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It is known that the Ardennes horses were found in Ancient Rome

It is known that the Ardennes horses were found in Ancient Rome


It is known that the Ardennes horses were found in Ancient Rome, and they were

Dutch Drafthorse

The Ardennes or Ardennais is one of the oldest breeds of draft horse originating from the

Fun Facts About Ardennes Horse You Might Not Know

The Ardennes horse, is one of the oldest of the draft breeds, its pedigree dating back to the pre-historic horses of Solutré, a Paleolithic site and ...

Amongst the oldest breeds of draft horses, Ardennes registers its name. This horse breed

A male Ardenne hard at work. This photo may have been taken in Sweden where

Chocolate Palomino Horse > Beautiful and has gorgeous hair.

Kairi, an Estonian Draft mare (Eeva Vahtras's photo). The Ardennes component of the Estonian draft horse was ...

Name of breed: Ardennes

estonian draft

An Ardennes horse in harness

Unlike for Frisians, for Ardennes horses it's not good luck to be born black.

Ardennes horse The Ardennes Horse Clover Oaks Farm

Ardennes horse Ardennes Horse Info Origin History Pictures Horse Breeds

Ardennes, or Ardennais, horses are a multi-talented horse commonlyrnused in endurance riding, general riding, and work activities.

ardennes horse breed. huge and good for riding

Ardenner, another endangered horse breed

The Ardennes horse by ~Emeeeliiie on deviantART

Horse-Ardennes. How about combing/brushing out that mane?

Estonian Draft


The breed was found on the Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. The Abaco Barb is said to have been descended fromrnhorses from ...

Grazing Ardennes

estonian draft

How about this beauty curled up in front of the fire in your lounge or at the end of your bed on the duvet?

Estonian Draft

Camargue horse camargues

Ardennes Ardennais This breed was around during the time of the ancient Romans ...

Estonian Draft

Weisney is the right one

estonian draft

Asils are Arabian horses from the Asil region in Khuzestan.rnRock carvings of horses have been found in the area that date back 5,000 years.

They are found today along the coastline of the Red Sea andrnin the Sudan. Abyssinian horses were first exported to England in ...

Ardennes horse Ardennes Horse Info Origin History Pictures Horse Breeds

Estonian Draft

Arabian Horse arabians

Ardennes Horse | by Emil_95 Ardennes Horse | by Emil_95

Colourize-Stock 219 9 Ardennes 16 by Colourize-Stock

Ardennes horse Ardennes Horse Info Origin History Pictures Horse Breeds

Picture of liver roan Ardennes horse

Ardennes or Cheval de Trait Ardennais or Ardennais (French), Belgian Ardennes

Fell Pony Fell Ponies

Picture of palomino Ardennes draft horse


Estonian Draft

Vintage Weekly: I once saw this very talented lady ride western riding on her ardennes horse and took a few pictures. I am sorry I don´t know the name of ...

Estonian Draft


Estonian Draft

Augeron Horses were developed in Pays d''Auge ( an area inrnNormandy France). They are also known Caen or Virois horses and they wererndeveloped from the ...

Galician Pony

Appaloosa horses are known for their colorful leopard-spotted coat pattern.rnThere is a wide range of body types within the breed, stemming from ...

Dales Pony dales. Horse remains dating to Roman times were found ...

Baladi (also known asrnEgyptian Horses) are an Egyptian horse of questionable bloodlines. They are nornlonger considered an individual breed as they once ...

Dales Pony

Abstang horses were created by Michele Brown of Utah in 1990rnby breeding an unrefined feral mustang with an Arabien thoroughbred.

Estonian Draft


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To keep myself busy I went to see the outside area and found this friendly group of donkeys.

Anglo-Kabarda Horses are russian horses that were developedrnby the cross between Kabarda and Thoroughbred horses in the 1920s and 1930s.

Belgian horse - A photo of a Belgian Draft Horse in a zoo

Picture of Ardenne heavy draft horses

... camargue

America ''albino'' horses arernactually not true albinos but instead they are what the American Albino HorsernClub (now known as the White Horse Club) calls ...

Asiatic Wild (also known as Przewaslki''s, Takhi, and Mongolianrnwild) horses are a rare and endangeredrnsubspecies of wild horse native to the Steppes of ...

It felt a bit unsettling to know that our human senses are so weak that an animal as big as a deer can pass by unnoticed 8-O. Later, Marjo told us that ...

Baluchi (also known as Beledougou, or Banamba) horses arernnative to the Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab Provinces in Pakistan. However they are most likely ...

Azerbaijan horses are a mountain-steppe racing and ridingrnhorse named after the geographic region where the horse was originallyrndeveloped: Azerbaijan in ...

Fell Pony

Colourize-Stock 370 27 Ardennes 14 by Colourize-Stock

Picture of chestnut Ardennes horse

... based on archaeological finds. Throughout the Roman period there was large scale use of amulets on horse tack made from the bases of shed antlers.

Ardennes and carriage by CitronVertStock

Charentais horse

Late Riders

Overall, this is an amazing place for kids to spend a weekend in summer, but probably not so much for horse enthusiasts. On the positive side, the excursion ...

horse breeds

Friesian Horse

Simba-Left 8bd6e7ed3817694d20344d5d288c861e

Ardennes Horse 2. Ariegeois Horse 3. Assateague Pony 4. Bali Pony

... I was absolutely sure that it might be my only chance to ride a Hucul horse. (This breed is only present in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland) So, ...

Auvergne horse - An Auvergne horse at the International Agriculture Exhibition 2012, Paris, France

Flicker is 32 y.o, which is very unusual for this breed as on average they


Earliest Evidence of Chariots

In Armor

Yet it's difficult only for tourists. For locals, there are plenty of opportunities. In the Nature Park, which is located in the North-East of Luxembourg ...

Henson horse - Image: Henson baie d authie 03

Would you believe that these giants have a bit of Arabian blood? For this we

Black (horse) - As seen in this photo, black foals are often born

Cheval du Morvan - The Nivernais horse was bred by crossing Percheron stallions with Morvan mares


Breton horse - In harness


Estonian Draft