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KloakroachThe Alley PokmonAbility PickpocketShield t

KloakroachThe Alley PokmonAbility PickpocketShield t


KloakroachThe Alley PokémonAbility: Pickpocket/Shield DustHidden Ability: -Type: Bug/DarkHeight: 3'09"Weight: 49.3 lbs Base Stats- Evolution Kroatch evolves ...

Name: Korboral Species: The Berry Farm Pokemon Type: Ability: Abundance* Info: It is known for its ability to grow a superb crop of berries using the rich ...

Old version: Exaxum Name: Exaxum (Excalibur + Saxum ( = Stone) or "Ex saxum" (From stone)) Species: Vengeful Pokemon Type:&nbs.

Fakemon pokemon design

158 Trillowee by zerudez

RadizorbThe Cave PokémonAbility: Solid Rock/Lightning RodHidden Ability: Tough ClawsType: Rock/

Evolutive Chain Of Beegle

pokemon Fusion

Fake eeveelution

Wishiwashi evolution Fakemon. Water/Steel during trade with Shelmet.

Remake of my third fire starter line (kakapo-Kaboom) -Fire -Explosion pokemon -"This little pokemon is unable to fly, but are very good at climbing and ...

Fake mega evolution. Mega Shuckle.

Arriand by Lucas-Costa

Asteon Fighting/Psychic Height: Weight: Ability: Astral Aura Raises all stats in a pinch. {All stats are boosted one stage when HP is or .

Legendary Fakemon, Electric/Steel. Matrix pokemon.

Incamphy Jar Elephant Pokemon Type: Water Absorb - Incamphy store water inside their bodies,

Eeveelution fakemon - ghost type (Cleon)

Serpenkin by peteToaDDy

038 Mega Galixoid by zerudez

Hybrid hydra legendary fakemon.

Fakemon pokemon design

Evolutive Chain Of Shuryflea by Random1500

mega_chesnaught_by_lucas_costa-d9pqpg4.png (1024×1024)

Golblub Bubble Float Pokémon Ability: Swift Swim/Cheek Pouch - Golblub fills its blue

Alolan Shuckle. Water/bug or Rock/Water.

D-1 Prompt #1 - Chictrice | Non-Bago, Non-Regional

079 Stumple by Marix20.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Flying/Water, Flying fish fakemon.

An idea for an Alolan Variant of Nosepass. It would be Grass/Fire type with either Flash Fire or Flower Gift as it's ability.

Pokemon- Fake- Fire starters by JoshuaDunlop

Grass/Fire/Water combinations Fakemon.

Gulpin Swalot

My design of poison eeveelusion. Pokemon Fan

Alola Trapinch by j7663701 on DeviantArt

#Pokémon #Fakémon

Regialpha - Commission by Smiley-Fakemon

Finaly, the remake of my Fire Foxes, now more japanese than ever [link] -Fire -Fox Pokemon -Fire/Ghost -Blaze Pokemon Spirit Fox

Ability: fire-surge.

#058 Nightmerus Underworld Fakemon Type: Ghost, Fire Ability: Flash Fire Dex Entry

Pokemon favourites by on DeviantArt

Fakemon starter

More information

Decided to replace the mamba prevo with a rhinoceros/horned viper coral snake combo. The evolved form was simplif.

Find this Pin and more on pokemon by Beast_Mode.

Gorochu, fakemon design

New Pokemon New Generation Fakemon Finiti by tatanRG.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Image from http://66.media.tumblr.com/27f618394f25d2eeb8b7003814d71b29/tumblr_o86caedi2F1rlojcko1_500.png.

Fakemon pokemon design

The Ground Stingray Pokémon type: Ground/Poison Ability: Adaptibility/Disappearance* Evolution: Stinand >(Lv.


Gulpins and Swalot

name : PANTHUSHA type : Water/Dragon Ability : Intimidate HA : Rattled stats: HP - 85 ATK - 100 DEF - 90 SP.

Pokemon Oc, Pokemon Stuff, Fanart, Pokemon Sun, Fan Art

another remake this time of my old book pokemon Phantome [link] its body's composition is similar to ink and it retracts into the book to hide.

Dex Entry: These lazy creatures didn't often bother with other ancient pokemon, except the Bilophotor, which constantl.

My entry for 's Event Legendary Contest. The guidelines were to make a legendary in the line of the small cute ones. Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, etc.

Alola bellsprout evolution line fakemon

Dragonith's DeviantArt Gallery

o9BIp5e.jpg (1024×576)

Find this Pin and more on Fakemon by kaiqin44.

Arigant, Anteater Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon on @DeviantArt

Evolutive Chain Of Ridoo by Random1500

A tapu with the ability fire-surge. | Fakemon | Pinterest | Pokémon and pokemon Fusion

Eeveelutions Fakemon.


MooMoo Farms; Fresh miltank milk

25 pokemon in the pokedex (not including Poladore which is a while away!) Geminion - The Twofaced Pokemon - Geminion don't seem to like ot.

Nightmerus Underworld Fakemon Type: Ghost, Fire Ability: Flash Fire Dex Entry: The blaze of a Fire Stone kindles a CERBIRIT's wounded feelings and thus ...

Ball bug fakemon. Pokemon StuffAnimals

Electric/Steel FAKEMON.

yin yang fish fakemon - Google Search

Fire Starter: Apollux by Kallechuchi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Embear, Fire starter, Fakemon by https://jclay91.deviantart.com

回复:【MEGA YY总汇贴】注意咯这些只是YY哦~以后

The fire starter's last evolution ! Fastest pokemon ever seen in Europan ! Beliapollon !

My team for ultra sun!

Squishable Sir Squishalot

Mega Xatu by Sinnoh Garden

fan made pokemon - Google Search

Roach fakemon.

Mega Gourgeist by Nyjee http://nyjee.deviantart.com/art/

Find this Pin and more on Geek by mikixdg.

037 Viprush by Marix20

Pteracer, the Flying Seed Pokemon [Grass/Flying] Coptera --Lv 25--> Pteracer --Lv 45--> ????? ⚜ Height: 2'0" (0.61 m) Weight: 18.7 lbs (8.5 kg) ...

-DRAUKAV ("backward"'s backward) Type: Dark/Dragon Specie: Backward pokemon --Breed from a Houndoom and Charizard-- Dex: "DRAUKAV hides in dark caves, ...

my fake litten evolution as you can guess, litten is my favorite pokemon sun and moon starter so I decided to give him an evolution it.

Mega Feraligatr by on deviantART

ChevardienThe Tide PokémonAbility: Pressure (Hidden Ability: Water Absorb)Type: Water/

#119 Batflare

Mega Probopass by Tomycase.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Digimon Line made for a very delated weekly challenge, inspired in dinosaurs, fossils and native american motiff, here are some details Fresh: TIPIMON ...

Salandit evolution, male fakemon

Mega Genesect

Pokemon Fan

Find this Pin and more on Pokemon by krlos_1311.

Favorite Bug type: Volcarona

Last stage by HourglassHero

Water/fairy Horsea evolution fakemon.

Fakemon, grass fighting.

Fakemon: EX35 - EX36 by MTC-Studios on deviantART