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In the days after Trump39s inauguration a Portuguese Londonbased

In the days after Trump39s inauguration a Portuguese Londonbased


Tech industry players are moving to Portugal: Here's why you should take notice

As ...

A gardener walks past a wall with graffiti that reads,

Portugal promotes its tourism products at London's World Travel Market

Life moves differently on the continent, especially when we're seeing the squares and plazas, the cathedrals and churches, the tapas and antipasti, ...

It is CARVING tech! portuguese artist alexandre farto AKA vhils has been interacting visually with the urban environment since his days as a graffiti writer ...

amanda levete's MAAT museum in lisbon readies for opening

In his 2008 book, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie, Amaral uses evidence

Portuguese pastries from Lisboa, a Portuguese bakery in Stockwell.

Rui Chafes - "Five Rings" exhibition, with Olga Barry

Christopher Columbus was a very famous Portuguese explorer

Global markets were rocked on Wednesday by Donald Trump's apparent victory in the US presidential race with Asian stocks down sharply, the dollar weakening ...

(CBS) — What do you get when you combine 25 pounds of chocolate, 45 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds of Rice Krispies and 108 years of waiting?

Trump tweets about flag burning, setting off a battle (20.99/28)

Cass Tech #7 Rodney Hall makes a run with the ball in hand. Cass Tech leads the first half 21-0 against Detroit Martin Luther King at the Detroit Public ...

A dry, cold front will move through the area today, but no rain. High will reach near 69. Winds will be gusty this afternoon. In fact, the gusty winds will ...

MasterChef: The Professionals returned to the BBC on Tuesday night with a fresh batch of trained chefs pitted against each other.

... It's your right to burn the American flag. That doesn't make it a good idea.

washingtontimes.com Brazilian soccer players' teammates reaction to plane crash

... Trump's Health Secretary Might Want to Undo a Key Reform Holding Down Medical Costs

foxnews.com Why President-Elect Trump Chose Tom Price

Fire crews have been called to Heathrow Airport to reports of a burning smell on board a British Airways jet. London Fire Brigade said they were called ...

ANN ARBOR -- If you wander through the corners of Michigan's campus, you'll have a hard time spotting Jabrill Peppers. Unless you're looking extra close, ...

The Latest: French soccer honors Brazil crash victims (11.99/28)

Ryan Moore is already looking forward to 2017 after Minding was named Horse Of The Year at the annual Cartier Racing Awards. The Aidan O'Brien-trained filly ...

In the NFL, there is truth in the phrase “every game counts.” Not every game holds an equal amount of importance as far as the playoffs are concerned, ...

Peter Fahey's Irish challenger has won his last three starts in his homeland, following ...


... Abdul Artan is a 'soldier' of ISIS: Islamic Stae claims responsibility for Ohio State knife-and-car attack

washingtontimes.com Sorry, Donald Trump, but flag-burning hasn't been illegal since Dallas in 1984

For many of us, five days of our week are spent sitting in offices, hunched over computers. Demands from our bosses and busy periods often give us no ...

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Somali-born student who went on a car-and-knife rampage at Ohio State University railed on Facebook against U. S. interference in ...

abcnews.go.com Smoke from devastating Tennessee wildfires could be smelled in Michigan

lasvegassun.com Official: Ohio attacker angry about Muslims' treatment

Trump taps 'Obamacare' foe, champion of privatizing Medicare

Trump's flag burning tweet an ingenious trap for critics (13.99/23)

The previous rulings on flag burning

rssfeeds.usatoday.com Tennessee forest fires torch Gatlinburg, force evacuation of area

upi.com Here comes the yuge 'Thank You': Trump will take victory lap in swing states starting Thursday in Ohio

fox13now.com Donald Trump to choose Elaine Chao as transportation secretary