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Lady Xu Mu 690 BC was the first recorded poetess in China and a

Lady Xu Mu 690 BC was the first recorded poetess in China and a


Lady Xu Mu 690 BC The first recorded poetess in China was Lady Xu Mu.

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Lady Xu Mu was often homesick. She lived with her husband, Count Mu, in the state of Xu, but longed for the Kingdom of Wei, where she had grown up.

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Praxilla was a famous lyric poet who wrote hymns and drinking songs (scolia). She was enough of a celebrity that a bronze bust was sculpted in her honour, ...

Two women basket sellers walk down the main road towards town carrying their wares. They

Zenobia c 275 Zenobia was the queen of Palmyra who took control of her kingdom after

Women selling items from bamboo poles slung over their shoulder. Those things are heavier than

The Trung Sisters c 39 AD Starting in 111 BCE the Chinese sought to gain control

Awesome lady number four is Lady Xu Mu, who lived in China, circa 7th century BC. She was the first recorded female poet ...

By single-handedly amassing an army of 70,000, Princess Pingyang was a key player in the destruction of the Sui dynasty and the foundation of the Tang ...

María Antonia Santos Plata 1782- 1819 María Antonia Santos Plata was a rebel leader and

María Eva Duarte de Peron (1919-1952) was a poor, illegitamite child who grew up to become the First Lady of Argentina. More commonly known as Eva Perón, ...

Corinna was a poet who was renowned in her own lifetime as well as later antiquity. Like Myrtis of Anthedon, she was from the district Boeotia.

Consort Ban (also known as Ban Jieyu 婕妤 or Lady Ban) was the title of a woman who was a third-ranking wife to Emperor Chengdi in Han Dynasty China.

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This woman is also known as Aliao and the Maiden of the Southern Forest. She lived during the Spring and Autumn period in ancient China. Her father was a ...

As a young woman, she suffered from ill-health and travelled from her homeland Argos to Delphi to visit the Pythia.

Cleobulina is most well known for her poetry, which took the form of witty riddles. Her reputation for playfulness and wisdom was held in high regard by ...

Sappho (630 BC-570 BC) was a Greek lyric poet from the Island

Timarete is the first woman painter in recorded history. We know very little about her life, other than a short note about her from Pliny, a later Greek ...

Lucile Duplessis 1771- 1794 Also known as Lucile Desmoulins, Lucile Duplessis who lived and

Lucy Parsons 1853- 1942 Social reformer and anarchist, Lucy Parsons is a hero to


Sappho and Erinna in a Garden at Mytilene by Simeon Solomon Licensed under Public Domain via

Lady Alice Kyteler of Kilkenny 1280 Women were a part of a lot of firsts.

Hu Lanqi - Hu Lanqi appeared on the cover of the Liangyou Pictorial in 1932.



https://flic.kr/p/4w8nrS | Girl in pain after

China is no stranger to women warriors, but while Fu Hao, Mother Lü, Yuenü, and Princess Pingyang were all rabble rousers from noble houses, Chen Shuozhen ...

... of the world's first known author – Enheduanna from the City of Ur, in ancient Sumer. This remarkable woman was at once princess, priestess and poet.

historicwomen: Lady Xu Mu 690 BC The first recorded poetess in China was Lady Xu Mu. She was from the Wei Kingdom but when she married she had to …

Lady Xu Mu (690 BC) was the first recorded poetess in China and a brave patriot who risked her life to help the Chinese people.

Lady Xu Mu (690 BC) was the first recorded poetess in China and a brave patriot who risked her life to help the Chinese people.

“EN-WEI260BCE” by Philg88 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Unfortunately, Xu Mu ...

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Miriam Makeba 1932- 2008 Miriam Makeba was a vocal musician born in Prospect Township near



Lady Xu Mu (690 BC) was the first recorded poetess in China and a brave patriot who risked her life to help the Chinese people.

The Tang dynasty is considered by many people to be the golden age of Chinese civilization. Its emperors presided over one of the greatest periods of ...

