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JOHANN RUDOLF BYS 16621738 Pastoral scene circa 1690

JOHANN RUDOLF BYS 16621738 Pastoral scene circa 1690


JOHANN RUDOLF BYS (1662-1738) Noah's Ark, Archa Noemova, DETAIL | Dogs in Bohemian history and art | Pinterest

JOHANN RUDOLF BYS (1662-1738) Noah's Ark, Archa Noemova, DETAIL

JOHANN RUDOLF BYS (1662-1738) Noah's Ark, Archa Noemova, DETAIL

JOHANN RUDOLF BYS (1662-1738) Noah's Ark, Archa Noemova, DETAIL

JOHANN RUDOLF BYS (1662-1738) Noah's Ark, Archa Noemova

Illustration by Czech painter Artuš Scheiner for a Czech national fairy tale,1913

the bearded man type 'anthropomorphic landscape' original -- etching by Merian, publicised by its inclusion in Kircher's " copied in reverse by Hollar and ...

NORBERT GRUND (1717-1767) NG Prague

"Francis Brinley" by John Smibert (1729) at Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Village Scene - David Teniers the Younger, NG Prague

The Wanstead Peace Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. By Marcus Gheeraerts, circa Evidence suggests that this portrait was commissioned by Elizabeth's favorite, ...

Niklaus Tscharner by Johann Rudolf Huber, 1719

by Quido Mánes (Czech,

Ludden, Johann-Paul, 'Portrait of V.Dmitriev-Mamonov', [V.Dmitriev-Mamonov ( circa commander of the port of Kronstadt]

Browse the Hollar Digital Collection - University of Toronto Libraries

Issued Czechoslovak Graphic Art - Engraved Hunting Scene by Vaclav Hollar.

KAREL HOLAN (1893 – 1953) U Apolináře, Prague

Wall mural by artist Eva Badenhorst.

Stone Doorway with Pastoral Scene

NORBERT GRUND (1717-1767) Sculptors studio, before 1767

VÁCLAV - WENCESLAUS HOLLAR (1607–1677) University of Toronto Libraries The Dance of

trompe l' oeil window

HEDNDRICK GOLTZIUS (Mühlbracht near Venlo 1558 – Haarlem 1617) based on Pieter Coeck d

Trompe l'oeil book painting by Quebec artist Jacques Poirier.

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NORBERT GRUND (1717-1767) Lustbarkeit im Schlosspark, um 1755. Öl auf

Landscape Mural by @Jeff Raum Studios

Andrea Mantegna (Isola di Carturo, Padova 1431-Mantova 1506)

Shaping the Danish and Imperial Legation Chapels in Vienna and Copenhagen during the period after the Thirty Years´ War, Theatrum historiae 19, 2016, s.

Malmaison painted cloud ceiling

1822 Wilhelmine Charlotte, Countess of Münster by Peter Edward Ströhling (auctioned by Koller Zurich

Dasenka cili zivot stenete, Karel Capek, published by Fr. Borovy, 1938 |

Gabina Fárová: Irena Jůzová with dog

CFJ 2 .pdf | Colnaghi Studies Journal, Piers Baker-bates, and José Gómez Frechina - Academia.edu

Henry Benedict Maria Clement Stuart by Louis Gabriel Blanchet, 1738

Gerrit van Honthorst - Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia

Count Philip Kinsky, the British Ministers, and Society: Social and Political Networks of an Imperial Diplomat in London, 1728–1735 | Charlotte Backerra ...

Countess Mathilda Nostitz with dog


Ars amandi. Tema iubirii in arta europeana a secolelor XVI-XIX (2014) | Cosmin UNGUREANU - Academia.edu

Judith Rebecca von Wrna and Maria Sophia von Dietrichstein: Two Imperial Ambassadresses from the Kingdom of Bohemia at the Court of Madrid (1653–1674), ...

Czech matchbox label, 1965


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Revolutions by Doug Beube, 1992 altered book, wood 80 x 12 x 3 in

Rediscovering a Baroque Villa in Rome: Cardinal Patrizi and the Villa Patrizi 1715-1909 | David R Marshall - Academia.edu

Lovely from JNash


Interesting ceiling .

Ročenka SNG 2011 / SNG Yearbook 2011 by Slovenská národná galéria - issuu

Czech actress Anny Ondráková with dog