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Kobe prefecture39s tajima cattle are famed worldwide for their

Kobe prefecture39s tajima cattle are famed worldwide for their


Japanese Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steaks A5 Grade (100% Authentic with Certification)

These four varieties are the only true strains of Wagyu cattle:

Wagyu and Kobe Beef



Beefing up: These are all purebred Tajima steers raised in Hyogo Prefecture but only the

Wagyu from Sweet Grass Farm

Kobe Beef in Japan

Japanese beef steak Wagyu packaged on display in a supermarket. Tokyo, Japan.

While Japan is certainly famous for sushi and other seafood, many parts of the country feature a delicacy that was often overlooked until recently: Premium ...


That said, the criteria for certification to call itself “Kobe Beef” are very strict. It has to be meat of Tajima Cattle that were born and raised in Hyogo ...

More About American Wagyu. Wagyu Beef Selections

▷Characteristics of beef from Hokkaido ▷Cattle from Hokkaido 26 brands ▷Introduction to the different areas of beef ▷Wagyu brand of Hokkaido

In Hokkaido Tokachi wagyu, Shiraoi beef, Furano wagyu, Hakodate wagyu and Biratori wagyu are famous. Hokkaido wagyu is raised stress-free on open land.

A Guide to Wagyu: Premium Japanese Beef

Kobe prefecture's tajima cattle are famed worldwide for their delicious, heavily marbled meat. They are a breed of wagyu, or Japanese beef cattle, ...

AMERICAN KOBE -- You may already be familiar with the famed Japanese Kobe beef - the most expensive beef in the world. Just as Champagne can only be used ...

Wagyu for Every Budget

Koh Kentetsu talks about Omi Beef - the wagyu the world has been waiting for

Kobe Sirloin 170g $230, Kobe Ribeye 230g $310, Kobe Filet Migon 170g $250

Legendary Kobe beef

Wagyu Beef

As the Pacific Northwest's premium steakhouse, John Howie Steak (JHS) has a “seven-tiered steak program” that offers some of the best beef available in the ...


... Photo of the origins of the Wagyu breed which was initially used for draught work in

Outside of Japan, there are 4 major strains of Wagyu. Because of the relative isolation of one Japanese prefecture to another and the selective breeding ...

Wagyu Bull-Sire Sanjirou


The 12 Best Kobe Beef Restaurants in Kobe


The Truth About Kobe Beef

Tajima Wagyu

The Wow of Wagyu

The world's priciest foods

Kobe Beef – Hyogo

In October SeafoodS.com takes you to the green pastures of farmed availability. The many partnerships in our “Farm” network allow SeafoodS.com to bring to ...


This certification process i s ...

I noticed the woman sitting next to me was going for a Kobe Beef burger and her husband was going for a Prime Kobe Beef Special Marbled.

Japanese Steak - THICK WAGYU BEEF at Shima Steak (西洋料理 島) — Best of Tokyo Food Tour!

A little bit more background on the famous Kobe Beef, Kobe beef is not a type or breed cow, but refers to the cuts of beef from a particular strain of wagyu ...

What is Wagyu?

Tajima cattle on a Hyōgo farm

Teppanyaki Grow

kobe wagyu

Wagyu beef is obtained from several Japanese breeds of cattle, raised with the utmost care and special breeding techniques. With "wa" meaning "Japanese", ...


cooked wagyu beef

All aspects of the production of Kurozawagyu Beef Wagyu beef Kurozawagyu brand from Wagyu Sekai

Kobe-Beef Cattle is originally Tajima Cattle (it is named after the Tajima region in the northern Hyogo Prefecture). Tajima Cattle has a great pedigree, ...

Here you can find the designated restaurants from Kobe Beef Association.

Shop from our large selection of Steaks and Seafood. Enjoy USDA Prime steaks famous for outstanding flavor and texture.

Located in Honshu Island, Kobe is not only a major port city of Japan but also home to the famous Kobe beef around the world. Image by: Kobe food blog.

A Wagyu beef fillet sandwich is arranged for a photograph at a members only restaurant operated by Wagyumafia in Tokyo, Japan, on Sept 28, 2017.

kpbe beef

Wagyu beef is coming to San Francisco with a hefty price tag.

A Kobe cow at livestock competition in Kobe, Japan.

Questions about Wagyu? What is it? Are Wagyu and Kobe the same thing? Why is it so special? This infographic lays it out.

Other significant lines in Tajima Wagyu were the “Cyouei Line”,“Nakajima Line”, “Kanemon Line', and “Manjyu line”, most of which are not represented outside ...

The most famous Wagyu is Kobe-gyu. Kobe-gyu uses Tajima-gyu, a type of Japanese Black Breed. Furthermore, following standards must be met to qualify as a ...

Eating the World's Most Expensive Kobe Beef at Tokyo's Wagyumafia

About a year ago I bought some Japanese wagyu beef from Marukai and had what I described as my best steak, ever. Note that the price says $56/pound, ...

Authentic Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef Strip Steaks 10 lbs -A5 Grade

Bifteck Kawamura The Pinnacle of Kobe Beef・The essence of world-famous Kobe Beef

Wagyu and American Kobe Beef in packages.


Story of Kobe and Tajima Cows

Kampo Wagyu beef

Wagyu steak sandwich with white bread

... Sirloin steaks from Nakanishi's farm show the fat-marbling that Kobe beef is famous.

Did you know there are 4 Strains of Wagyu Cattle? Kobe beef can only be

*Menus are subject to seasonal change.

There are only a handful of breeders in South Africa and for the first time ever, the Voigts Group Wagyu Stud Marble Beef will be on Show at the Royal Show ...

Miniature Cattle Breeds Miniature Belted Galloway

Ozaki Beef will be making its debut in Singapore from 1 June at Copon Norp restaurant. My friend Hisato is both the distributor as well as the restauranteur ...

Kobe beef, Wagyu beef ...notice the great marbling and flex of fat

Japan's Most Expensive Steak - Matsusaka Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki


Wagyu, domestically produced beef in Japan, is overwhelming ramen and sushi in popularity these days. Especially, the Three Major Wagyu Beef: Kobe, ...


... number at a younger age * The breed is very adaptive to different environments and terrain * Females reach sexual maturity at an earlier age * Wagyu are ...

wagyu, beef, steak, kobe The ...

The best food event for Wagyu beef lovers, Tokyo Wagyu Show 2017 will be held for 5 days from 19 to 23 October 2017 in the heart of Tokyo, Komazawa Olympic ...

Tajima cow, roots, A system ...