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Known for their powerful beaks capable of cracking the hardest of

Known for their powerful beaks capable of cracking the hardest of


Known for their powerful beaks, capable of cracking the hardest of nuts, Hyacinth Macaws also use their tongues as a tool. The dry, smooth tongue has a bone ...

Hyacinthine Macaws (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) 2009 photo by Jim Frazee

Hyacinth Macaw stamps - mainly images - gallery format

With its powerful bill and brilliant blue coloring, the majestic macaw is a portrait of strength and beauty.

The upper beak of a psittacine is made up of a couple of bones that are attached to a hinge to the bones of the braincase and the horny tissue over it.

A hawfinch has an extremely strong beak and jaw – capable of shearing open a plum stone

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This bird feeds on nectar (present in the flower) hence it needs a long beak that can suck the nectar.


Crows need only one experience to form a long-lasting memory of who can be trusted and who can't—essential knowledge when you're dealing with humans who ...

It's impossible to not feel happy while looking at a toucan, they own a beak twice the length of their own body that they will sometimes use to adorably eat ...


The beak measures 10.2 cm

This bird feeds in figs, hence it should have that curve like beak.

The Dickcissel, also in the Cardinalidae family, is capable of using its beak to crack open hard shells, too. I really hadn't thought about this, ...

The longest beak in relation to overall body length is that of the sword-billed hummingbird (Ensifera ensifera) of the Andes from Venezuela to Bolivia

Darwin could never explain why all of their eyes were screaming.

Birds carry twigs in their beaks which they later use to build their nests.

Yet, like anything, it needs practice before it takes on the toughest of seeds. This family of Pine Grosbeaks was feeding in my yard in ...

Parakeet and parrot eats nuts(not that metallic tool). So they have short and curved beaks by which their beak don't get curved if they eat nuts.

Hunting birds usually have such kind of beaks which makes it easy for them to hunt the prey.

Stunted Upper Beak in Embden Gosling

Advice from a Real Hacker: How to Create Stronger Passwords

They use beak to weave their nests.

Hackers use mix of wordlists, rainbow tables (pictured) and an algorithm called a

"I <3mtnb1K1ng&H1k1ng" may not be an impossible passphrase to crack, but it's definitely harder. Image via Shutterstock

TL;DR: Stop using 1024-bit keys ... like we said in 2005

Birds carry twigs in their beaks which they later use to build their nests.

Under-developped Upper Beak

The prisoners can see the hats of the people lined up in from of them,

Using L0phtCrack to crack passwords. Image via L0phtcrack

Crossword setters want you to solve the clues – but not too easily. Illustration: Sam Falconer/Guardian

This graph shows how long in days it took the Ars Technica hackers to crack the

A team of hackers have managed to crack more than 14,800 cryptographically hashed passwords - from

Make use of mind maps, funny mnemonics, and multimedia aids to bring some variety to your strict study schedule. That should make studies more interesting ...

The "Staying in Contact Forever" Zone

How To Get Soft Feet. I changed the amounts to allow for more water. I also used a pumice stone to scrub the dead skin. Removes the dead skin.

A Brambling in the garden, Little Miss Sunshine & Why Positivity Makes All The Difference

The "No One I'm Interested in Is Attracted to Me" Zone

national aquarium hyacinth macaw

But when someone tells you not to crack, you feel like this.

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Hack WPA WiFi Passwords by Cracking the WPS PIN

If you are a developer, you can also contribute to the tool's development.

This type of fracture is called as Brittle Fracture; 11.

Then there came the phase when I started taking full portion tests (month of Feb 2017). I constantly got a score between 400–500.

Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do.

A Special Kind of Blue - Hyacinth Macaw by Nambroth

My friend, in my opinion all you should do is try to figure out the chapter 'Diversity in living organisms'. Believe me it was the most difficult chapter ...

Image via Shutterstock

My sister once gave me a copy of this poem. I still have it. I love her for being there that day.


Getty "Why do you hate eagles?"

Sometimes I just crack a d just can't keep being the nice one. I will shout and scream and call you names, but I will never hurt you emotionally

Notice how the front of his head is basically a sword.

But Pre New 52 some of Superman's best striking feats include Black Racer redirecting Superman's punch back at him which cracks a large part of the moon

The "I Always Need to Be in a Relationship" Zone

Even the most picture-perfect families have unseen cracks. Get Iyanla Vanzant's thoughts on how to cope if your family is facing a breakdown.

Things you should not do during JEE preparation!

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Getty Before you ask, yes. It tastes exactly like chicken.

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Luffy comes and one-shots the same guy totally deforming his head back to normal. Both Garp and Luffy's are strong ...

Jeremi Gosney used a mixture of brute-force attacks, a hybrid attack that combined

Scientists claim that cheese is as addictive as drugs because of a chemical called casein.


Download figure ...

Stress cracking by panel deflection

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Scientists Have Confirmed What Really Happens When You Crack Your Knuckles

Remember, you are trying to show the bird off at its best, your photo should be all about the bird.

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Chinajo's Armament of Colors its so powerful he cracks continents. Then comes Garp and says he busted 8 mountains instead of sandbags for him to finally be ...

A Special Kind of Blue - Hyacinth Macaw by Nambroth | Winged ~ Poetry | Pinterest | Bird

We know that, e= /E. 23.

Learn How to Crack Open a Coconut Quickly Easily and Painlessly using nothing but a Chef

In a Huge Breakthrough, Google's AI Beats a Top Player at the Game of Go

Misgendering of transgender child.

21. Assumption to ...

If you thought the title of this section was figurative, you don't know how the Punisher rolls.

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The Powerful Owl - Ninox strenua, is a large owl with a reatively small head and a rounded tail.The Powerful Owl is endemic to eastern and south-eastern ...

How To: Set Up a Headless Raspberry Pi Hacking Platform Running Kali Linux

Critical stress & crack propagation velocity C= 26.

#7: They taste with the roofs of their mouths

Faster than an F1 car and named after an F5 tornado, the newest Hennessey Venom is the kind of car that unquestionably belongs at the Geneva Motor Show.

I could hear Kath furiously clicking away once, I had given her my settings and she was away, but being a lady she was unwilling emulate me lying flat on ...

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