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Incredibly famous Soviet poster warning against the dangers of

Incredibly famous Soviet poster warning against the dangers of


Incredibly famous Soviet poster warning against the dangers of alcohol... obviously a fairly unsuccessful campaign.

All for Victory (soviet poster) Pro frontu od sovětských žen (AA Kokorekin, To the front of the Soviet women (AA Kokorekin,


1947. Soviet ArtSoviet UnionCold War PropagandaCommunismNostalgia

Soviet propaganda USSR Poster 312 by SovietPoster on Etsy

America - The communism was viewed as a huge iceberg which could sink America. This poster warned the power of communism and its danger when it was expaned

soviet propaganda poster

soviet propaganda poster

soviet poster

From: Russia Why: Poster translates to "Motherland Is Calling!" Probably made to encourage people to be part of the Communist.

316 best Propaganda Posters & Memorabilia images by George Joncas on Pinterest | Soviet union, Propaganda art and Soviet art

The Canadian government warned its soldiers that 'innocent looks' may be ' ...

This posters warn Ukrainian mothers against partisans (see the skull head lurking in the back

Say what you will about the old Soviet Union, but they turned propaganda posters into fine art. I found these examples on a Russian website,.

Soviet union Propaganda Soviet posters Lenin 426 by SovietPoster

The Greatest Soviet Propaganda Posters Ever

Old russian poster

We will not allow bad work, 1988 - original propaganda poster listed on AntikBar.

Vinnitsa Germany, for the occupied USSR territories (1941)

"Be Vigilent While On Guard" - Translation by Tanya Yakovenko… Find this Pin and more on russian posters ...

The Wedding Present, July 1942 These incredible posters produced by the Soviet Union's Moscow based news agency, TASS, during the Second World War,

We have been watching with increasing anxiety as the current US and NATO policies have set us on an extremely dangerous collision course with the Russian ...

Soviet women making it happen.

i.e. stop US AIR FORCE This poster is one of

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Sovjet Soviet propaganda Posters Young builders of communism! Forward, to the new successes in work and study

soviet propaganda poster

"For a united Russia", 1919. Russian White Forces propaganda poster representing the

Britain Political cartoon - This poster encouraged not only Britain but also the Soviet Union to team up to stop Hitler and the Nazis. 19 Incredible British ...

Anti-Fascism[edit]. British and Soviet ...

Previous posters released by ISIS include this image of Lionel Messi behind bars and crying blood

STD posters

The red menace is soviet union spies. if you saw anybody that was possibly a

The "We Can Do It!" poster was produced during WWII but wasn't that popular until the 1960s.

russia world cup 2018 news England football fans russian ultras

A giant child rolling a giant cookie, whats not to love? Find this Pin and more on COMRADE! [soviet propaganda] ...

Sexual health posters from the Forties

Congress Grills Tech Titans on Russian Propaganda

How the ex-spy tried to warn the world about Trump's ties to Russia.

Soviet propaganda USSR Stalin 409 by SovietPoster on Etsy

What's now regarded as the most famous poster in the world, the I Want You poster first appeared on the cover of Leslie's Weekly on July 6, ...

Illustration from the "Puck" satirical magazine, 1903

Petersburg_Travel brochure "Leningrad," circa Published by Intourist. Designed by Nikolai N. Find this Pin and more on COMRADE! [soviet propaganda] ...

Jeff Elkins; Alexey Kurbatov and Muti

Soviet anti-American posters. Vigilance is our weapon. Soviet poster, propaganda 1953s

Soviet era tourism posters from Stalin's Intourist agency are up for auction at Christie's South Kensington

Encouraging people to buy war bonds was an incredibly popular propaganda message, and an example can be seen here. It shows three children underneath a ...

Vladimir Lenin Vintage Communist Propaganda Post Card

INGSOC propaganda. Inspire by 1984 book, by George Orwell. Soviet like poster.

Victor Koretsky,"We create wondrous marvels", hand illustrated poster, size unknown, USSR/CCCP Communist propaganda poster. Original scanned and retouched ...

This propaganda poster, again from the era of the Second World War, warns of the risk of German spies infiltrating the civilian communities of the Allied ...

Soviet poster, 1931. ("We Are Building a Fleet of Airships in the


Graphic by Ganna Naronina

Constructivism prints, posters, constructivism photos by Alexander Rodchenko. Buy constructivism prints and posters

The Art Of Chinese Propaganda

A grotesque line- up of dictators Benito Mussolini, Hideki Tojo and Adolf Hitler carrying

Gorgeous Vintage Soviet Art and Propaganda Posters

I don't have a scholarly/public intellectual bucket list, but if I did, this would probably be on it… for those who track mushroom cloud imagery, ...

The neo-nationalism of Brexit and the election of the nativist Donald Trump have rejuvenated far-right politics in a way that's not been seen since the ...

Poster USSR propaganda Soviet 231 by SovietPoster on Etsy

Cholera is a deadly bacteria, causing death from dehydration, so this Soviet poster from

How Trump's skepticism of U.S. intelligence on Russia left an election threat unchecked - Washington Post

Soviet Elections Poster, 1946 Found in Soviet Posters.

One California state legislator has also put forth a proposal to his state's legislature that might address those issues. In January, Assembly member Marc ...

This health warning poster used between 1941 and 1945 issued by the US government's Office of

2007 anti-swearing poster in Lviv, Ukraine, issued by the Ukrainian nationalist political party Svoboda. Ukrainian text reads: "Remember!

Future to avoid: Posters warned men not to give into temptation, and showed how they could regret it later on

A woman walks past a poster warning against foreign spies displayed in an alleyway in Beijing

Amazon.com: Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice (9781476755748): Bill Browder: Books

Protect Your Eyes, poster, Against All Odds: Polish Graphic Design by Piotr Rypson.

Nuns and Nuclear Security

Russian anti-AIDS poster

Travelling While Black in Russia

Health impact of asbestos

Stalin Soviet propaganda USSR 446 by SovietPoster on Etsy, $9.99

no one ever talked about it, but apparently Lenin had beautiful legs.

ein volk, einreich, ein fuhrer

Propaganda was more extensively used in schools where educational videos produced by the American federal government's Civil Defense department where shown ...

Waffen SS Das Reich poster The Beautiful Vaterland

The ...

RUSSIAN AVANT GARDE Poster - Russian Constructivism Poster - Fine Art Poster, High Quality Reproduction, Russian Minimalist Art

After excusing herself from the dinner table, the 13-year-old girl begins to shout, her excited voice ringing through her family's Mid-Century Modern home, ...

Propaganda was more extensively used in schools where educational videos produced by the American federal government's Civil Defense department where shown ...

World Cup target: An earlier poster shows Russian President Vladimir Putin with a target aiming

Gorgeous Vintage Soviet Art and Propaganda Posters

A movie poster, 'El Tobaco Negro del Diablo' from Argentina for a Spanish

Soviet advertising poster for soap

Gorgeous Vintage Soviet Art and Propaganda Posters

Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America, Elliott J. Gorn. “

The rear cover art for Ills of Life pamphlet advertises patent medicine and was printed by SB Martin MC New York New York 1901

Propaganda was more extensively used in schools where educational videos produced by the American federal government's Civil Defense department where shown ...

Russian placards, 1917-1922 (Vladimir Lebedev) - The Red Army and Navy

How useful is Karl Marx—who died a hundred and thirty-three years ago—for understanding our world?