Poet Li Bai

Timeline of Chinese history

Song Wan (poet)

Wu Zetian played by Hui Yinghong in the TV series Women of the Tang Dynasty (唐宫燕).

Gertrude B. Elion 1918- 1999 Scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Gertrude Elion was

Tang dynasty figurines of female dancers. Dancing with sleeve movements is known from the Zhou dynasty and earlier in China.

Shangguan Wan'er - As depicted in the album Famous Women (1799)

Su Hui, from an Eighteenth Century book, Wan hsiao tang, by Kuan-Shou.


Consort Ban - Ban Jieyu

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18th century illustration of Ban Zhao reading.

Lin Huiyin - Lin Huiyin's younger brother Lin Heng, who was KIA in an air

"The Butterfly Dream", by Chinese painter Lu Zhi (c. 1550)

The role of Zhao Feiyan played by actress Tong Liya in the 2008 Chinese film The Queens (母仪天下).

Photograph of a Manchu woman in 1869 wearing shoes with high, narrow platforms to give the impression that her unbound feet are very small.

Shangguan Wan'er - Image: Shangguan Wan'er

Madame Huarui - Image: Huarui Furen

Rise to power

Palace ladies in a garden from a mural of Prince Li Xian's tomb in the Qianling Mausoleum, where Wu Zetian was also buried in 706

Zhou Fang (Tang dynasty)

Phryne 4th century BC Phryne was a Greek Hetaira in classical Athens. She lived after

The Admonitions Scroll of the Jin Dynasty (265–420), with texts providing advice to the women of the imperial court.

Emperor of the Tang dynasty

The Spinning Wheel, by Northern Song (960–1127) artist Wang Juzheng.

Sei Shōnagon - Sei Shōnagon, illustration from an issue of Hyakunin Isshu (Edo period

Xue Tao - Xue Tao's portrait by Qiu Ying.

Hu Lanqi - Hu Lanqi in 1937, when she was awarded the rank of Major

Empress Lu Zhi (241-180 B.C.) is held up in Chinese histories as the prototype of all that is wicked in a female ruler. Cold, ruthless, and ambitious, ...

Jiang Biwei - 1925 painting by Xu Beihong

Yun Zhu - Image: 惲珠畫像

Emperor Xuan of Han

Right photograph is part of a photo series of the Empress Dowager, 1903-1904. To learn more about these pictures, see this info page about an exhibition ...

Li He - Image: Drawing of the Chinese poet Li He

A lacquerware painting from the Jingmen Tomb (Chinese: 荊門楚墓; Pinyin: Jīngmén chǔ mù) of the State of Chu (704–223 BC), depicting men wearing precursors ...

Appreciating Plums, by Chen Hongshou (1598–1652) showing a lady holding an oval fan while enjoying the beauty of the plum.

A Twist Of The Mystic: a blog of Antoinette Beard, --- the adventure continues...: The Only Female Ruler Of China, - Once A Concubine.

Zhou Dynasty -- Political, Social, Cultural, Historical Analysis Of China

Zhao Feiyan - The image is scanned from 《歷朝名媛詩詞》

Emperor Huan of Han

Medieval Chinese women processing new silk, early 12th century painting in the style of Zhang

Lü Bicheng - Image: Lü Bicheng as editor DYK

Xu Wei

Jennifer Wong - Jennifer Wong

12th-century Chinese painting of The Night Revels of Han Xizai (韓熙載夜宴圖) showing Han Chinese clothing of the era.

Meng Haoran

Example of a Chinese printed map in a gazetteer, showing Fengshan County of Taiwan Prefecture

The Diamond Sutra, the oldest printed book, published in AD 868 during the Tang Dynasty (618–907)

I'm slightly confused by this since there isn't a Roman Empire for ...


A 17th-century Chinese depiction of Wu, from Empress Wu of the Zhou, published c.1690. No contemporary image of the empress exists.

The cast members of TV series 'The Empress of China' pose at a press conference in Wuxi city, China, 13 February 2014.

Hun & Huns -- Political, Social, Cultural, Historical Analysis Of China -- Research Into Origins Of Huns, Uygurs, Mongols And Tibetans

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