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I can't stop staring! #jamberry

My holiday Jamberry nails made me feel festive and sophisticated on New Year's Eve, sitting

It is a fact that I quote Donkey from Shrek more than any other character from any other movie. I don't know why I find his little nuggets of wisdom so ...

Snow Angels Jamberry Gift Set on Hands! Don't forget to add on the

Don't fear the Gap - you might see the gap but your friends won

Jamberry Colour Cure. Don't Mind Me

Do you think because you have short nails you can't wear Jamberry Nails?

Fresh - TruShine Gel Enamel

1. After you assemble the tools above, find the wrap that best fits your

I love make up, high heels, even if I can't really wear them anymore, and jewelry. I never feel completely dressed until ...

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They are really easy to apply and you don't have to worry about nail polish drying.


Don't fear the gap! It's best to have a little bit of a gap, to avoid your wraps adhering to skin or invisible cuticles.

They sound like an absolute dream come true. Wrapping your nails with all sorts of intricate designs and fun colors, they last for over a week and don't ...

Jamberry Nails are actually vinyl (they're something like a sticker) and are non-toxic, which is great to note because they also sell a junior size for ...

Awesome Tee For Jamberry Independent Consultant

If you don't know what Jamberry is, it's an adhesive nail wrap that you heat and apply to your nails. It doesn't chip and can last up to two weeks!

Jamberry Nail Lacquer Holographic Polish ABALONE New Unopened

Jamberry Nails Review (1)

In the Day 1 pic, I noted which product was on each finger. They're the same on both hands, and you'll notice I switch back and forth between hands for the ...


Jamberry nails

Jamberry Official Wrap Application Video - UK

Jamberry Don't Be Jealous That I Have Pretty Nails I Wrap With Jamberry T

Jamberry won't damage your nails when applied and removed correctly. Jamberry is safe for use while pregnant and vegan approved.

20150510 Beauty Giveaway: Jamberry Sheet

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Jamberry Australia and New Zealand!

Want to try a Jamberry Nail Wrap first? Click below for your FREE sample!


I don't sell jamberry, so I don't get anything out of this. But if you are a busy mama who wants pretty nails and have never tried jamberry, you should!

However they couldn't hold up to how many times my hands get washed, wash dishes and shower....within 24 hours this is what they ...

Don't cross that finish line without having those nails wrapped for that edge for winning confidence! Running Girl, is a Jamberry Wrap that isn't just for ...

Basically it proves that you have time to apply Jamberry even if you have little kiddos around.

These are amazing designs that aren't available to the public, they can only be purchased at a Jamberry Party!

And, while I haven't posted any clothes-matching manis on the blog yet, I LOVE it when my nails match my clothes. (Check it: here and here.)

I still love Jamberry for good reason. I know I went only 5 days here, but my Jamberry nail wraps generally last me around 2 weeks.

The Best Decision Being A Jamberry Girl - Women's T-Shirt

Keep calm and jamberry T Shirt and Hoodie

I also don't have to be a master with a detail brush or need the ability to create tiny little works of art on a canvas the size of my fingernail!

I found that I really love Jamberry nails for my girls. Several of my girls pick at and bite their nails. Jamberry wraps really discourage that and their ...

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I didn't get to do a true wear test with these because of too many things waiting to be reviewed. However, they weren't thin so I wouldn't expect them to ...

The Disney Collection by Jamberry has also recently launched their Collection 2 range, featuring beloved Disney characters such as Bambi and friends, ...

Isn't this the truth!! #bjammin #jamberry #jams #jamberrynails

Thank you T for being my first Jamberry customer! Good luck on your daughters soccer games this season!

Mint green chevron- Jamberry nails just ordered this pattern! Can't wait to get them!

Final Throwback Thursday of 2016!

But I don't have any photos of the finish. Why? Because I couldn't stand it any longer and peeled off one of the nail wraps before I could photograph them!

I tried the next design, First Frost, on a later date. But as you can see, I didn't get them on as nicely this time :( This is a big downside of ...

If you haven't heard of Jamberry nail wraps before, they are a do-it-yourself mani and nail art all in one. Jamberry nail wraps are a design that presses ...

They obviously need some JAMBERRY in their life! Let's get on a 3-way Strong Start call and make a PLAN! Once we've made that plan, THEN they buy their kit ...

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Jamberry nail wraps are a great option for me as I don't really like false nails - I find them too clunky. But Jamberry provides a more relaxed and ...


I LOVE Jamberry! Even hubby said if he was a girl he would be all over these. (but don't tell him I told you) And because he's covering Spring sports right ...

... My two new fave Jamberry Juniors at the moment: #dinomitejn and #pandamoniumjn can

If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should! Indulgence smells good, feels good, refreshes your skin and leaves you feeling wonderfully ...

I couldn't be a Jamberry consultant without you!! Thank you! www

How to make a template for your Jamberry Nail Wraps

Don't cross that finish line without having those nails wrapped for that edge for winning confidence! Running Girl, is a Jamberry Wrap that isn't just for ...

Don't do pedis? Get more manis from your jams! Brilliant!

I still love Jamberry for good reason. I know I went only 5 days here, but my Jamberry nail wraps generally last me around 2 weeks.


The verdict? As you can plainly see my nails grew out, before they flaked out. I my friends am officially impressed. I don't know any other at home product ...

Here are 2 solid wraps I picked out of the Jamberry shop to show you fun accent wraps that go well.

Now, Shea was kind enough to send me these to try, but unfortunately they just don't jive with my nails. If you love Jamberry shields, tell me what you love ...

Jamberry Nail Shields come in over 150 designs. You can get metallic colors, sports themes, flowers, breast cancer awareness, and so much more.

It is SO much easier (and cheaper!) just to paint your nails. And with the right top coat, it can last forever. I just don't get it.

I then spent the next few days going about my normal tasks, washing up, opening ring pulls etc. Four days later and my Jamberry nails were looking as fresh ...

Can Wearing Jamberry Wraps Damage my Nails?

The Best Decision Being A Jamberry Girl T-Shirt - Women's

I'm happy to share with you today what the uh-maze-ing Jamberry Consultant, named Joy (*if you don't have a nail lady, THIS gal is one of the bests ...

It's the last day you can get #RoseGoldJN and #MoonGlassTwistJN! Don't

Accent Nail LG

As if it wasn't enough for Jamberry to be free of FIVE of the most harmful chemicals, now it is free of EIGHT of those harmful chemicals.


Now this is my first time using a product like this and that includes even the ones made out of nail polish. Since I can't really compare the 2 types, ...

Jamberry Launch Party! If you can't make that's fine! But feel free

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My paper scissors didn't give the precision I needed. Here are some pictures of the shields on my nails.

341.2 Hard Candy Birthday Bash Essie Licorice and Jamberry Black and White Stripe

Jamberry 2

I gave in and went to a Jamberry Nail party last week. It was really fun. For those of you that know me well, you know I don't often paint my fingernails ...

My Top 10 Jamberry Tips & Tricks (plus 3 bonus myths busted!) | charmingly capricious

Its been pretty amazing to see clients sit down in my chair, see my catalog and go, “Jamberry?? I didn't think you could do those with gels!”

Jamberry Going, Going, GONE! Sale

... that won't chip or destroy my nails?! Yes, please!!! I was hooked after I tried just 1 sample and I have not gotten a salon manicure since! jamberry 4