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Killer Civil War Master Sergeant With 1840 Cav Saber t

Killer Civil War Master Sergeant With 1840 Cav Saber t



CDV General Edward Ferrero (Union Generals ) at War Between the States

CDV Portrait of Sgt. John O. Stevens, 2nd N. H. V., killed at Gettysburg



G, 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Regiment in uniform] | Civil War Four | Pinterest | Civil wars, American civil war and Car…

CIVIL WAR ERA CDV Photograph Very Young Man in (Military?) Uniform NEW CASTLE PA

Sergeant James Powell was in the "Caswell Rifles" Company G of the 22nd North

Civil War CDV: Armed Seated Soldier with Musket & Bayonet, 1864 Rev Stamp

Find this Pin and more on Civil War by smontbriand.

16 photos incroyables prises dans le passé : vous allez changer d'opinion sur…


Soldier in Confederate cavalry uniform with D-guard Bowie knife, revolver, canteen,

tuesday-johnson: Tintype studio portrait of a Cavalry Indian Wars soldier, c. via Heritage Auctions

Image from page 167 of "The photographic history of the Civil War : in ten

Extremely Rare South Carolina Field and Staff Officer's Sword. Pattern of 1850.

HORSE SOLDIERS FROM MISSOURI An interesting carte-de-visite that came up on the Cowans Auction page a while back. The three cavalrymen are not identified.

U.S. Army Cavalry Sergeant, 1866

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

1862 Dated Ames 1840 Light Artillery Saber ... Classic Civil War field artilleryman's saber. The light artillery saber of 1840, like the heavy cavalry saber ...

Antique American Civil War Sword US Cavalry Confederate Saber Wrist Breaker --simple yet elegant

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

Civil War Weapons

The Civil War and Michigan | The Detroit News. No other state sent a greater

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

Cavalry Saber Maker: William Glaze Origin: Columbia, SC Date: Copied from the standard Model 1840 sabers, this piece was carried by Corporal Alfred ...

This photograph is believed to be the only extant post-mortem photograph of a Federal

US and CSA Civil War Swords - Union and Confederate states


Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber ... A very solid example of the cavalry weapon used by troopers both north and south. This is a German import bearing the ...

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.


Recruiting poster for the First Battalion, New York Mounted Rifles

Infantry First Sergeant Chevrons ... Nice set of "gull-winged" medium blue chevrons showing three stripes for a sergeant and having the separate diamond ...


Model 1860 Italian Cavalry Saber by Schnitzler and Kirschbaum ... We are used to seeing S&K products for the American market, but the German makers were ...

Tiffany and Company Cavalry Saber and Scabbard ... Regulation 1840 style heavy cavalry saber as supplied by Tiffany and Company with their characteristic ...

The regulation Civil War infantry line officer's sword. Carried by lieutenants and captains, this pattern was adopted from the French and introduced ...

Extremely Rare South Carolina Field and Staff Officer's Sword. Pattern of 1850.

Sgt. John Richard Whitehead, Company G, 6th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Unmarked Cavalry Saber ... A nice 1840 pattern heavy cavalry saber and scabbard. No markings, which is frequently the case with swords sold by American ...

1872 Light Cavalry Saber ... Cavalry officers were ordered to adopt a lighter version of the 1860 style saber in 1872... hence the new model.

Import British 1853 Pattern Cavalry Saber - Many Used by CSA ... These British 1853 cavalry sabers are robust patterns and were imported by the thousands ...

Scarce Horstmann 1840 Type-1 Heavy Cavalry Saber and Scabbard ... Clearly marked on the ricasso is the revered name of Horstmann, one of the most prolific ...

Extremely Rare South Carolina Field and Staff Officer's Sword. Pattern of 1850.

List of weapons in the American Civil War

One of the scarcer US sabers to find are these strong condition Ames heavy cavalry sabers. Used from the Mexican War right into the Civil War, ...

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

1839 Dated Ames US Pattern 1833 Dragoon Saber ... These dragoon sabers are about fifty times rarer than cavalry sabers but are only marginally more ...

