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Korean Genre Painting t

Korean Genre Painting t


'Hyewon Pungsokdo' is an album of genre paintings by Shin Yunbok or Hyewon,

What can we learn about Joseon society through the paintings of Shin Yun Bok? - dramasROK

Genre Painting by Kim Hong-do 우물가

A screen with genre scenes signed by Kim Hog-do,1800-14

韓國의風俗畫 Hanʼguk ŭi pʻungsokhwa = Genre pictures of Korea by Kim, Yong-hwan, 1912-1998.

“Geongonilhoecheop” (The Album of the Joining of Heaven and Earth, 1844) by Shin Yun-bok (Attributed). (Gallery Hyundai)

Genre Painting by Kim Hong-do

The painting Ju Yu Cheong Gang (주유청강, 舟遊淸江), early century, by Hyewon. Original stored at the Gansong Art Museum, Seoul.

(Korea) 야금모행 by Shin Yun-bok ? ca century CE.

11_sonogongsyg.jpg (700×547). Korean TraditionalKorean ArtEmbroidery PaintingsKorean ...

Holding a drinking party" (transliteration:Jusa geobae) from Hyewon pungsokdo by Korean painter, Hyewon. Original stored at Gansong Art Museum in Seoul, ...

Kim Hong-Do, Dancing Boy (무동 by 김홍도) Korean genre painting

A screen with genre scenes signed by Kim Hog-do,1800-14

Ten longevity symbol and peony folk painting of Korea

Archery Lesson - Genre Painting by Kim Hong-do

(Korea) Tavern from Album of Genre Paintings by Kim Hong-do aka Danwon.


The exhibition also showcases how this artistic genre has been utilized by today's artists. For example, in Airan Kang's Digital Book Project installation, ...

[Joseon Dynasty (18th century)] Album of Genre Paintings by Danwon (Kim

Arahat, Joseon buddhist painting in the 16th century Korea.

Kim Hyun-jung3

19th Century and Early 20th Century

Kim Hyun-jung9

Kim Hyun-jung6

Review: Joseon Dynasty “erotic” art exhibit (SFW)

M&M on Twitter: "Widely regarded as a masterpiece of Korean genre painting, “Korean Traditional Wrestling” painted by Kim Hong-do… https://t .co/bftrTyG56t"

Kim Hyun-jung5

Genre painting


"During the Edo Period (1603-1868) both the subjects and styles of painting diversified significantly," wrote Smithsonian art curator Ann Yonemura, ...

Kim Hyun-jung14

John Sloan | Genre painter | Ashcan School of Art

“So now I introduce my works as the Korean genre painting of the 21st century.” -Kim Hyun-Jung

Hwajeopdo, literally picture of flowers and butterflies drawn by a 19th-century Korean painter, Nam Gye-u.

Kim Hyun-jung7


Kim Hyun-jung12

Kim Hyun-jung11

Vector set of ink hand drawn - Traditional Korean painting / Korean Genre Painting. Vector


KOREA ESSENTIALS No. 2. Traditional Painting

Interior with woman by Wybrand Hendriks

Hunter's home, by Henry Voordecker, 1826

The Art of Painting by Jan Vermeer (ca. 1660s). It was the 17th-century Dutch Masters like Vermeer who transformed genre scenes or genre painting (and genre ...

Korea Traditional Genre Painting - Stock Image


19th Century and Early 20th Century

Emil Rau a conversation

Kim Hyun-jung13

Yi Yu-t'ae, Hwaun, 1944, ink and color on paper, 212 x 153 cm. Courtesy of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

Shin yun bok's korean people

The Blind Fiddler 1806 by Sir David Wilkie 1785-1841

Yi Yu-t'ae, Research, 1944, ink and color on paper, 212 x 153 cm. Courtesy of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

Mother Goddess A miniature painting of the Pahari style, dating to the eighteenth century. Pahari and Rajput miniatures share many common features.

Minhwa Korean folk painting of tiger and magpie

Installation view of Contemporary North Korean Art: The Evolution of Socialist Realism, June 18

A Miindo from 1825

Genre art


Chaekgeori screen painting

Eastman Johnson American Genre painter ...

Ssireum (Korean Wrestling) by Kim Hong-do This genre painting by Kim Hong-do, one of the greatest painters of the late Joseon Period, vividly captures a ...

Fig. 9. Cover of April 1944 issue of Ilbon Puin (The Japanese Wife). Reproduced by permission of Adan Mungo.

A depiction of the moon goddess from a Goguryeo tomb.

Review: Joseon Dynasty “erotic” art exhibit (SFW)

Oriental art; Oriental art ...

Fig. 6. Kim Eun-ho, Reverie, 1923, ink and color on silk, 130 x 40 cm, location unknown. Courtesy of Kim Sŏng-wŏn.

Fig. 13. Ota Chou, Vaccination, 1934, ink and color on paper, 199.5 x 119 cm. Courtesy of Kyoto Municipal Art Museum, Japan.



Édouard Bisson | Academic /Genre painter

Besides the obvious propaganda bent of many of the works, another distinction between North Korean choshonwha and ink wash rice paintings is literalism.

My first Minhwa Painting !

John Lewis Krimmel, Country Wedding (1820)

Kim Hyun-jung8

Benito Quinquela Martín | Seascape /Genre painter


shin yun bok

John Sloan th Street at th Avenue C

Ilya Repin ~ Historical/Genre painter

Beautiful woman playing the janggu and wearing 'Hanbok'(Traditional dress). Korean

Female servants were vulnerable and could do little about the advances of their masters, as in this scene below, since the yangban's slaves had no rights ...



Is K-historical-M2M-romance a genre? Because this is the only thing that could get me to watch a K-drama.

How To Talk About Art History

Park Mi-hyang's "Hwayeon" (image: Korean Folk Painting Association)

Dragon folk painting of Korea

paintings from left: Portrait of a Beauty, Women at Fish Market, Woman at Yeondang. GENRE PAINTING

Scenes of traditional Korean justice, 1935.

Yi Yu-t'ae, Wisdom, Impression, Sentiment, 1943, ink and color on paper, each 250 x 169 cm. Courtesy of Leeum, Seoul, South Korea.