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Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Inscriptions in Jesus

Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Inscriptions in Jesus


Israel: Archaeologists Uncover Inscriptions in Jesus' Language

The word "Marmaria" on the slab.

Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Inscriptions in Jesus' Language | CBN News

credit: Jenifer Munrro

History. Symbol of Jesus Graced Ancient Church Mosaic in Israel

It is the largest conservation and reconstruction project ever undertaken in Israel, representing an investment of more than 100 million shekels (upwards of ...

israel mosaic christian

Photo Credit: Times of Israel via YouTube

Pilate Inscription - Biblical Archaeology in Israel (Bible History Online)

... the earliest-known carvings of the temple's menorah, the stone block, some scholars believe, was an altar in a first-century synagogue where Jesus may ...

STUNNING FIND FROM TIME OF JESUS Archaeologists abuzz in Mary Magdalene's hometown. Israel HistoryAncient ...

Ancient inscriptions in Jesus\' language unearthed in northern Israel, indicating Jews lived there ages ago | Christian News on Christian Today

The inscription uncovered on the mosaic reads: 'By the grace of God (or

A peacock adorns this 5-meter long Greek inscription naming the archbishop of Tyre found

An archaeologist works on part of a 1,500-year-old mosaic floor bearing the

The stone with the menorah symbol which was discovered in the synagogue at Magdala.

Archaeological Treasures Reveal More About Life in Jesus' Time

1,500-year-old church at Ashdod-Yam, with an inscription in Greek

The excavation of the mosaic near the Damascus gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

MAGDALA, Israel – Archaeologists in Israel believe they have discovered the remains of an ancient synagogue where Jesus may have taught. Magdala is an

Archaeologists Find Artifacts From Time Of Biblical King David And Solomon's Temple. Israel HistoryAncient ...

*CAIAPHAS OSSUARY INSCRIPTION: "Joseph Son of Calaphas." | JERSULEM,ISRAEL+THE HOLYLAND's | Pinterest | Archaeology, Bible and Israel

The office of Eugenio Alliata in Jerusalem looks like the home base of any archaeologist who'd rather be in the field dirtying his hands than indoors ...

More Details About The Life And Death Of Jesus Christ Revealed by Ancient Israeli Artifacts

Nuba's Mosque of Umar inscription, dated to the 9th or 10th century CE. (

Archaeologists uncover well-preserved 1,500-year-old Georgian church mosaic in Israel

The inscription reads: 'The most pious Roman emperor Flavius Justinian and the most God

4th-century mosaic from a Roman villa in England, with Jesus in front of a chi-rho, or Christogram, flanked by pomegranates (© The Trustees of the British ...

A reclining figure engraved on the lid of a sarcophagus is seen at Israel's National Treasures

Pontius Pilate inscription | Discovered: 1961-62 | Found in the ruins of a Roman public building, which was commissioned by Pilate, this was the first ...

Excavation Site at Caesarea National Park, Photo, IAA

The water cistern discovered by Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists near the Ha'elah junction in

The Magdala Stone, one of the earliest known depictions of a Menorah, believed to

The famous Theodotus inscription ...

The newly discovered inscription on the back of Ostracon 16.

Bet Shemesh, Israel, 19th March: View of decorative carving of the Magdala Stone uncovered in a Galilean synagogue and dated to the second Jewish temple the ...

Visitors to Kursi National Park in Israel in this undated photo.

Surprising Archaeological Find: Proof of Jesus' Existence? | United Church of God

Beneath ...

The importance of conservative excavation. Archaeological ...

Pilate Inscription

mosaic that honors a female church donor.

The inscription (pictured) cites 6th-century Roman emperor Justinian as well as Constantine

Indiction is an ancient method of counting years that was used for taxation purposes. Archaeologists

Canals ...

Image: Christian mosaic floor

An ossuary with an inscription of Hebrew letters forming the word "Yeshua", the

Biblical Bethsaida | Discovered: 1987 | Rami Arav's dig tied the ancient city to both the New and Old Testaments. A thousand years before Jesus, ...

A 3rd- to 4th-century Roman mosaic depicts Christ using colored marble. (Scala / Art Resource, NY)

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who study in a nearby 'yeshiva,' or religious

Surprising archaeological finds are breaking new ground in our understanding of Jesus's time—and the revolution he launched 2,000 years ago

The fragmentary Tel Dan stela, containing the Tel Dan inscription (or “House of David” inscription) provided the first historical evidence of King David ...

A conservationist works on a 1,500-year-old mosaic floor bearing Greek writing,

The Magdala Stone or altar in a temple where Jesus possibly preached (Wikimedia Commons)

Byzantine mosaic and inscription found in Jerusalem (Getty Images/AFP/A. Gharabli

A 1,500-year-old mosaic floor with inscription was uncovered in the Israeli city of Ashdod

Archaeologists Uncover Byzantine Era Monastery in Israel

A Greek inscription with the name of a female church donor named Susaan or Shoshana.

Ossuaries with inscriptions with Hebrew letters forming the word Yeshua, or Jesus, are stored

Archaeologists unearth a marble slab bearing a Hebrew inscription found on the shores of the Sea

In 2004, the stepped remains of the ancient Siloam Pool, long thought to be located elsewhere, were uncovered near the City of David.

Mikvah, or ritual bath | Discovered: 2015 | A family renovating its home uncovered this first-century bath, alongside traces of fire that may date from the ...

The James Ossuary, a first-century limestone box used for containing the bones of

Ancient Church Mosaic With Symbol of Jesus Uncovered in Israel

It's crudely fractured and chipped on the sides, pockmarked with age, and is perched not too prominently on a shelf at the Israel ...

1James Ossuary: Archaeological Evidence of Jesus of Nazareth?

Detail of carved menorah on tomb door.

An American archaeology student unearths a skeleton during excavation works at the first-ever Philistine

Ancient Hebrew Artifact Found in Russia May Confirm Biblical Prophecy

The text on the back of "Ostracon 16," found when the team photographer

Israel Antiquities Authority director of excavation David Gellman at the IAA's Rockefeller Museum headquarters in Jerusalem

The Dead Sea Scrolls is, in many scholars' opinions, the most important biblical archaeological discovery of the 20th century. Copies of ancient documents ...

This inscription was made (or commissioned) by a woman named Akeptous. She has "offered a table", it says, "as a remembrance, to (the) God Jesus Christ ".


2k-year-old lead tablets found in remote cave ARE genuine, claim researchers | Daily Mail Online

The second line from the bottom of this inscriptions boasts, "Israel is laid waste; his seed is not." [11]. In 1921, Franciscan archaeologists uncovered ...

An impressive 1,500-year-old church, with an inscription in Greek mentioning a date according to the Georgian calendar, was uncovered in archaeological ...

Discovery: A fish is carved upon the lid of the 1st century burial tomb which

Jesus' ...

Archaeologists in Israel find ancient synagogue predating Second Temple ruin - Archaeology - Haaretz.com

Archeology of the Oppression, Exodus and Conquest of Israel: Sinai Inscriptions

Israeli archaeology: Often controversial, always fascinating. Shown above: Excavating the City of David, Jerusalem. Olivier Fitoussi

“If you are a developer and you find archaeology, it's the worst thing that can happen to you,” Solana says. “For me, it was a blessing.

An ancient Greek inscription mentioning the Byzantine emperor Justinian was found at the Jerusalem Old City


A Jew, an early Christian and a Roman meet in archaeological park to be built on evacuated prison - Archaeology - Haaretz.com