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It39s called ice and it gets a little slick 28 Photos Horse Awkward

It39s called ice and it gets a little slick 28 Photos Horse Awkward


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'It's a bit of a nightmare': Immigration crackdown squeezes US horse racing | Sport | The Guardian

In the 1930s, San Francisco tycoon Charles Howard and trainer 'Silent' Tom Smith made hay with a horse named Seabiscuit. Their story is a Bay Area tale ...

The day of the race came and, luckily, my Easyboot Glue-On shells and Mueller tape arrived the day before. Before loading her up I applied the shells to her ...

Here I took the Glue-On shell and placed her toe into the shell and make sure to line it up straight. I pulled and wiggled the shell on as much as I could.

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Gunner On Ice : Gordyville Breeder's Derby Stallion Auction 2013

Horsing around: When a horse's ears are flopping down, it means the creature is

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How to teach your horse to lie down, the positive way

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But, it's not for everyone, and this previous article here will shed some light on good reasons to clip, and good reasons to leave the coat on.

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Horse show names: A call for reason!

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No matter what we like to say to make ourselves sound tough and resilient I think we all struggle a bit with the deep freeze and endless white of this ...

Kissing horses - cute or dangerous?

We weighed Speedy this morning - he is 114 lbs - he seemed much heavier last night when we were trying to get him on his feet!

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Why Horses Kick

Icelandic horses

Horse Blanketing

Combating Joint Disease

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I asked Batman to lie down in the snow, but there was loads of ice below the snow that I did not notice. Batman understood my cue, and got halfway down, ...

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48.—Maximum length of Standing Martingale.

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If you've never been to Shawnee, it's one of the most scenic rides in the world. Sister has ...

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Body language: When a horse is interested in something, it pricks up its ears

SmartDigest® Ultra Pellets $1.61 per day

We spent quite a bit of time slogging though bogs – the kind of stuff that has pulled steel shoes off of my horses ...

It is not possible to walk behind this waterfall in the winter time when there is ice and snow as it is way too slippery - plus a great risk of icicles ...

Is that fricking ice that he's being raced on? Am I fricking crazy or is ice a hard slippery substance that can cause a horse to ...

I started by cleaning out my horse's hoof.

This is her new stance today Just weird.

I started by cleaning out my horse's hoof.

Click the link below for more photos from the jog…

Once again it's the dead of winter when most horse owners across North America are experiencing some form of inconvenience because of snow, ice, ...

... AshfordValleyFHTerriermandrivenaway11-11-17.jpg

EasyCare also has many customers in countries outside the US and we continue to work with our carriers on solutions for you.

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... would make the pen a little bigger so she could get some grass! The servant still has to hand graze the princess...the things we do for these animals!

BUZKASHI Most Dangerous Sports

Ben-Hur, 100 best action movies

The fish frozen in their shoal off of the coast of Lovund, a small island

Find this Pin and more on Breyer models by marvinhorse.

Curb reversed by horse throwing up his head, in the absence of a chin strap.

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... and a bit awkward (it's also painful for Sugimoto, who gets whacked by Asirpa's sutu) but Shiraishi breaks the ice by suggesting they kill the horse ...

As a hoof care provider, my influence on the posture of the horse comes from how I trim and support the foot. Because we understand how detrimental ...

Treasure crashed into the arena wall

Upon release, critics called this movie too clever for its own good. To that I say, "Have you seen Baywatch?"

Equine-Reproduction.com Bulletin Board: Who is Seeing the Signs that Their Mare is About to Foal Part 2

Half a SNAKE emerges from inside a tree after a man cuts it down | Daily Mail Online

We were a little group of 6 people and we all got our own camels. Nicole's camel was named Johnny Walker and Ange was riding Mama Mia!!

I didn't buy Ona for this. I bought Ona to teach me how to drive. And she is as calm and patient with big girls as she is with little girls.

17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

Go feed sheep, horses, and young heifers. Note that Ruffy, the Evil Red Miniature Horse does not come in for breakfast.

Milburn Equine shared Equine CranioSacral Workshops's post.

Ohh Siri You Always have Weird Answers 14 photos Morably

Halloween horse costumes are always a popular topic in October, so it's no surprise that this picture of a "poodle horse" has been forwarde.

Draining is normal

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68.—Ready to mount.

Decided to actually hike the mountain instead of renting a horse because 1) I had too much pride and self-confidence after Machu Pichu and 2) I hate horses.

Above right: showing the 2-ring combination on the horse, you can begin to understand it's application. When rein pressure is applied, the bit ring slides ...

Lindy Slick Jig


... minute mark I was ready for this uncomfortable experience to be over. I am sure it is a film made with the best of intentions but it's just not for me.

While ...

In its place, we get a sturdy swords-and-sandals epic, a very confused Dwayne Johnson performance, and — yes — the lion hat. Long may it roar.

Teenager jumps into a puddle for a $1 bet... and ends up completely submerged in huge water-filled hole | Daily Mail Online

Frozen: The animal was found frozen solid in the middle of the water near Bodo

What not to do if your tour gets cancelled due to a storm in Iceland

Body Hacks


Child mounted on pony with riding dress with short skirt

Bad odour can be caused by infections such as bacterial vaginosis - caused by an overgrowth

Foot caught, on account of its having been put into the stirrup from the wrong side.

Horseback Riding most dangerous sports

TheNeverWorld pg 13 by Starwarrior4ever

Tink Thran

Written by: Sy Richardson and Dario ScardapaneDirected by: Mario Van PeeblesWhat it's about:

Half a SNAKE emerges from inside a tree after a man cuts it down | Daily Mail Online

In Japan, an archery quest leads to unexpected lessons - The Washington Post

5 Star Champion - Leslie Ballard and Leroy

Nope, it's just the same ole' hats. Does anyone still wear stocking hats with cute little balls on the top? Or are we the only weird ones left?

Squid Ink ice cream. Again another food trend I find unappetizing. Maybe it's the "ink" part. Who eats ink? Maybe it's the squid part as a dessert.