knew that my life I such a mess ...

Behind the Mask

Bishamon and Yato noragami

Me summed up

noragami aragoto | Tumblr oh money I luv u but i cant keep u u r so dear

It seems im becoming a break up therapist. :-P

I wish tho they did buy me manga

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Anime: Tokyo ghoul (c)owner

Otaku Problem: Being completely biased in the Olympics and wanting Japan to win every event.~I don't know who to root for in the Olympics!

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I smile all the time so that nobody knows how sad and lonely I really am, quote, text, sad, Yato; Noragami

But what if I'm the popular girl and the otaku gamer girl 🤔

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I'm proud to be Otaku.

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Ya to -Noragami

I don't DARE talking about myself

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Anime:Mirai nikki

Yukine- noragami -Emotionally I'm done, mentally I'm drained, spiritually I feel dead, physically I smile, text

If there was a school where we recited this every morning, I'd go! It's the Otaku pledge of allegiance!

I love to walk in the rain.....cause when I do...... I'm not crying alone and no one can see my tears

True I'm very sad but when I put a smile on my face people tell me I have a beautiful smile

Lol my parents also noticed I don't read as much and asked me the

Got to Get Back to the Land, Set my Soul Free.

Dun judge me

Otaku Issues and that's why you make your own cosplays :3

Anime:Sakurasou no pet na kanojo · Otaku IssuesBroken ...

This is how some people feel and it hurts when people call them freaks

If you don't understand it fully, don't speak on it. Too many people have full opinions, with half facts.


Anime: Plastic Memories #animequtoes #quotes

Love my messy, loyal friends

Awesome opening of Noragami Aragoto

Yatooo ✨\(*ㅇ*)/✨ · NoragamiOtaku

Have you ever thought of it like that (poor Yuno)

A play....what about the persons who is the best?