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Image result for mads mikkelsen memes Hannibal t

Image result for mads mikkelsen memes Hannibal t


Image result for mads mikkelsen memes

Mads Mikkelsen thinks you should be writing

Image result for mads mikkelsen memes

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Hannibal Addict: Wouldn't You Rather Be Watching Hannibal?

Mads mikkelsen

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Image result for mads mikkelsen memes

I love how Hannibal basically straight up tells them who he is and they don' t catch on!

Mads Mikkelsen: Write For Me, Babe

My favorite Hannibal meme

I love Hannibal and all his sass

Sads Mikkelsen: What Mads Feels When You Don't Write

Image result for mads mikkelsen memes

Bc Hannibal jokes are the best jokes ~

Captain Picard watching "Hannibal"^^same tho

Image result for mads mikkelsen memes

Will Hannibal hannigram crack

Mads Mikkelsen < < < Og så er det ikke engang løgn (and it's not even a lie)

thanks Hannibal..... I'd love to come but I don't like being killed, so if you don't mind i'll pass -runsh-

Time for a drink XD

Best one yet, LOL - HANNIBAL

Image result for hannibal tv technically you killed him meme

Dammit Hannibal this is why we can't have nice things! < < eat the rude

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Mads :) --> Whoa. That's awesome. He's not even playing on mental illness. He's playing at how evil he can possibly be.

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Hannibal: The Ugly Truth (lol @ "couldn't deal with your pouty man-pain")

Image result for mads mikkelsen memes

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Mads Mikkelsen. Hannibal ...

NEVER TRASHY ALWAYS CLASSY. That's my boy! Hannibal. Mads Mikkelsen.

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Sad cannibal noises. Hannibal MemeHannibal QuotesDr ...

Hannibal doesn't have bedroom eyes. He has kitchen eyes.

The cannibal puns are already in full swing.

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Hannibal: He never danced with Will

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Mads Mikkelsen & Hugh Dancy - Hannibal behind the scenes BTS

Hannibal 1x3 Antipasto. Source: buckyno.co.vu

#I'm a cannibal but I'll make sure you won't

Hannibal... can't tell you much I giggled when I saw this

Hear our warning

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Will realize 'Hannibal' sounds like ' ...

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You'll never be "Hannibal Lecter smoking a cigarette in a Ramones shirt" cool…

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New Will is sassy Will.

hannibal tumblr funny - Google Search

Hannibal: He dresses great, an amazing cook, and is high class. The

You know, we just eat people instead of arguing. /// and tastier

Hannibal - Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham

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< < The only reason Hannibal liked Will was because he could appreciate his jokes

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Hannibal the (sentimental) cannibal

Hannibal & Will ~ Sanity / This had me crying! With laughter. Oh man

*insert "Lets go and fuck in a dark alley" face here*

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Image result for mads mikkelsen memes

These words match their expressions perfectly XD When I saw this scene and Hannibal's reaction I was like, "yup, Hannibal's totally down for that"

i'm really scared of Mads Mikkelsen

Hannibal's OCD

#hannibal #hannibal lecter #study motivation

LOL, "I killed the mailman for this. Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy. Salad is people oh god there is no way out !

Part of the "Socially Awkward Cannibal" thing, even Hannibal is really really good · Hannibal MemeHannibal Tv SeriesHannibal LecterMads MikkelsenMovie ...


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Mads Mikkelsen & Gillian Anderson (Hannibal ...

Seriously Hannibal. We talked about this.

whatever is able to make hannibal go wtf is something we all should fear! Hannibal FoodHannibal MemeHannibal Tv SeriesHannibal LecterMads Mikkelsen ...

C5jI1OWUYAACw9I.jpg (900×1200)

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grafika hannibal and mads mikkelsen

Currently Hannibal and Mads Mikkelsen enraptured.


Hannibal humor

Hannibal crack. Source: giovanni-broccaccio.tumblr <

HANNIBAL Canceled at NBC After 3 Seasons | Netflix, Fictional characters and Horror

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EXCLUSIVE: Mads Mikkelsen WON'T return to TV - unless it's for Hannibal

We laugh to keep from crying. Hannibal MemeHannibal CastHannibal Lecter Hannibal Tv SeriesMads MikkelsenSeries ...

908 best Hannibal images on Pinterest | Hannibal lecter, Mads mikkelsen and Nbc hannibal

Not drunk enough for this 1. Hannibal MemeHannibal ...

Mads Mikkelsen And his brother

Mads mikkelsen

Will & Hannibal

*mine hannibal nbc hannibal hannibal crack text post meme whooooooops part 4


#Hannibal Sea food LOL

962 best Hannibal images on Pinterest | Mads mikkelsen, Hannibal lecter and Comic

So not jealous Hannibal · Hannibal MemeHannibal LecterMads MikkelsenBook ...