Republic of Mexico Cavalry Saber ... Like our 1840 pattern sabers this Mexican version is patterned after the 1822 French model and among collectors is ...

Standard Union army issue light cavalry saber. US/C.E.W/1864 is clearly stamped on one side of the ricasso of this Model 1860 cavalry saber, and "Mansfield ...

1860 Sabre

Wonderful Mexican War era American Eagle Pommel Sword ... A truly handsome "eagle head" circa 1830 to 1840, and even more attractive as it resides in the ...

Civil War Medical Staff Officer's Sword by Clauberg. Army Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons had some very specific insignia of rank: green sashes, ...

Untouched Civil War Ames 1840 Pattern Light Artillery Saber ... Regulation 1840 pattern saber for light artillerymen. These were meant as last resort ...

Starr 1818 Pattern Cavalry Saber ... Nathan Starr was a prolific supplier of arms. Following his War of 1812 contracts, he got a contract in 1818 for 10,000 ...

M1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber, marked “AMES MFG. CO. / CABOTVILLE /1851” and “US / A.D.K.” ... this "wristbreaker" saber and scabbard are both in ...

Ames 1862 Dated Musicians Sword: Regulation 1840 pattern musician's sword, full length, nice Ames Manufacturing Company markings in a scroll on one side of ...

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

Pre-War Infantry NCO Sword ... The army followed a long tradition in issuing swords to infantry sergeants as badges of rank: they ran the company on a day ...

Model 1840 Cavalry Saber - Image: Model 1840 Cavalry Saber and its scabbard

Standing pose propped up against his sword he stands on the bare ground before a killer patriotic backdrop.

German made Saxony cavalry saber 1840 to 1861 ... A good example of this German made sword and scabbard which was based on the British 1821 Pattern.

Model 1860 Cavalry Saber Presented to Capt. David McMurtrie Gregg

The Fifth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry: A Story of Citizen Soldiers, Civil War Politics and Southwest Ohio | Abolitionism In The United States | Union (American ...

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

Circa 1810, 1796 Light Cavalry Troopers Sabre By Wooley & Co, Found In Hougoumon Swords

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 1459096607544.jpg, ...

Civil War Cavalry battle and duel.jpg

Snake Eye Tactical BLUE Zombie Killer Fantasy Sword w/ Nylon Sheath

Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber Replica "Dragoons" Mounted Riflemen ...

American Civil War Era Model 1840 Mounted Light Artillery Trooper's Sword & Scab Model 1840 Mounted Light Artillery Trooper's Sword & Scabbard. Swords

U.S. M-1840 Ames Heavy Cavalry Saber dated 1850.

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William T. Anderson (1840 – Oct. 26, 1864) — known as “Bloody Bill” Anderson — was one of the deadliest and most brutal pro-Confederate guerrilla leaders in ...

Civil War (A - M) for Master Sergeant Woodrow Keeble Winner of Medal of Honor for the United States Army

Model 1840 army noncommissioned officers' sword

Civil War cavalry was a critical component of the army

Cavalry Weapons and Small Arms Ranges.jpg

SHELL: The shell, whether spherical or conical, was a hollow iron projectile filled with a black powder bursting charge. It was designed to break into ...

19th Century Bavarian Officers Sabre Swords

Although Samuel Cox was widely acclaimed for the slaying of Bushwacker “Bloody Bill” Anderson, the bullet that actually killed the Confederate guerrilla ...

Dead Civil War horses.jpg

Order of the Spur - A spur holder with the U.S. 4th Cavalry Regiment instructs candidates

Civil War cavalry weapons.jpg

Snake Eye Tactical Full Tang Double Serrated Fantasy Sword w/ Sheath

Cavalry casualties Civil War totals.jpg

Order of the Spur - 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment's Commander in Iraq wearing the Stetson.

Regular Cavalry in the Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

Civil War Cavalry Organization.jpg

in the Civil War

First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment

American Civil War typical weapons.