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John Hubley t

John Hubley t


I loved all cartoons, but really thought a lot about style and design-which I don't recommend that you do until you learn ...

John Hubley

MoonBird Hubley 1959 Acadamy Award Winning Cartoon Moonbird

John Hubley

John Hubley ...

John Hubley

a collection of animated commercials from the sixties, all animated by ART BABBITT for JOHN HUBLEY. I love the animation, the character design and different ...


The 1951 Academy Award that Bobe Cannon won for directing Gerald struck Hubley deeply. There had always been a rivalry between the men, this only deepened ...

Brotherhood of Man (1945, UPA) director: Bobe Cannon designer: John Hubley

John Hubley ~ 1956 Commercial - YouTube

A scene from "Rooty Toot Toot."

Film Forum commemorates the centennial of animation pioneer John Hubley with two special programs on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:40 and Tuesday, May 27 at 6:30.

John mentions to Garner that an advantage of animation is being able to tackle huge social issues in the abstract.

A Hubley Affair

John and Faith Hubley at the their moviola.

John and Faith Hubley shared a fruitful career in the field of animation, and were awarded three Oscars for Moonbird (1959), The Hole (1962) and Herb Alpert ...

Around this time, Hubley met Faith Elliot, who became his second wife and his long-time collaborator. Born in 1924 in Manhattan, she led a life ...

The animated short films of John and Faith Hubley (here credited as Faith Elliott) have an air of improvisation about them. While some, like The Hole (1962) ...

Rooty Toot Toot ~ John Hubley ~ UPA ~ 1951 ~ nice copy

John Hubley MoMA Tag John Hubley

The Hole, John Hubley "

Drawing by John Hubley

This essay on the career and films of John and Faith Hubley were written by WUD Film Programmer Vincent Mollica. A selection of Hubley short films will ...

Wordless and slightly abstract, set to an Ella Fitzgerald song, more like a painted music video than anything else here. Some wild techniques – I love the ...

John Hubley

Hubley didn't get to explore the flatter look he was interested in until he left Disney in the aftermath of the 1941 animators' strike, a bitter clash that ...

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Double Feature, John Hubley (1966)

... when Senator Joseph McCarthy was nodding his head in demagogic agreement with himself, animation pioneer and Hollywood blacklist member John Hubley was ...

Rooty Toot Toot ...

... extraordina ry independent filmmaker, made an animated work every year since her husband and animation studio partner, John Hubley, passed away in 1977.

Rooty Toot Toot - John Hubley 1951

Hubley at the FMPU


Just as the designers at UPA sought to develop a new visual language, a new musical language was just hitting the west coast. Charlie Parker and Dizzy ...

Voyage To Next - Faith & John Hubley (1974).avi

Rooty Toot Toot (1952, John Hubley)

Ray Favata: A Life in Animation Chapter 20 (UPA, John Hubley, Smell-O-Vision)

John Hubley, c.1950

John Hubley's 1962 Oscar Winner Short Animation Movie!

Images from the 1951 John Hubley UPA short, Rooty Toot Toot. Nominated for an Academy Award, and voted #41 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time.

Voyage To Next - Faith & John Hubley (1974).avi

The 65 Greats behind the scenes!

Og pursues Susan the Silent and escapes Finian, who falls down a well, in a series of rough story sketches by John Hubley.


Tag Archives: John Hubley. Cartoons Considered For An Academy Award – 1977

A Young Person's Guide to John Hubley

Faith & John Hubley

Masters of Animation: John Hubley

John Hubley

Moonbird Moonbird

John Hubley

Bank of America ad by John Hubley & Rod Scribner


The Hat © John & Faith Hubley

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents. A SALUTE TO JOHN HUBLEY (1914-1977) October 10, 2011

Scene from animated film "Men and Demons."

John Hubley

Here, for no good reason, is a layout drawing John Hubley did for his film, People People People.

John and Faith Hubley

John Hubley

The other guard won't allow him to cross the border illegally – even to pick up his hat.

Moonbird John Hubley! Award Winning Animation Cartoon...( 1959 ).

Telephones: "We Learn About the Telephone" 1965 AT&T; Animation by John Hubley

So, my analysis of the scenes I see is based solely on my love of Hubley's work. I've inbetweened and inked and colored thousands of Phil Duncan's drawings ...

An early John Hubley painting

John Hubley Independent Spirits The Faith and John Hubley Story ITVS

John Hubley

A sequence of color story continuity sketches by John Hubley for the musical number “Something Sorta Grandish” sung by the love-struck

Production art and stills from the 1964 John Hubley short, The Hat, about the

In the world of animation, few names are more respected than Faith Hubley. Hubley and her husband John (a renegade Disney animator who worked on Snow White, ...

Mr. Magoo, co-created by animation legend John Hubley. Mr. Magoo

John Hubley

Celebrated animator Emily Hubley (Hedwig & the Angry Inch) and her son, Max Rosenthal, have designed a beautifully stylized music video to accompany “Call ...

John Hubley

The Tender Game (1958) - John & Faith Hubley

The AMPAS program celebrating the early work of John Hubley went off wonderfully on Monday evening. The show started at 7pm, but prior to it there was a ...

Images from the 1951 John Hubley UPA short, Rooty Toot Toot. Nominated for an

Looking back at the production of the film, this snapshot features art director John Hubley working on a drawing of Geppetto's boat inside of Monstro the ...

Of Stars and Men (1964, John Hubley)

UPA Jolly Frolics disc 1 (1949-1952)


The Hubley Collection on DVD

John Hubley MoMA An Auteurist History of Film Independent Animation

Cartoons Considered For An Academy Award 1974

John and Faith became fast friends, but Faith had no intention of staying on the West Coast. Politically, she preferred New York, where “there was little ...

... it was a perfect time and place for a man like John Hubley to form and cement his ideas to approach and revitalize animation.

The Visionary Animation of John and Faith Hubley

I made some comments a couple of days back about Doonesbury and it prompted a question by David Nethery which started my rambling in response.

Michael ...

Directors: John Hubley ...

Hubley's Last Commercial ...

Rooty Toot Toot (John Hubley, UPA, 1951)


The first model of the character came close to the final. This is a drawing by John Hubley.

John Hubley