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Karhunkierros 80km hike Suomi t Hiking and Finland

Karhunkierros 80km hike Suomi t Hiking and Finland


Oulanka is a superb hiking destination. The popular Karhunkierros Hiking Trail leads through the National Park. Hikers can get a general picture of the ...

Photo: Markku Pirttimaa; Taivalköngäs hanging bridge. Photo: Siru-Leena Mukkala; Karhunkierros ...

Oulanka River near Ansakämppä Kuusamo Finland - Karhunkierros trek 80 km

Oulanka River Kuusamo Finland - Karhunkierros trek 80 km


Konttainen Kuusamo Finland - Karhunkierros trek 80 km

Karhunkierroksella Kuusamossa 2010 #Karhunkierros #vaellus

Bridge over troubled water :-)

Hiking in Seitseminen National Park - Finland - HikeVentures

Karhunkierros Trail

Savinajoki. Finland

Hiidenportti National Park in Sotkamo, Finland

Hiking in Korouoma Canyon, Finland

Finland: the world's biggest wilderness (Shutterstock: see credit below)

Oulanka River

Jyrävä Night cabin for hikers at Jyrävä rapids in Kuusamo Finland. This place is part of Karhunkierros (Bear's Ring), a hiking trail near the russian ...

Kuusamo - Pieni Karhunkierros

Karhunkierros 80 km: Finland's most popular hiking trail, the legendary Karhunkierros Trail, takes you to Oulanka's best locations by the roaring waters.

Hikers at Harrisuvanto along Pieni Karhunkierros, Kuusamo, Finland

Landscape from Riisitunturi National park. Lapland FinlandTrekkingNational ...


Long Distance Hiking

Hiking in Kuusamo in Oulanka National park in Lapland in Finland

The most beautiful place for the tent - Oulanka River Kuusamo Finland - Karhunkierros trek 80 km

Kitkajoen Myllykoski Kuusamo Finland

Aulangon näkötorni in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, Finland. The loveliest nature destination!

Oulangan kansallispuisto, Pieni Karhunkierros | Oulanka National Park, Small Bear's Trail

Evening light on Ristikallio | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Photo: Jari Hindström; Valtavaara day trip hut. Photo: Pirkko Siikamäki; Hikers ...

Autumnal isolation in Finland's Oulanka Park

Livojärvi - Livo Lake, Posio, South Lapland

if you love hiking, please remember the Karhunkierros-hiking trip near Ruka at Kuusamo

Juuma rapids - Pieni Karhunkierros.

Cascading Kiutaköngäs

Karhunkierros - Ruka-Kuusamo - Ruka.fi

Photo: Pirkko Siikamäki; Hikers in Kitkajoki river lean-to shelter.

Read a story of our hiking in Repovesi in October.

Elegy for a dream · A DreamFinlandTrailNational ...

Last weekend I went with Caj to Raisio to visit the Kullavuori watch tower which is a short hike (around km in one direction) from the nearby ABC Raisio .

Karhunkierros in Kuusamo Finland

Europe, Finland, Lapland, Kuusamo, Oulanka National Park, Karhunkierros Trail - the bear trail hike, hikers crossing the hanging bridge at Harrisuvanto ...

Hiking at the Urho Kekkonen National Park, Lapland, Finland

Kuusamo, Karhunkierros Juuma

The Karhunkierros trail that runs through it is Finland's most popular hiking route; the full 80km trail can take ...

Repovesi National Park.

Retkeilijän kansallispuisto - Partioaitasta. HikingFinland SearchingBushcraftEuroTrailSearchCamping Survival


Walking the Pieni Karhunkierros

Trail to Kiutaköngäs.

Seitseminen National Park.

Bog in Finland (Shutterstock)

Hiking in Finland - Hetta-Pallas Hiking Route, Hetta-Pallas vaellus - YouTube

Onze slaapplaats in Finland?

Hiking Trail Harrisuvanto hanging bridge along Pieni Karhunkierros in Oulanka National Park

Harrisuvanto #kuusamo #karhunkierros


Hiking Trail. 2017-10-16

routekaart. Finland

NUTS Karhunkierros Trail Run

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Lassi Pekkarinen

Oulanka national park.

The first snow in this winter in Ruka (Finland)

Repovesi Hiking Read more: http://skafur-tour.fi/repovesi

7-day hike Finland | Karhunkierros Oulanka Hautajärvi Berenroute MLD Superlight Bivy Spirit Quilt 38

Inkoo archipelago, Finland


Hiking Trail

Hiking Trail. 2016-08-13

Guided husky hike in Oulanka National Park with Era-Susi Huskies

Pure nature in Kuusamo, Finland

Kuusamo, karhunkierros Sallantie-Ristikallio. FinlandWander

Repovesi, Valkeala. Hiking ToursFinland

Kiutaköngäs - kiutaköngäs koski putous oulankajoki oulangan kansallispuisto Karhunkierros kuusamo virta virtaa virtaus uoma jokiuoma joki

Hiking in Repovesi National Park Finland - HikeVentures

Korouoma Ice Fall at Posio. | Photo: Minna Kaan, Oulu

Short holiday in southern Finland: hiking in Repovesi National Park

The river Oulankajoki with meadows. Photo: Hannu Hautala

Oulanka river (Dreamstime)

BUFF CamelBak Suomi

cleanest air in the world - finland

Europe, Finland, Lapland, Kuusamo, Oulanka National Park, Karhunkierros Trail - the bear trail hike, hikers walking along a leaf-strewn path on the bear ...

Hiking at the Urho Kekkonen National Park, Lapland, Finland

Valtavaara Kuusamo Finland - Karhunkierros trek 80 km

Kuusamon korvessa, Sallan saloilla | Retkipaikka · Finland

Karhunkierros 80km hike | Suomi | Pinterest | Hiking, Finland and Wilderness

Finland is truly magical in summer. Read our guide to 6 amazing things to do

Next adventures: Outdoor fair in Tallinn, taking care of friend's cat and do day hikes near Sodankylä for a week, Oulanka and Salamajärvi National parks, ...

Karhunkierros Kuusamo · Kiutaköngäs Kuusamo

Finland forest (Shutterstock)

Family together: after hiking a bit of luxury Finland

Along the Oulanka

Visit Finland Tips : 10 Things Every Traveller Should Know About Their Wilderness! - Tips

Hiking Trail Wandern in Lappland

Auttikönkään putouksen jyrkkyyden ja uittorännin pituuden näkee parhaiten vastarannalta.

Hiking in Kuusamo area, the name of the trail is Karhunkierros. It's about 80