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World War 1: Wounded Austro- Hungarian troops on the Italian Front. Illustration by Adolf G. Döring. November 1915

events, First World War / WWI, Italian Front, Austrian emplacement at the Marmolada, Tyrol, 1917, Italy, mountain warfare, 20th

Regio Esercito - Italian infantry soldier in full marching order, 24 November. Find this Pin and more on Italian Army WW1 ...

events, First World War / WWI, Italian Front, Isonzo Front, 12th Battle of the Isonzo, 24.10. - 2.12.1917, captured Italian sold

Italian front (World War I).jpg

battle-of-caporetto-large.jpg. German troops at the ...

Austrian soldiers. Italian front. Ww1 ...

A map showing the areas of significant fighting between Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces. The Italian front and Italy's involvement in World War I ...

Captured Italian soldiers are escorted to the rear by German soldiers during the Battle of Caporetto, 1917

British troops detraining at a railway station on the Italian Front, December 1917. Photograph

World War I (1914-1918). Italian troops defending their positions against the enemy using stones. 1917.


Postcard. Though not ready for another offensive, the Italian Army ...

Map of the Italian Froont. World War One: Map of Europe 1914. The red "S" shaped line

World War I. General Foch on the Italian front (1917)

An Eastbournian in Italy

Feature Articles - Mountain Fury

WWI, Italian mountain troops carrying a cannon [2055×3042].

... World War I. General Cadorna visiting Italian troops before the Second Battle of the Isonzo.

Postcard sent from an Italian soldier to his family, c. 1917.


With the War going badly for Germany on the Western Front, and with many of the Italians who had deserted during ...

Wikimedia Commons. The First World War ...


28/5/1917 A bizarre episode on the Italian Front

Italian Front 1918


Prince Edward of Wales visiting the Italian front, World War I, from L'

Like many of the armies in WW1, the Italian army used frontal attacks, costing many soldiers their lives. Thankfully, the Italian generals backed off and ...


German and Austro-Hungarian soldiers fraternising with Italian women. THE GERMAN ARMY ON THE. Italian WomenAustro HungarianThe GermansWorld War IGerman ...

The Italian Front

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World War I (1914-1918). " THE ITALIAN ARTILLERY IN BATTLE OF PIAVE ". Fight between the Italian and Austro-German troops in the course of the river Piave, ...

... and it was working for them again in Serbia; with luck he could employ the same tactics against the Austro-Hungarian defenders on the Italian front .

14/9/1916 Cadorna launches the Seventh Battle of the Isonzo

L'ARMÉE BRITANNIQUE sur le front italien, 1917-1918 · Ww1 ...

... the Italian Front click here; and ...

Click here for a map of the Austro-Italian border region.

Seen here are three contemporary plates, showing the uniforms used by the Italian Army during WW1.


Italian 300 mm gun, 1918

30 DECEMBER, 1917: Let's Drop The Mask

A poster depicting the high Italian casualty rate at the Battle of Caporetto

Italian 75mm field gun, 1917

Campaigns of World War One: The Italian Front 1915-1919

Despair And Mutiny On The Italian Front I THE GREAT WAR - Week 73 - YouTube

World War One - Italian Front - 1917 - Stock Image

Italian alpine units climbing a steep slope during World War I.While World War I

1917. The Italian Front ...

Map of the Italo-Austrian pre-war frontier (in black), the largest extension of Italian advance by 1917 (red), and the frontline stabilized after the ...

The Italian cavalry engaged after the rout of Caporetto

events, First World War / WWI, Italian Front, 12th Battle of the Isonzo

Italian troops attacking, 1917

Italian soldiers in a trench on the Karst plateau during World War I, ca. 1915-1917.

However, only about 25 per cent of those eligible for conscription received training. By 1912 there were 300,000 in the Italian Army but critics ...

The Italian Army at the battle of Caporetto, 1 November 1917

Posterity's classic image of warfare on the Western Front? Welcome to northern Italy, May 1917…

World War I (1914-1918). Italian front. Italian army with bayonet

Italian troops are attacking the Austro-Hungarians again on the Isonzo. In this tenth battle, Cadorna has alternated between attacking the Carso Plateau and ...

In this 1917 photo, an Italian soldier stands in front of an executed soldier during

So to conclude the Italian soldier weren't weak or cowards, as some may have depicted them but to win a war in those conditions, was really hard for both ...

The Battle of Caporetto (also known as the Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, or

... troops on the war's Italian front line. 2 1917 british general

To the north the Second Army under Pietro Frugoni, hindered by a lack of artillery, occupied the basin around Caporetto (later the scene of a disastrous ...

Italy goes to war with Austria-Hungary

Click here for a map of the main Great War battle-fronts in 1917.

World War I in the mountains. On the Italian Front, bloody combat between snow and sky. by Alex Q. Arbuckle. 1917. Soldiers ...

WWI: 305 mm Italian howitzer, captured circa 1917 by German or Austro-Hungarian

A Detailed Map of the World War I Austro-Hungarian War Zone showing positions of the Austrian and Italian troops in 1915 and

Born during World War One, the Italian trench journasl were items distributed to the army. In a first time they're written in war zones and circulated ...

events, First World War / WWI, Italian Front, fortress and chasm of Bovec, Julian Alps, Slovenia, 1917, mountain warfare, Battle

World War I: 100 Years Later. A cross marks the Austrian line in the Pasubio mountains, a relic of their 1916 “Punishment Expedition.” (Stefen Chow)

Captured Italian soldiers after the Battle of Caporetto.

Mountain Warfare on the Italian Front The white war. In May 1915, Italy joined

A British regiment eating their rations, British troops on the Italian front, World War

WW1: Austro-Hungarian supply line through the Alps. October 1917.

British NCOs on the frontline, British troops on the Italian front, World War I


While the Italian army only recaptured some of the territory taken, the campaign in the Trentino ended in strategic failure for Austria-Hungary.

Members of the American mission on the Italian front travelling up to Pasubio by cable car

With its mountainous terrain, the Italian front was the least well-suited of all the fronts of World War I for offensive warfare.

Austro-Hungarian 350 mm L/45 M. 16 naval guns. An Italian ...

Italian Front 1918

GynxgvU. Austrian mountain troops scaling a rock face on the Italian front. f53b8bb231e3eaa819d455f4a9ce5cfa

The Italian Army had previously resisted attacking the area, which presented incredibly challenging terrain. It is a hybrid of pretty pastoral farmland and ...

Emperor Charles I. visits the troops at the Italian front, 1917 - Stock Photo

http://greatwarphotos.com/tag/italy-ww1/. http://www.greatwar.co.uk/research/military-records/british-army-war -diary.htm

World War I. Italian infantry in the trenches ...

Luigi Cadorna 02.jpg. Chief of Staff of the Italian Army

English minister of war Lord Derby visiting Italian front, World War I, from LIllustrazione