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Kitchen My home t

Kitchen My home t


An out-of-date kitchen in need of refacing

When I found my home, it had so many cosmetic features that weren't my style — like the two-tone yellow kitchen, the floor-to-15-foot ceiling mint walls ...

Public Domain MaxPixel -- Not my real kitchen (though I wish it were!)

This is my kitchen inspiration. I want a beautiful white, cozy kitchen. I love that there are 2 islands - one for cooking and prepping and the other for ...

Home depot fso 22 squared rw 014 simple my kitchen refacing you won t believe the

A Modern Makeover of a Martha's Vineyard Cottage

So far in my house I've shown you around my living room and my bedroom but I haven't yet shown you my kitchen. As you'll have probably gathered, ...

I don't know if I would want this kitchen in my home, but

Lately, my daily housekeeping goal has been to empty the kitchen sink and start the dishwasher before bed each evening. Even on evenings when my family is ...

Renovation on my home – Kitchen Islands- Bigger is Better. “

Chef Ludo Lefebvre's Los Angeles Kitchen Makeover

Can't wait to remodel my kitchen 😍 Two toned cabinets. Valspar Cabinet Enamel from Lowes = Successful kitchen updating! Best cabinet paint by far!

When I initially painted the walls and island of my kitchen, I knew that I might change them once we had white countertops installed. I didn't know how long ...

Old Kitchen Wasn't my Style

I loved this kitchen for the layout and the bright cabinets, I made that island to give it more character. That wasn't a super hard task because the island ...

Home Tour: Kitchen There are not enough adjectives on this planet to describe how incredible this space is; pictures from my cell don't even do it justice.

“Thoughts on this kitchen? By T Jerrulle Construction”

Kom Achterom

Kitchen Cabinet My Kitchen Refacing You Won't Believe The Difference Home +depot+

I love the idea of a white kitchen. It's clean and bright and really opens up a space. My husband wasn't convinced at the time, but he kept his faith in my ...

As you can see, my kitchen wouldn't look out of place on Escape To The Country and I love it. The wooden beams on the ceiling, the brown tiled floor, ...

I'm pretty sure these will be the last Christmas pictures I make you suffer through share with you this year. ;) I hardly ever show my kitchen decorated for ...

I'm always looking for simple ways to keep my kitchen clean. Cleaning hacks that don't use harmful cleaners are a huge win!

(Image credit: Cathy Pyle)

I Don T Care What You Say NEED MY CEILING FANS Laurel Home In Kitchen Ceiling Fans Remodel 4

The nicest kitchen I've ever had in any house we've ever owned

Home sweet Home quick clean around the kitchen before back to my painting think its going

There is no way we would spend money to renovate a perfectly good kitchen because I didn't love the colors. I added my own lighting and some accent items ...

It occurred to me that I haven't showed you my kitchen since I painted the floors white. Here are a couple quick snaps of it.

Our Kitchen Makeover... we finally took the plunge! Lets just say that

Can't wait to share with you all my home decorated for the ho... | @rachparcell

The very first thing you see when you step inside my home is our kitchen. So although it hasn't always been easy or obvious, I have had to find some ...

Our Kitchen Makeover... we finally took the plunge! Lets just say that

Our Kitchen Makeover... we finally took the plunge! Lets just say that

Kids My Buns are Gluten Free T shirt. Home Kitchen Baking 6 Asphalt

New countertop, backsplash and cabinet doors after kitchen refacing

Our Kitchen Makeover... we finally took the plunge! Lets just say that

I can't see these refrigerator doors in my home, but I love them

[ K I T C H E N ]

6 Brilliant Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Small Space Bigger


If I haven't mentioned it.....along with my 3

Wouldn't mind coming home to this kitchen after my Saturday morning farmers market run

Isn`t it awesome? #homesweethome #homedesign #myhome

We desperately needed a new kitchen. Trying to add such a vital room to a 100+ year old home took some careful design and planning.

Kitchen before. Don't mind the extreme mess and I had started taking the

Bitchin' Kitchen- Mobile Home Kitchen Makeover Part 2

Our Kitchen Makeover... we finally took the plunge! Lets just say that

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but for many, it is also

I have been really busy with renovating and shifting home in the past few months. I cooked. Just didn't post new recipes. Now that the whole family is ...

