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Jung Hoseok now also known as Hoshook That reaction is relatable

Jung Hoseok now also known as Hoshook That reaction is relatable


Jung Hoseok now also known as Hoshook. That reaction is relatable~ congrats to BTS


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I'm actually mainly pinning this one for Jimin's face

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Pretty much me 24/7

Hobi is me

Bts Memes

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Hobi hyung

My face when feels hit me

from the story Mensajes

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Totally me xD

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Look at those cute hobi dimples ♥️

Well actually J-hope said he would have them but he had fat on his stomach, though at this comeback he's lost weight soo.

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shookga. yoongi is always my spirit animal.

He's so adorable honestly sometimes I can't take the cuteness anymore and I want to jump off a cliff. Also, Yoongi in the background being relatable as ...

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"I FOUND ANOTHER TBH™" "a what" "a Taehyung Biased Hoe™" in which yoongi and hoseok become friends over a mutual love for kim taehyung.


They look the same because they change hair colors all the time. I'm used to it. But seriously, bighit, no more bowl cuts!

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Me whenever BTS breaths

Wtf is wrong w/ my life

0 Gostos, 1 Comentários - BTS&Winner (@bangner75) no Instagram: "Good

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Jung Hoshook Lol meme bts

V Taehyung meme reaction

This is like my favorite photo if Hobi He. Is. So. Hot.

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Bts dna got me like SOOOO JUNGSHOOK

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Nayah Thompson

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I've always loved yoongi with any hairstyle but the big messy puffy hair was by far my favourite

Hãy để trí tưởng tượng phong phú của các cậu cùng với chúng tớ bay ca

#hobie #jhope #bts I love how he is so happy <3

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LMAOO !! are pics © @aegyotaetae

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Meme V taehyung 뷔 태형

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i m a g i n a s - b a n g t a n - Fotos para cualquier momento

Meme Jimin

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“hoseok x parted bangs ”

Omllll look at this cutie 😍💕😂 • • • #kpop #bangtan #

jaden should just bring the element of kpop to america because we need some of that


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Bts taehyung v meme laugh reaction

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I'm so glad the boys have each other, they show me how it's okay to show your emotions && it also makes me notice that my closest friends are like them ...

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Hobi's faceu expression

Meme reaction v taehyung

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gguked: ““Hoseok → Not Today ” ”

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BTS. Jhope ♒

This boy is a precious angel!

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Aquí podrás encontrar memes y reactions de algunos de tus grupos favo… #detodo #

I love that bts is still real, respectful and relatable and not arrogant even when they are one of the top groups and can afford the best quality ...

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but he needs more sleep

For the ceremonial fist pitch~

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listening to my own audio recordings like-

BTS | J-HOPE | Sollsu

Brenna Bryant

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God like seriously > < < HES GETTING ATTENTION NOW THOUGH!!! I hope

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If anything, Hobi is literally the definition of adorable

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When you're with distant family and have to pretend like you're a sweet dignified young lady when really some ~interesting~ Yoongi scenarios are buzzing ...

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His reaction to Jin kissing Namjoon was perfect

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