My home is older. My kitchen is not my ideal (as the cupboards were like this when we moved in). Maybe you have rooms in your home that aren't your favorite ...

Feel Like At Home..Go Clean My Kitchen - Men's Premium T-Shirt

Mine is a hard working and practical kitchen. My husband calls it my office and I don't mind because I bloody LOVE to cook.

These are my existing Corian counter tops–I love Corian, you can't kill it even if you try. Kitchen 2

Your home is an investment. Even if you don't plan on moving anytime soon, it is always important to maintain or increase your home's value.

I've learned that dinner doesn't have to be a gourmet feast for me to serve those in my home. They don't expect a fancy meal on expensive dishes.

One of my biggest hang-ups was what to do with the floors. I had my heart set on hardwood, but you can't ...

Above you'll see my before. On the left, you are standing near my fridge, looking past the center island towards the eating area of my kitchen.

I also mentioned that I wanted my kitchen to be a place that I want to be. I want my kitchen to be a happy kitchen. Here's what it looked like before.

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You might walk into my house and accuse me of being a minimalist. Or a neat freak.

It's perfect for Christmas morning because I don't know about you, but I don't really feel like putting a recipe together. It is also good for when you have ...

Recently, a sweet visitor to my blog asked to see my kitchen. I really haven't posted much about the kitchen, mostly because there are still some changes I ...

My Home Robot Isn't Very Helpful In The Kitchen

This next picture is of my home right when we moved in. The walls were painted a purple/grey color with stenciling and, the other walls in the room were a ...

I cannot wait to share my kitchen update with you guys! But first, a little backstory.

The only two things we hired out for our DIY kitchen remodel, was the plumbing and staining of the cabinets. We are hardcore DIY'ers, but I just couldn't ...

My Favorite Place is in the Kitchen. | Santa Monica Home Interior Designer | Room Decoration | Home Remodeling | AR Interiors | Anna Rosemann

Butler's pantry in an out-of-date kitchen

Not to toot my own horn, but three couples have toured my home since my mini-reno and each of them have in-turn purchased homes in my same neighborhood or ...

Am I still smiling to myself - tea cup in hand- looking at my laptop-YES M'AM!

As mentioned in my earlier post here, this project began with a desire to create a coffee bar vibe in my kitchen – somewhere to sit and eat or work that ...

Kitchen Refresh

... Home Impressive Under Kitchen Lights 12 Cabinet Pretty Ideas 19 A Counter Illuminated With Puck installing ...

Between cooking [if you don't know me, I'm a fairly avid cook and foodie!], working on my computer, hanging out with the dogs or chatting with friends, ...

Living the high life: My Kitchen Rules stars Gianni Romano and Zana Pali live in

Below is what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house. Original 1930s cabinetry (which wasn't fancy even to begin with, let alone 80 years later) ...

(specifically serving dishes and small appliances). These boxes overtook my bedroom and it wasn't pretty but I knew it would be worth it.

I couldn't help but to also add more copper to my home decor on my kitchen tablescape.

Countertop Tv Stunning On And Don T Let Your TV Ruin Kitchen My Ideal Home 11

... related post be about my kitchen. It truly is the heart of our home, and not a day goes by that I don't feel lucky to spend most of my day here.

Kirsten Grove's kitchen renovation via simply grove

My kitchen is the favorite part of my home royalty-free stock photo

It occurred to me that I haven't showed you my kitchen since I painted the floors white. Here are a couple quick snaps of it.

When I first looked at pictures of this house, I noticed right away that one thing couldn't be checked off my “must” list for a house…a gas stove.

I realize that I don't have to cover ever inch of my home in fall. I could just put a little here and there and still have that warm fall look.

But the entire kitchen seems very formal and fancy to me. And, that isn't the vibe that I strive for in my home. I am grateful that the previous owners had ...

Like many of my clients (and maybe like you, too?), I am not only an interior designer, but the mother of 3 children under the age of 11. I don't have a ...

Full Size of Kitchen:my Kitchen Refacing: You Won't Believe The Difference ...

... to do all the dish washing..almost like an altar that I praise because its visual….I love my kitchen..my favorite space in my house…

In the left pantry we keep cleaning supplies, some tools and other orphan things that don't have a home. We also keep our trash can in here since a certain ...

PS - I don't have a farmhouse sink in my real kitchen but I've always wanted one : )